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Ex-Teacher Pleads Guilty to Child-Sex Charge

Posted May 9, 2007

— A former Chapel Hill teacher pleaded guilty Wednesday to a federal child-sex charge, authorities said.

David Campbell Jones, 47, of 113 Hampton Court in Chapel Hill, pleaded guilty to enticement of a minor, authorities said. The felony carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison.

His sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 29.

Jones resigned as a science teacher and football coach at Guy B. Phillips Middle School in August after he was arrested on charges of solicitation of a child by computer to commit an unlawful sex act. He also was charged with 20 counts of second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor.

Police said Jones attempted to meet up with a 15-year-old boy after soliciting the teen online. When he was arrested, Jones was carrying condoms, personal lubricant and a digital camera, according to a search warrant.

Investigators seized several computers after Jones was arrested and found thousands of videos and photos of young children engaged in sex acts.

That evidence later led to an indictment on federal charges of child pornography and trying to engage in sexual activity with a minor.


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  • refiman May 10, 2007

    latest word from Central Prison was that Bubba Leroy has the highest bid in with 15 Marlboro Reds, 5 Newports, and a raspberry blunt. Going, Going, Gone. To the very large, mean looking gentleman? in the "rear"

  • Professor Studley May 10, 2007

    offender, plz, don't take offense at this, but... read the back logs, the "homosexual" issue did not come out of nowhere, unless you mean the unfounded attack from, Pir, ifc, and kvcool, as "nowhere"... I just don't don't seeing the mis-informed spreading "mis-information"... tis all

  • MiIky May 10, 2007

    @Patriot, Kinguvcool and You_are_correct_sir - I agree with your statemens about wral's reporting abuse policy. I have was reported 4 times last Friday (5 and your gone!), all for benign comments. These were the first abuse reports for this account. 2 of those reports were for comments that were posted on MODERATED articles. To be sure, if comments are APPROVED by a WRAL MODERATOR, they should be okay for the masses.

    As for this article: No Comment.

  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr May 10, 2007

    Sure thing........

    “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” Buddha

    “Common sense is not so common.” Voltaire

    “It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.” Ingersoll

    "Most people that post on WRAL.com lack common sense." Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    "Most people that lock common sense end up being victims. Don't believe me? Ask cops who deal with victims that are university professors, dotctors, etc." Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • TAO May 10, 2007

    I can't help but feel that my point got lost in the wash of "gay this, gay that" that came out of nowhere...geez. Until positive proof is given that homosexuality increases tendency to commit a crime, we can't just make that assumption from one random news story. Hey Derrr, maybe it's time to dish out more common sense, because the comment boxes are filling with a lack thereof...

  • Professor Studley May 10, 2007

    "Please don't lump us gay people in with pedophiles."

    ... oh come on, you know how all the heterophobes are trying to destroy the world...

    "Those of us who are gay enjoy relationships with people our own age, consenting adults with consenting adults."

    Oh my never!...

    "ifcdirector, this crime did not involve homosexuality. Pedophilia is a whole different animal."

    Oh come on, you know how all sex crimes against minors are between a gay man and a boy, little girls never get persued.

    Oh the life, how wonderful it is keep my blinders on an never see any further than the tip of my nose... *sigh*

  • QT3.14 May 10, 2007

    I hope they let him keep his personal lubricant. He'll need it where he's going...

  • salut2daking May 10, 2007

    I am pretty sure this is not his first time. Others will come forth. Since the dawn of computers...this type of thing is more prevalent. Has anyone taken notice to that?

  • yacs May 10, 2007

    MsLisa, the 15-year-old didn't break a law or prey on someone. He shouldn't be punished.

    Patriot and kinguvcool, I know what you mean -- I got reported the other day and received a threat from WRAL, even though my posting was not abusive and didn't break any of the forum rules. WRAL, when someone reports a post, please read it before you automatically threaten the poster!

    ifcdirector, this crime did not involve homosexuality. Pedophilia is a whole different animal.

    All in all, I'm glad this guy was convicted w/o much of a fight.

  • sjb2k1 May 10, 2007

    Please don't lump us gay people in with pedophiles. Those of us who are gay enjoy relationships with people our own age, consenting adults with consenting adults. NOT children. Thanks.