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3 Teens Hurt in Head-On Crash in Johnston County

Posted April 15, 2007

— Three North Johnston High School students were hurt Saturday night in a head-on crash near Kenly, in Johnston County, the Highway Patrol said.

Troopers said the crash happened on Richardson Bass Road when one car began a left turn and failed to yield to a car coming in the other direction.

Brandon Trevor Oliver was airlifted to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill and was reported to be in "stable" condition Sunday afternoon. Oliver was a passenger in the vehicle that turned across the path of the other car, police said.

Trevor Freedman, 16, the driver of the car that turned, was transferred from Johnston Memorial Hospital to WakeMed in Raleigh and was in good condition Sunday afternoon. Troopers charged him with failure to yield the right of way when making a left turn.

Wesley Brock, the driver of the second car, also was transferred from Johnston Memorial to WakeMed and was in good condition Sunday afternoon.

Troopers said they did not have ages for Oliver and Brock, but they confirmed that all three were students at North Johnston.

Another head-on crash near Kenly on Jan. 21 claimed the lives of two North Johnston students and injured a third.

Nicholas Creech, 16, of Selma, and Reece Richardson, 17, of Kenly, died in that accident.



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  • jaybabe Apr 17, 2007

    I don't think the problem is teenagers. I think everyone is guilty of not paying attention every once and a while. It just happened that while these kids weren't paying attention they had an accident. I think it is important for everybody to understand that a vehicle is a very deadly weapon and you have to pay attention so you don't get in a wreck.

  • Panther Apr 16, 2007

    I hope the kids recover, my prayers are with them and thier families

  • justmark Apr 16, 2007

    haditup2here....sounds like you need to find a different way to get to where your going....LMAO!! Your just a magnet for trouble aint ya?

  • haditup2here Apr 16, 2007

    Age is probably not even relevant here. NO LESS THAN 6 times a week some fool across a red light from me darts out in front of me (while I'm going straight ahead through the light)to make a left turn across in front of me, the instant the light turns green. It seems that the MORE EXPENSIVE the vehicle, the higher the likelihood they will rudely IGNORE my right of way and invoke their "better than thou" attitude by failing to yield to oncoming traffic, just because they are first in line when the light changes. Happens A WHOLE LOT at the intersection of Ligon Mill Road and Burlington Mills Road in Wake Forest! Seems to me that it's the TEENS who (having more recently passed driver's ed and a driving test) DO yield the proper right-of-way, while the "mature adults" are the ones who think they are "too good" to wait their turn. Give these kids a break. None of you were in the cars with them "cutting up and joking around," were you?

  • browneyedgirl Apr 16, 2007

    Not all teenagers are irresponsible, some do pay attention.

  • get over it Apr 16, 2007

    if we were to up the age to 18 almost every kid would not have any driving experience when they go to college. sthat just sounds scary to me. having my kids go to college without driving on there own, now that is a scary thought. you people need to rethink your opinions

  • haditup2here Apr 16, 2007

    HELLO, all this blasting of these kids when truthfully, age is irrelevant! NO LESS THAN 6 times a WEEK, when I am the front car going straight ahead after a light turns green, some first in line idiot across the light from me darts out in front of me turning left, completely ignoring my right-of-way. 90% of the time it happens at the intersection of Ligon Mill Road and Burlington Road, Wake Forest. I just WISH a cop would find an unobtrusive way to watch this intersection and see just how many fools (usually driving SUVs) fail to yield the right of way, apparently thinking they are too important to wait until oncoming traffic has cleared the intersection. Age has NOTHING to do with this. From what I've seen, the teens (having more recently completed driver's ed and their driving tests) are the ones who DO wait their turn. It's the ADULTS who rudely have the "better than thou" attitudes. The more expensive the vehicle, the higher the likelihood of them making an illegal left turn!

  • historian2 Apr 16, 2007

    Our families thoughts and prayers are with these children and their families and friends.

  • dakota_loves_me Apr 16, 2007

    Reguardless to the accidents that happens someone is to blame and it is usually the person behind the wheel of the car and their actions.

  • dakota_loves_me Apr 16, 2007

    Stroyteller, i dont really agree with that statement. kids should only have a license if they can prove to the parents that they are responisble enough to drive a car and take care of it instead of giving a drivers license to someone who fails to yield and crosses outin front of a car head on and hurting his friends and putting their lives in danger.