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Apex Council Passes Ban on Livestock

Posted April 3, 2007
Updated April 4, 2007

— Apex leaders have outlawed livestock from within the town’s limits in the wake of 80 sheep being confiscated from a downtown house.

For years, the town knew about sheep at David Watts' house on West Moore Street. Neighbors often complained about the flies and the smell, but since Watts was not selling any sheep and kept them only as pets, the town said he was not breaking any laws.

Now, Watts faces 30 counts of misdemeanor cruelty to animals after animal control officers learned the sheep had been neglected.

"That's all we could do is keep complaining, because something had to be done,” said Apex resident Caroline Prince

Apex Mayor Keith Weatherly admitted to WRAL that something should have been done sooner.

"We dropped the ball,” Weatherly said. “We should have been more vigilant, under our public nuisance ordinance. It seems to me there could have been several remedies for this other than animal control."

Apex Town Council members passed the new ordinance Tuesday evening, banning all livestock, with the exception of horses, within the town limits. They said they realize there may be some residents who have a pet potbelly pig or a goat, and said depending on the response, they may revisit the newly adopted law before it takes effect.

Watts not only lost his sheep, but may now lose his house. A town inspection showed the roof is coming apart, the stairs are not up to code and there are holes throughout the house. Town manager Bruce Radford said the property may be condemned.

The new ordinance takes effect June 1.


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  • bleh Apr 4, 2007

    2little2late, the only Pit Bull breeders that select for aggressive traits are the ones that want to use them for fighting. Legit dog breeders breed pit bulls for the breed itself not to make money by making it mean and letting it kill other animals. It is unfortunate that having a particular dog breed has become a trend but there are people out there w/ pit bulls that treat there animals well and reap the rewards. The individuals who choose to own a pit bull b/c it is a "badass dog" are not exactly the brightest stars in the sky. You mix an idiot owner w/ an aggressive breed and bad things are going to happen....nough said!

  • 2little2late Apr 4, 2007

    if a dog, pitbull or otherwise, goes after my children or yours for that matter, it will be the last breath it takes..whether by the hands of the animal control dept or by mine...whichever happens first...i have a neighbor with a pitbull that keeps him in the front yard of a neighborhood on an invisible fence(like that's gonna stop him)...very aggressive constantly...many kids in the neighborhood play in that road...i do not let my kids go anywhere near that dog unless i'm with them...and yes, it's up to the owners to properly train dogs but pitbulls are the current bad-a%% dog to own and people like the fact that they are bad-a## dogs..plus the aggression had been somewhat bred into that species if i'm not mistaken..which i could be

  • bleh Apr 4, 2007

    Dwaynes...First off this blog or story is not about banning aggressive dog breeds but I will respond to you remark about pi bulls. I acknowledge that there are some dog breeds that are generally more aggressive than others BUT most of that aggressive behavior depends on the animals owner. They learn just like kids do, therefore, if you raise them right, then you will have nothing to worry about. Oh and another thing, if people use that brain that the good lord gave them, then they wouldn't leave a child alone w/ an aggressive breed....it's common sense!

  • Angry Independent Apr 4, 2007

    What next, a ban on dogs when something like this:



  • dwaynesword.blogspot..com Apr 4, 2007

    Praying for beasties everywhere, the only thing in all of creation always doing the will of God.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

    Save this comment until we have another pit bull kill a child. Then you can pray for the pit bull.

  • 2little2late Apr 4, 2007

    RE:"This is a ridiculous ban"..and it's barely a ban at all...it exempts almost every other form of livestock..it's just window dressing....trying to keep up with the Jones..err...Cary

  • bleh Apr 4, 2007

    This is a ridiculous ban. If they wanted to prevent this kind of neglect then the town should have done something about it last year when they recieved the first 50 or so compaints about this individual. To make such a drastic change b/c of one idiot is just crazy to me. I am however glad to hear that they are willing to work w/ the "livestock" owners that currently reside w/ in the city limits.

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Apr 4, 2007

    Good....WE need more government....Maybe now they can raise your taxes to hire more animal control officers to help police this new ruling...I'm so glad I don't lice there!

  • snugglebug Apr 4, 2007

    I agree with you 2little. If our neglected children got this much publicity and the parent or guardian got this much shame maybe we would see alot less of it!

  • FiveOclocksomewhere Apr 4, 2007

    didn't mean to put 2 m's....condemning