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Mayor Supports Chief Accused of Pulling Gun on Officer

Posted May 29, 2007

— Mayor Walter Gardner said Tuesday that he remains supportive of his police chief, despite an allegation by a police officer that the chief threatened to shoot him.

In a complaint filed with the state Police Benevolent Association, Officer Ray Collier said Chief John Younts pulled a gun on him on April 11 and threatened to shoot him.

Younts, the 2006 Officer of the Year in Creedmoor, was hired as the chief of Warrenton's five-person police force nine days before the alleged incident.

"We feel very unfortunate that allegations have come up like this. We're giving each one of them a time to explain what they felt like they saw or heard," Gardner said.

A source close to the case told WRAL that Collier waited three weeks before telling anyone about the alleged incident.

The PBA alerted Warrenton officials about the complaint, and the town attorney is looking into the allegation.

Neither PBA nor Warrenton officials would provide details about the complaint. Gardner called it a personnel issue.

Younts declined to comment, except to say that he has received numerous calls of support from the community and other law enforcement agencies.

Collier couldn't be reached for comment Tuesday.

Gardner said he has heard of no other complaints about Younts, and he remains confident in the chief's ability to do his job.

"He's done a lot of good things. He's been well recognized by his peers," he said. "He brings a lot of good things to the table."


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  • Steve Crisp May 31, 2007

    There are only two questions to this story:

    Did the Chief of Police pull his gun or did he not?

    There is only one reason to draw a weapon and that is to use it in the event your life is in danger. I suspect that if the Chief did indeed pull his weapon, there is little way that his life could have been in danger by one of his own officers. If that were the case, then I suspect that the officer in question would be in jail or have been immediately fired. And if the officer is lying, then the gun was not pulled. Which begs the question:

    Just what is the Mayor supporting? The belief that a gun was not drawn, or that a gun was drawn, but for legitimate reasons?

  • ladyblue May 30, 2007

    He is right about warrenton. I was born and grew up there. I just came back this weekend from a visit there and I cn't believe what has happened? It's the same as the well to do telling the other half how to live and I believe what was said about the police chief.

  • ww1482 May 30, 2007

    If a person lies and can still get hired, what is wrong with that picture. He lied and was late for his interview, lied about how many years of law enforcement he has 4 not 10. And now he pulls his gun on he's officer and employee. Something is wrong on his part and the mayor's.

  • anonemoose May 30, 2007

    inferno, don't you know that byrdman and his bunch came down here to save us from ourselves?

  • moglinferno May 30, 2007

    Byrdman - If you don't like the way the "rednecks" do things around here, there are PLENTY of other places that you can take your sorry behind. We don't want you here anyway.

  • anonemoose May 30, 2007

    Phoenix, I've always heard that it is you are made to ask the question "may I see your license and registration", or "may I take your order please"? I do like yours better though.

  • wish_I_were_flyin May 30, 2007

    To Byrdman, I agree w/Phoenix, you are quick to throw in your opinion of law enforcement, I also work in law enforcement, and your quick draw fingers at the keyboard leads me to wonder what is on your criminal history to have such a negative view of law enforcement. Perfect? No, but the best in the world? Yes ! Maybe you should move to another country and you can be the police there ! You could probably improve things somewhere??

  • illegals--GO HOME May 30, 2007

    Those who don't like NC are MORE THAN WELCOME TO LEAVE ! ! ! Do you need help packing, as I know some off-duty officers who would gladly help pack you up and point you in the right direction.

  • superman May 30, 2007

    My advise to the officer is that he should have just resigned and left and kept his mouth shut. He waited 3 weeks-- now isnt that interesting. So the police chief only been there 5 or 6 months and he already controls the mayor and the magistrate? I dont think so. Both of these guys will have their reputations tainted-- the gossip about the gun will effect the chief and the officer will be known as a snitch. No one will want to hire either one of them-- regardless if it is true or not. If you find yourself in a bad situation like this-- you just need to resign and leave. I wouldnt want to hire the police chief and the officer i wouldnt even consider hiring a "cry baby"

  • Phoenix68 May 30, 2007

    Chapel Hill...