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Wake SWAT Team's Weapons Stolen

Posted April 24, 2007

— Seven weapons belonging to Wake County's Special Weapons and Tactics team were stolen from a van outside a Memphis barbecue restaurant Monday afternoon, authorities said.

Members of the Wake County Sheriff's Office Special Response Team were on their way to Little Rock, Ark., for the World SWAT Challenge and stopped at the Interstate BBQ Restaurant in Memphis, authorities said. While the deputies were inside, two men drove up in a Ford Explorer and broke into the van, authorities said.

Three assault rifles with several hundred rounds of ammunition, two 12-gauge shotguns and two .357-caliber semiautomatic handguns were stolen from the van, authorities said. Two bags of personal belongings also were taken, authorities said.

Memphis police have obtained surveillance camera footage of the theft and are investigating the case.

The Wake County deputies had two other vans with weapons and were able to continue on to the SWAT competition.


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  • xgeneric99 Apr 26, 2007

    Jesus god what an enormous load of morons. Well. It IS Wake county. Good Leadership, Donnie Harrelson. I guess they'll have write another 14,000 traffic tickets this week to pay for them.

  • dell Apr 25, 2007


    Its their choice for a career. Don't put the salary blame on the public.

  • refiman Apr 25, 2007

    Well, I feel as safe as their weapons were with them on the job. However, now I feel even less safe, since they let criminals steal their guns.

  • mindlessfa99it Apr 25, 2007


  • Tarheeljunior Apr 25, 2007

    You conspiracy theory people are so jaded it is sad. Anyone can look at these guys probably and tell they were law enforcement. The fact that they were in a van and not a patrol car tells any crook they probably have something interesting in there. These guys are human, they needed to eat and stretch their legs. In a moment of vulnerablity, their car got broken into just like any other person's car. It doesn't make them any less qualified to do their jobs. As for you who take every oppurtunity to degrade law enforcement officers, I suggest you forget the number 911, because I doubt you'll ever feel confident enough to use it given your views on those who would respond in your moment of need. If you have never really had any interactions with police in which they are protecting you, you have no room to talk about them. Most of you are just angry because you get annoyed when you get pulled for speeding or some such stuff.

  • mslisac363 Apr 25, 2007

    Sounds like an inside job. How did someone just know they had guns inside of the van, and knew that no one was watching it?

  • bigt16701 Apr 25, 2007

    Opps, Clyde Coopers

  • bigt16701 Apr 25, 2007

    Sounds like we need a new plan for safe guarding our weapons. For the record I noticed someone mentioned Smithfields?? Have ya ever tryed ClydeCoppers??? The very best........

  • nowon_yuno Apr 25, 2007

    What a bunch of tools! I'm going to assume that at least one if not most of these SWAT teams members were prior military, they should have known better than to leave their weapons unattended. They should have left a guard and just got him some take out when they stopped to eat. yah sure the guard would'nt have been able to joke with his buddies during lunch, but that seems a small price to pay compared to what is going to happen when those stolen weapons hit the streets.

  • kma1005 Apr 25, 2007

    From your brothers with the WCSO good luck at the competition don't let these morons worry you!