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Burglars Ransack Several Homes in Northeast Raleigh

Posted April 4, 2007

— Raleigh police say eight homes in northeast Raleigh have been broken into and ransacked in the past three weeks.

"They stole all of our movies and our CD's and they stole all of our money," said Kaya Nicklow, 5, who learned a hard lesson when her home was burglarized last Friday.

"When I walked in the room and saw everything scattered and the back door open, then I realized that we had been robbed,” said Kaya’s father Antares Nicklow.

There are still marks on the door where the burglars broke in. And they're not alone. A house on Englefield Drive, a two-story home on Farmington Grove Drive and another one on Brimfield Drive were also targeted in recent weeks by burglars.

"Even their underwear drawers were upside down and emptied,” said Amanda Nicklow, Kaya’s mother. “Knowing someone had their hands on our 5- and 3-year-old’s underwear, we lost it."

The Nicklow family said the thieves got away with a video camera and digital camera with irreplaceable memories of their two girls, prescription medication and a special coin collection that can't be replaced.

"My dad was in the military and went to many places and brought them back for me, so that had a lot of sentimental value,” Amanda Nicklow said.

The Nicklow’s neighbors said the string of burglaries is plain scary.

“I'm telling my husband, ‘Be sure and lock everything when you walk out the door,’” said neighbor Tracey Tabor. “I mean, automatically you get concerned.”

Raleigh police warned homeowners to keep their eyes open for anything suspicious and to call 911 if they see any unusual activity. Also, anyone who comes home and finds that they've been burglarized should never assume the suspect is out of the house. Police advised them to leave immediately and call police.


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  • apple bottom Apr 10, 2007

    this is way 2 crazy....

  • Peter the Pony Apr 6, 2007

    That is funny ... it appears that once again you HAVE addressed me directly. Make up your mind, woman!

  • readyforgodswilltobedone Apr 5, 2007

    Peter I don't have to address YOU or waste my time with you. That is the point...But I will continue to post my opinion.

  • Peter the Pony Apr 5, 2007

    TiredofDurham, all I'm suggesting is to get your story straight. First you say you're "not going to waste your time" and then you continue posting your nonsense. Which one is it? And for the record, I have not "attacked" you. Just because someone can see through your facade and does not agree with you 100% does not make that an "attack" on you.

  • readyforgodswilltobedone Apr 5, 2007

    Peter the Pony, I am not going to waste my time discuss this issue with you. There are others on this forum that have not attacked me... This is a public opinion forum and I will voice my opinions.

  • Lizard Paw Apr 5, 2007

    Remember when there were bunches of car breakins and some would say that they shouldn't have to lock their cars?

    Wonder if they fell that way about houses too?

    Lock up your stuff, people!

  • owlady Apr 5, 2007

    27614 and 27615 are not Northeast Raleigh zip codes. But thanks for the heads up. I always lock my doors when in my backyard doing yard work. That is also when theives try to sneak into your home while you are busy outside. Especially targeting the elderly folks.

  • Peter the Pony Apr 5, 2007

    TiredofDurham, I thought you were not going to "waste your time" anymore ... so why do you keep posting replies?

  • readyforgodswilltobedone Apr 5, 2007

    Wildside-I am not asking you feel sorry for me. Why are you so cold??

  • Wildside Apr 5, 2007

    Ok we feel sorry for you now...........be quiet