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Raleigh Welcomes Its Newest Citizens

Posted May 24, 2007
Updated May 25, 2007

— All the debate of immigration aside, dozens of people from around the world heard a simple, but powerful phrase Thursday.

“I welcome you, my fellow citizens.”

In all, 46 people in Raleigh took the oath to become citizens of the United States.

Each one had a story. One man escaped the tyranny of communist China. Another escaped the tyranny of a corrupt government and poverty in Nigeria.

“I’m just happy to be here in this country,” said Sandra Maria Phillips, a native of Jordan.

Joany Rosales, from Cuba, took the oath to renounce "all foreign prince, potentate, state and sovereignty."

“To me, it means I finally get the freedom we always wanted,” Rosales said. “It’s been a rough road.”

WRAL Anchor David Crabtree, whose forebears came from Germany and Great Britain, spoke to the new citizens.

“You see, those of us who have been here all of our lives have a tendency to take things for granted,” Crabtree said. “And we need to be reminded just how precious it is to be a citizen of this country.”


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  • hefty-lefty May 25, 2007

    Welcome new citizens and congradulations for doing it the proper way!!

  • berrynice May 25, 2007

    geez !! get to work and stop with the insults !!!!!!!!!!

  • special k May 25, 2007

    "Do not let a "circumstance of birth" (you were fortunate enough to be born here) make you insensitive to what people outside of this country go through on a daily basis.

    know what they would do to you if you went to their country illegally? - look it up, it's not pretty
    - i applaud anyone who loves my country enough to become her citizen and love her as i do

  • sec May 25, 2007

    Welcome to our country, new US citizens!

  • 2late May 25, 2007

    RE:"I bet you'd do the same."....heck, we all would.....it's just the fact that "some" of them resort to criminal activities(as do our legal citizens), present a huge drain on our social and medical services, identity theft etc.....if that wasn't a problem, i don't think many of us would mind their status....not to mention the way the media presents some of them as "demanding" equal(and most often more-than-equal treatment than other immigrants) while waving a Mexican flag..and YES, if i had to do exactly the same thing to better my family, i wouldn't hesitate..but i also wouldn't throw it in the face of the country that was allowing me the chance to better myself

  • 68_polara May 25, 2007

    Congratulations!!! and Welcome

  • QT3.14 May 25, 2007

    Congratulations to those 46 who took the time, effort and expense to become citizens!

  • ncstarinvestigator May 25, 2007

    Flag's waving for the immigrants who came here legally. Thank you for doing that....for the illegal aliens who slink around the border, well, I still say we should be playing "Whack the Alien (mole) game down on the fence! Let the militia men handle that part if the bleeding hearts can't handle it. I reckon WRAL will delete this comment just like all my others recently. The media censoring the public for a change...lol.

  • avocadopit May 25, 2007

    "I am sorry but I can't be mad at illegal immigrants"

    I bet you would be if your work fired you and then hired one at half your pay to replace you.

  • avocadopit May 25, 2007

    "why is this news??"

    Why not?