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2 Charged After Accidents Must Prove Immigration Status

Posted May 14, 2007
Updated May 15, 2007

— A man charged in an incident following a three-fatal accident in Raleigh was told Monday that he could not post bond until he proves to a judge that he is legally in the United States.

The same requirement met a man arraigned Monday on charges stemming from his truck plowing into a state Highway Patrol cruiser on Interstate 40 last Friday.

Marcos Cabrera, 20, of Raleigh, was arraigned Monday in Wake County  court on a charge of obstructing police by driving away with the lone survivor of a car crash early Sunday at North New Hope Road and Fawn Glen Drive. Cabrera also was charged with driving without a license.

Some judges in the county have begun requiring proof of citizenship if defendants have no other proper identification. The judges say it is another way to try to make sure defendants who are released on bond will show up in court again.

Cabrera could not produce anything that would satisfy the judge Monday and was ordered held.

Omar Zetina, 22, who last week told troopers his last name was Zetino, also did not have a driver's license and was arrested after the truck he was driving for Speedy Construction and Removal of Wendell sideswiped a stopped tractor-trailer and hit the cruiser. Zetina, who gave a Cary address, could not show he was a citizen and was ordered held.


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  • SomeRandomGuy May 15, 2007

    The companies that employ these illegals need to be held accountable and fined VERY heavily! I can almost guarantee that if that ever happened, illegal immigration wouldn't be a problem anymore!

  • gjp032 May 15, 2007

    WHo is the judge doing this, it doesn't sound real. I say this because this is a common sense thing to do.
    Hopefully WRAL will post the judges name so we can re-vote him/her back in office!!
    What makes more sense is if the state legislature would make this a law forcing ALL judges to do the same thing.
    I am not picking on illegal immigrants, but if someone is here illegally and do not have any ties to the community, does this make them a flight risk? YES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • johngoodson May 15, 2007

    An illegal who is convicted of a crime should serve a sentence of hard labor, followed by deportation. They should be finger-printed and NEVER allowed to re-enter the country, even legally.

  • And justice for all May 15, 2007

    AMEN poke-a-dotcom!!!!!!!!!! KEEP PREACING BROTHER!We still have some souls to win over!

    herelegally, your more than welcome in my town! ur an example of an honest,hardworking immigrant who does the right thing! ur a example of right vs wrong! honest vs deceptive, good vs evil!

  • fury54 May 15, 2007

    "We use to all be illegal @ one point."

    Not me... I've got all of my grandparents immigration/naturalization paperwork to prove it, and they learned to read and write English.

  • Harrison Bergeron May 15, 2007


    Are you sure about that? Perhaps you meant to say "we were all immigrants at one point?" Ever heard of the Kennewick Man?

    Anyway, that is ancient history and before the laws of this country were formed. You know, the laws that differentiate legal immigration from illegal immigration?

  • poke-a-dotcom May 15, 2007

    Ibcruz...the judge didn't ask these men to give proof of their citizenship because they had hispanic sounding names...there is NO PROFILING going on here...

    EVERY court, when assessing eligibility for bail must FIRST assess "FLIGHT RISK"...well guess what, if Joe Blow or Juan Hernandez (doesn't matter the name given) doesn't have any id or the id he has is an obvious fake then any PRUDENT court is going to ask for additional or more specific verification...after all, if the person isn't giving their real name and can't show proof of "long term" ties to the community then regardless of where they hail from THEY ARE A FLIGHT RISK!!!

    Maybe the North Carolina Courts are FINALLY getting tired of being made fun of and having to issue "flight warrants" on every Juan, Jesus and Alfredo who just doesn't bother to stick around!!!

  • poke-a-dotcom May 15, 2007

    fli...the "you people" and "we" you are referring to as "illegal" is a rhetorical "you people" and "we", isn't it???

    if not...don't bother including me in your racist, stereotypical rant...I've never entered any country illegally in my life, nor have I ever stolen or used anyone else's social security number or name or driver's license info.

    check your history before you go espousing hate mongering stereotypes...

  • avocadopit May 15, 2007

    "We use to all be illegal @ one point."

    I never was. If you really believe that you must real naive or do think you are making some clever point? Just because the immigration laws of today didn't exist 300 hundred years ago, does that make them invalid?

  • poke-a-dotcom May 15, 2007

    lunamag, you're being sarcastic, right?

    These men are lonely???? And miss their families????

    If they miss them that much then they should take heart...they might just being going home to them soon!!! After all...we mean old people of the USA wouldn't want to "separate loving families" now would we!!!!!!!