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Raleigh Says Police Horses Need a New 'Station'

Posted April 6, 2007

— The Raleigh Police Mounted Patrol could soon be on the move—to new quarters.

The squad’s current in-town stables in Moore Square have a failing water system, and they’re small for a team of five steeds that offer a service cars, motorcycles and patrol officers on foot can’t.

The mounted officers' four-footed partners spend their nights in a more rural facility, but Moore Square is their on-duty home, the place where officers saddle up their mounts and un-tack at the end of the shifts during which they provide a unique asset.

"They can see things that officers on the ground or on foot cannot see," Police Department spokesman Jim Sughrue explained.

Mounted patrols also help just by being present.

"The fact that police are present is a deterrent to crime, so the fact that the horses are visible certainly plays into that role,” Sughrue said.

The unit’s officers are usually in the saddle about six hours a day, day or night. They don’t mind that, but the non-patrol hours are a challenger.

"If a city has a mounted patrol, then they have to have a special place where the horses can go," Sughrue said.

"We're looking at having the daytime facility on West Hargett Street,” Mayor Charles Meeker said. “There's currently a negotiation going on so they would actually have their equipment there and easier access to downtown."

Meeker said he cannot talk about specifics, but he confirmed that a lease for a new building is being discussed.

"The horses need to have a place where their materials can be left, and also they patrol some of the adjacent neighborhoods,” Meeker said.


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  • Al Capone Apr 9, 2007

    The officers don't need cable TV or an espresso machine in the new barn, but the horses need a much better place than that.

  • Al Capone Apr 9, 2007

    That's a lot better long haired country boy. That holds more water than your story at Taco Bell. Not saying your incident didn't happen, but after all this is the internet and you can't take anybodys word for the truth. That's what I was looking for. Oh, I'm in the trucking industry and have my own horses, so that's why I care about these horses.

  • long haired country boy Apr 9, 2007

    Here's an old saying for you to fill in the blank about your "wants"

    Want in one hand, ____ in the other and see which one gets full first

    here's a good read for you, couple months old, but still applicable


  • PDMARTIN Apr 9, 2007

    Don't forget these "animals" are police officers just like the canines. They should be housed adequatly. Too bad their riders can't take them home at night like the canine officers and their handlers. Give them what they need, lord knows they have enough of my tax money to do it.

  • Al Capone Apr 9, 2007

    Now that's an accusation. No I'm not, not even close. I just think they deserve better. I just wanted some proof of what you said about corrupt cops in Wake county. That's all.

  • long haired country boy Apr 9, 2007

    get serious - let me guess?

    You're one of the po-po's who is on the mounted patrol aren't you?

    Of course you want tax payer money wasted on your silly little horse.

    Maybe you should sell the saddle you're riding the RPD's butt with and put the money towards the new stable

  • refiman Apr 9, 2007

    well, we need a new stadium for 2 private colleges. Sorry horses, we will waste the money on a future vandalizm

  • superman Apr 9, 2007

    How about keeping the horses in the Mayors office -- it is full of horse manure anyway.

  • NCTeacher Apr 9, 2007

    I think all animals deserve to be treated nicely and kept in a place that is suitable for them. If they need a new stable, it should be given to them.

    As for mounted officers roaming the fair- Would that truly be safe? I don't know anything about horses so I'm not being facetious. It seems to me with the huge crowds at the fair and everyone shoving, throwing horses in the middle of the crowd could put people in danger. I got stepped on by plenty of people at the fair, I wouldn't want to be stepped on by a horse.

  • Al Capone Apr 8, 2007

    El Doggo, there is only room for two horses in there and there are five total. Do the math, it doesn't add up. You can't keep horses in a trailer for a break during the summer. The city of Raleigh hates to spend money, unless it's on a street or convention center and a lot of that money comes from private companies. The horses have been working out of this building for twenty years. It's time to upgrade. It's an embarassment for a police department to have a facility like that.