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Rocky Mount Still Trying to Rebuild 8 Years After Storm

Posted June 22, 2007

— Nearly eight years after Hurricane Floyd brought devastation to Rocky Mount, the community is still trying to rebuild.

The Rocky Mount Housing Authority lost 200 public housing units in the storm. Now, nearly eight years after the flood, the Housing Authority plans to build 50 new apartments.

“It makes me feel real good,” said Larry Russell, executive director of the housing authority. “In fact, it will serve the public well here because there are a number of individuals looking for housing."

The fight for continued funding has made for a long recovery, officials said. The housing authority still has 114 fewer homes than it did before Floyd.

“The demand is even greater today than it was say, eight years ago, so this will be at least some satisfaction to those families,” Russell said.

For many, it's a positive sign that the community is still moving forward and still rebuilding from Floyd.

The Housing Authority hopes to break ground by the end of July. They are still looking for ways to replace at least 60 more units that were destroyed in the storm.


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  • Steve Crisp Jun 24, 2007

    To katmama:

    You seemed to have had a good job. Why didn't you have flood and renter's insurance? That would have covered the replacement value of all that you lost, paid for a motel room, relocation costs, and other expenses related to the flood. You could have been up and running in a week. And it only costs about $30 per month for both.

    I trust you carry it now.

  • SOCLOSE Jun 23, 2007

    to add to my story, I was not on any public assistance. My neighborhood was flooded out. Hillsdale is right down the street from the projects they mentioning in the story. I was working at that time for Abbotts Phamacueticals (spelling ?). Just so you tax payers know.

  • SOCLOSE Jun 23, 2007

    I was actually given an oppurtunity to leave "Roc" city after the flood. Was relocated to Apex by a church. The church was given funds by FEMA. To make a long story short, none of the "funds" were actually used on our behalf, but, the church did get two new Church vans, and remodeled the pulpit to include an area for baptisisms. I was evicted out my home b/c the "funds" weren't being used for the rent, as they were meant for.

  • Notinitforthemoney Jun 23, 2007

    Rocky Mount is in decline for these reasons alone. Money was not properly appropriated after Hurricane Floyd. The city has a major race issue and hate to break the bubble but white people are the minority in rocky mount. But look who's commiting most of the crimes. City council has alternative objectives, other than make the city a better place. They say annex more property rather than lets build a police department that can police what we already have. These are true issues that are slowing down rocky mount's growth.

  • hdsoftail Jun 23, 2007

    I would like to know why my tax dollars rebuild these houses anyway. Two trees fell through my house and shop during that storm and I had to rebuild myself. I didnt receive any tax dollars to rebuild, I only pay and pay. This is bull paying taxes for a bunch of lazy A##%!

  • Josey Wales Jun 23, 2007

    Tarboro and Princeville were doled out millions and millions to rebuild after the hurricane.
    Now they are nowhere near being rebuilt after $35 million and eight years. Could somebody please tell me where the money went ???

  • dueceEduece Jun 23, 2007

    why not give these people a JOB with the city so we will not have to support them with public housing! There is plenty of clean up and other work Rocky Mount could use. Put them on the payroll.( well I guess they already are )

  • dueceEduece Jun 23, 2007

    poor Rocky Mount, it's becoming Durham's little brother. I cant even stand to go to the mall with my wife and 2 young sons because of the fowl mouth kids roaming. Rocky Mount will dry up in a matter of years.

  • Fun Jun 23, 2007

    Mr Crisp asks regarding Rocky Mount ask, Just what kind of incompetent people are running that city? The same running your city sir.

  • svaraj38758 Jun 22, 2007

    I have been familiar with Rocky Mount for nearly two decades. During the early-mid nineties, the city seemed to be growing quite a lot. However, Rocky Mount has taken several financial hits over the years. It lost the corporate Hardees headquarters and several other larger companies that operated out of Rocky Mount. The big RBC tower going in downtown Raleigh is Rocky Mount's loss. Hurricane Floyd also did severe economic damage. I think Rocky Mount truly was on the rise, but what goes up eventually comes down. Perhaps Rocky Mount will see another rise in the future.