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Raleigh Slaying Suspect Awaits Extradition

Posted July 2, 2007
Updated July 3, 2007

— A man charged in connection with a fatal stabbing was awaiting extradition to Raleigh from Pennsylvania, police said.

Miguel Angel Torres-Zendejas, 26, was being held in Burks County Prison, authorities said. Torres-Zendejas was driving a car on Interstate 78 when a state trooper stopped him near Strausstown, Pa., and arrested him, Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

Torres-Zendejas is charged in the death of Fidencio San Agustin San Juan, 37.

Officers found San Juan stabbed to death off Capital Boulevard late Sunday. They had responded to a reported assault at about 11 p.m. Sunday in the 3200 block of Old Buffaloe Road.

San Juan had been seen walking in the area near Capital Boulevard shortly before he was killed. Investigators said they were reviewing video from nearby surveillance cameras and talking to witnesses.

San Juan had been in Raleigh in the past, was out of town for some time and had just recently come back, police said Monday.

Strausstown is between Harrisburg and Allentown.

Raleigh detectives said they had worked closely with police in several states, but they did not disclose what led them to obtain the warrant for Torres-Zendejas.


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  • Is it Friday yet Jul 3, 2007

    "My father's side is native american, do I have to leave your country also?"

    Yes, but not the Mexicans. Apparently they can do and go wherver they want, as longs its the U.S.. Of course they claim they are Indians and that supposedly makes them immune to laws.
    Notice that you never hear the part that the majority of Mexicans are Mestizo, so that means they can trace their ancestry to Europe as well. Kinda emabarrasing I guess to talk about that whole Conquistador thing.

  • Is it Friday yet Jul 3, 2007

    "So, it does not matter whether they walked over or ran they were here first!"

    I agree. Can I have your land? I mean, I know you bought and all, but I want it. I'm betting you werent the fist person to own it. But heck, since laws mean nothing, hand it over.

  • Is it Friday yet Jul 3, 2007

    "I 100% agree with you bronzegoddess40, yes they were here first!!"

    Our public education is failing us so badly. Poor Rafiki. Gets a computer and goes nuts.

  • Is it Friday yet Jul 3, 2007

    " So, it does not matter whether they walked over or ran they were here first!"

    Cool. So its ok then if Europeans kick all the non-whites out of Europe I guess than , right? Only using your logic. By the way, does Mexico have the right to protect their borders? Just wondering.

  • Steve Crisp Jul 3, 2007

    The biggest problem Islam faces in America is the Spanish speaking world. Those governments in Central and South America are using the United States as their dumping grounds for their criminals. And even though the religious convictions of those folks are non-existent on a day by day basie, just try to mock Catholocism to them. They WILL get violent even though they do not practice it faithfully; they do so from cultural tradition.

    It is going to be interesting to watch when Islam tries to expand into the Spanish speaking, illegal immigrant communities in America. The clash between those two "civilizations" is going to be dramatic.

  • Steve Crisp Jul 3, 2007

    To bronzegoddess:

    Hey, you're catching on. The entire object of Islam is to do one of three things:

    1. Convert the entire world to Islam.

    2. Subjucate as slaves those who will not convert.

    3. Kill those who will not submit to slavery.

    They have tried to do so in the past through military action, but that didn't work. Now their technique is two fold. They instill terror in a population by the use of small violent actions, then they get useful idiots to convince the rest of the population to appease them. Once that is accomplished, they incrementally take over a society.

    It's happened in Indonesia, Nigeria and it is happening in Turkey. They are well on their way in France, some old soviet satellites, and northern India.

    And do you know who those useful idiots are in America?

    Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel, Jim McCermott, Nartin Sheen, Tim Robbins, Rosie O'Donnell, Howard
    Dean, Michael Moore, George Soros, Al Franken. I could go on for days...

  • TRivers Jul 3, 2007

    If the illegals are now supposedly doing jobs nobody here will do then who in the hell has been doing these jobs the last 100 years.

  • pleshy Jul 3, 2007

    Isn't this the guy who does the face of poker commercials on ESPN?

  • lolly Jul 3, 2007

    Ladyblue - I lost track of the petition. I think Atzoca is still putting it in alternative forums. There were close to 1000 signatures last time I saw it.

  • Juliett Jul 3, 2007

    Ladyblue, I knew I liked you. I work with the eldery and the disabled now. I get so disgusted that the income limits for them are so low and they need help so much and can't get it. Then there are the young people that can work that don't want to. Yes there are barriers, but if you can't support the children you already have and you keep having them? I've seen the 5th generation thing too. It seems thats all some people know is that life. People that push for these programs think they are helping people, they help them right into a life of dependency and our government keeps giving and keeping them there. Don't get me wrong, people get in a bind and I always say I am only one paycheck away, but there are people who welfare is a way of life for. Am much as I disagree with illegal immigration, who can blame them for coming here when they can get so much for free?