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Little Drummer Boy Astounds His Parents

Posted June 6, 2007

— Liam Turnage has some talented little hands. That’s according to his parents, who say they have watched their son play drums since he was an infant.

Now 4, Liam likes to travel from his home in Holly Springs to a drum store in Raleigh where he can practice his musical talent.

“I just can’t believe that he’s this small and he’s playing that well at his age,” said Carlton Turnage, Liam’s dad. “You know, he really had a knack for it.”

Liam’s mom, Katie Turnage, said she has always loved to play the guitar, but she’s still surprised at her son’s musical ability.

“I never thought at 3 and 4 he’d be able to do what he can do,” she said. “I think he’ll keep at it. And I think he’s going to do something pretty amazing when he grows up, and something very musical.”

When he travels to Raleigh, young Liam has to stand to reach the pedals so he can play the bigger drums.

“Sometimes with these adult-size drum sets, you can’t even really see him behind the drum kit,” Carlton Turnage said.

Liam has never taken a music or drum lesson, his parents said, but he does have his own drum set at home. He received a new set of bongo drums for his birthday Tuesday.

“I like to play drums,” Liam said.


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  • Stevesteve Jun 8, 2007


    My parents were extremely supportive, and I grew in a loving home. I graduated college, and now I have a good job and a family of my own. My parents taught me the value of critical thinking, and if more parents did the same, our country would not be in the current mess overseas.

    I don't fault Gran Gran for supporting his grandson. The child seems pretty talented. Rather, I thought it was nauseating that he chose to inject politics into his praise.

  • likemenow Jun 8, 2007

    RE:"That's so typical"...talk about "sad" people...you have the cojones to pick on a proud granparent of a 4 year old....where were your parents in your formative years?..absent apparently..have your views on the war all you want....don't mess with families that are obviousy more supportive and balanced than yours

  • Stevesteve Jun 7, 2007

    Leave the country? That's so typical of you sad, deluded people.

  • mindyourown Jun 7, 2007

    You go little fella, keep at it and we'll be watching you on TV and listening to you on CD one day!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  • UveGot2BKidnMe Jun 7, 2007

    I've been a drummer for over 30 years and gig in the area, the only female drummer I know of around here. Maybe I'll see little Liam out on the circuit soon. Keep practicing, Liam. You rock!

  • likemenow Jun 7, 2007

    RE:" but you are deluded if your think our soldiers in Iraq are dying for our freedom."...feel free to leave our country anytime....how about p------in another bowl of conrflakes next time instead of picking on proud grandparents....or maybe your family has no real reason to proud of you..oh, wait....there's the time when you rained on everybody's parade because you weren't the center of attention...kinda like today, huh? "Be big...don't BElittle"...might be a decidedly different mantra to try for the next time you crawl out from under that rock of discontent and hatred. Feel better?. I sure do. I hope this wasn't considered uncivil..as I was only trying to promote discussion on a positive manner and stick up for people against malcontents like you.

  • Sick N Tired Jun 7, 2007

    Stevessteve...I know more about the news business than you think. I do not know about Access or American Idol because I do not watch TV.

    Folks...I think it is great that this kid can play the drums. I just did not think it was newsworthy. Sorry if my comments were misinterpreted. I would like to see more stories about kids having a positive impact. Not sure what good playing the drums can do. There are too many stories about musicians that let the fame go to their head. I hope that does not happen with this little one.

  • Subdivisions Jun 7, 2007

    "But, that was a clever way to pollute a sweet story..."

    The irony is so thick I can barely see.

  • Stevesteve Jun 7, 2007

    Gran Gran,

    your grandson may be a prodigy, but you are deluded if your think our soldiers in Iraq are dying for our freedom. But, that was a clever way to pollute a sweet story with ill-informed political speech.

  • Subdivisions Jun 7, 2007

    Pretty funny to watch him reach over his head, while he's standing up, to hit the toms.

    And I have to agree with one of the first couple posters in that I wish that annoying reporter would just shut up and let me listen to the kid play.