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City Leader: Nifong's Decision to Resign a Positive Step Forward

Posted June 15, 2007
Updated June 16, 2007

— “I’m going to resign as District Attorney of Durham.”

Not long after Mike Nifong uttered those words at his North Carolina State Bar ethics trial Friday, at least one city leader said it was the right move to help the community heal.

“I think Mike’s decision is a positive step forward for the citizens of Durham and all those involved in this case to move us forward towards a resolution,” said City Council member Mike Woodard.

Nifong acknowledged the community’s strife as he spoke at his trial.

“My community has suffered enough. They suffered as a result in some respects because of my actions in this case,” he said.

Durham Mayor Bill Bell said he had “no reaction” to Nifong’s announcement that he planned to leave office.

“I heard it and Mike has to do what he has to do. And the council has to do what we have to do,” Bell said.

The council plans to move forward with an independent investigation into the Durham Police Department's handling of the case. This week, the city council assembled a 12-member committee to take on that project.

“Our investigation is not tied to Mike’s future at all,” Woodard said. “It’s really tied more to the processes and actions of the police department.”

In the mean time, it will be up to the governor to officially name Nifong’s replacement.


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  • applesmith Jun 17, 2007

    City leaders like the mayor and other black community leaders were on the stage giving him there full support to prosecute this case. Where are they now? In my mind they are no different then Mike Nifong. Always trying to steal a headline to better themselves. I also think the lady who made these claims should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. What Durham needs is all new city leaders. The ones they have now are still stuck in the 60s.

  • none123 Jun 16, 2007

    "Not long after Mike Nifong uttered those words at his North Carolina State Bar ethics trial Friday, at least one city leader said it was the right move to help the community heal."

    The Durham community will never heal.

  • ladyblue Jun 16, 2007

    People I've decided it's time to contact durham and let them know that no investigation can be complete until Mangum is charged for filing false police report. You can't punish the police now(they're always the scape goat) with out bring in the original one who started this f iasco. Let her prove her innocence that she was mistaken. She is not innocent at all. That would be the only way to undo ALL THE INJUSTICE done to our judicial system. Until this is done I STILL WILL HAVE NO FAITH IN THIS SYSTEM. I am only one, but who ever feels she should be punished should speak out. It wouldn't hurt for someone to smack Bell on the wrist also. He didn't want an investigation until AFTER THE TRUTH broke out but he loved his pre-trial interviews a little too much too to suit me.

  • Jokers Wild Jun 16, 2007

    missy3550 yahoo.com - I knew before to long someone would throw the race card out so I am not all that suprised by your ignorant comment's. What does the Fact that these kid's are from wealthy families have to do with anything about this story? Clearly Mr. Nifong crossed several boundaries that should not have been crossed. Wether they are White, Black , or Hispanic Mr. Nifong screwed up, Period! As to Why were the stripper's at the house??/ They were STRIPPING!!

  • Sabertooth Jun 16, 2007

    Tears! Nifong sheds tears now because he couldn't get away with railroading those boys that fortunately had the money to hire good attorneys, other wise they would be in jail today innocent or not.

  • lgboro Jun 16, 2007

    The more appropriate will be when Nifong surrenders to prison.

  • isabella731 Jun 16, 2007

    Personally, I will believe it when I actually see it. He waited all week to see how this hearing was going to go before actually announcing his intention to resign. Just like the tears......too little too late, as Joe Cheshire said.

  • Michael Kenyon Jun 16, 2007