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Toppled Utility Pole Closes Raleigh Roadway

Posted May 6, 2007

— Falls of Neuse Road was reopened early Sunday evening after being closed for most of the afternoon as Progress Energy crews repaired a utility pole that a car had knocked down in the road.

Police closed Falls of Neuse from Millbrook Road to Bland Road and set up a detour for drivers. The accident happened near Bland, police said.

Progress Energy spokesman David Martinez said about 1,700 customers lost power for a time, but workers rerouted power and restored service to all the customers while repairs on the utility pole continued.

Police said no serious injuries resulted from the crash despite the intensity of the impact.


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  • Munchie May 7, 2007

    Glad there were no serious injuries.

    Did yall see the most viewed stories...what is 'tree felling accident'?? Who's the editor! :-)

  • sick of You May 7, 2007

    These utilities poles are out of control. I hope that they destroy it.

  • AngelEyes May 7, 2007

    Kudos to Progress Energy for restoring power so quickly. Not many people realize all they go through to accomplish this type of repair - and especially during "off" hours. A big THANK YOU to them for their efficiency.

  • OncomingStorm May 7, 2007

    Actually, as one who responded to the accident, I can tell you it was an American who ran an asian man off the road. It was like a hit-n-run, except the asian man swerved to avoid being hit. Witnesses were able to tell the police, but the man got away because no one got the license number. Now one man is injured and has no car ( a 2006 Camry) all due to someone's carelessness in broad daylight on a Sunday. We guess the other fellow was dialing & driving, but no one may ever know for sure. Thanks to the folks who lived nearby who helped- everyone was very nice.

  • gjp032 May 6, 2007

    Let me guess the driver was Hispanic and drunk??

  • pclifton May 6, 2007

    Steve- something like hat happened one night near my parents' house when I still lived with them, years ago. A truck had come by during the night, gone off the road, and struck a pole right where the line crossed the road. Pole broke, and the top half or so, supported by the remaining lines, ended up hanging in the middle of the road.

    I was awake at the time, and looked outside shortly after the power went out, just after another driver had happened along, only to discover a pole in the middle of the road! When my dad and I got out there, the first driver was nowhere to be found, there was just this guy with a caved in windshield claiming that "the pole was right in the road". We figured he was drunk or something, and it was only after the cops got there that we deciphered the incident.

  • pikemom1 May 6, 2007

    La de da da...yawn

  • Steve Crisp May 6, 2007

    That reminds me of a funny story. Back in the late 1980s up in Conover, there was an accident involving a telephone pole and a car. At the end of the investigation it was determined that the pole had broken under the tension of the line along with age. When it sheared, it swung out into the middle of the lane and was hit by a passing car. At first, the police didn't believe the driver when he said that the pole hit him, but the skid marks proved him right. Those marks never left the road and jumped up on the curb.

  • colliefan May 6, 2007

    I guess the ultility pole wanted to committ suicide so it jumped in front of the car. If the vehicle just happened to be a SUV, it would read something like: "the SUV seized control and, to get back at the driver for leaving it alone all night in the driveway, drove itself ito a utility pole."