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Man Charged In Slaying, School Shooting May Face Death

Posted April 2, 2007

— The Orange County District Attorney's Office is expected to announce Monday whether it will seek the death penalty against a 19-year-old involved in a school shooting.

Investigators said Alvero Castillo killed his father, then tried to kill students at Orange High School. At the time of his arrest, authorities said he was armed with two guns and two bombs.

Alvaro Rafael Castillo was wearing a T-shirt with the phrase "Remember Columbine," and he kept repeating the phrase when he was taken to jail. In April 1999, Columbine High School was the site of a shooting where 12 oeople were killed.

Hours before the shooting, authorities said Castillo sent a grisly e-mail to the Colorado high school to announce his intentions. The day before, he also sent a letter and video to local newspapers explaining his alleged actions.

In addition, a judge is expected to rule Monday on whether prosecutors can use information found on two computers. Castillo's lawyer said deputies illegally seized the computers from the family's home.


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  • horses and me Apr 2, 2007

    Kill em.. Be done with it. Dont waste 15 years of my tax money to do it!!

  • narck9 Apr 2, 2007

    Put a couple of gallons of juice in this one.

  • sasuke Apr 2, 2007


  • sasuke Apr 2, 2007

    good point pappabigtuna

  • browneyedgirl Apr 2, 2007

    Take a life, give your life. Kill 'em.

  • pappybigtuna Apr 2, 2007

    Alvero, hang in there, you will never see the death penalty if they convict you. What you will get is a private room, color TV, exercise privleges, 3 meals a day, the best medical coverage available, full library, visitation from relatives, you can marry and have conjucal visits (if you don't like women you can have a man) all at the NC Tax payers expense - You Have WON the NC LOTTERY

  • Greekgirl Apr 2, 2007

    I don't care what diagnosis he has had.I am just sick and tired of excuses.You kill,you die !!!

  • sasuke Apr 2, 2007

    i didnt see anything about diagnosed as a shiz, but we have to be really careful with letting people commit horrific crimes, and then pleading mentally insane/challenged/whatever...the fact is this guy premeditated this A LOT, he went to the school with 2 guns and 2 bombs, killed his father, sent videos declaring what he was going to do....i dont believe justice will be served by putting him in holly hill.....if he was diagnosed schiz PRIOR to this event, he had a responsibility to take his medication, if he didn't take the medication couldn't you say he was at least criminally negligent, and somewhat aware that he may lose control if he stopped taking his meds.

  • nursevb8 Apr 2, 2007

    The man had 2 bombs!!! He threatened to harm children!!! He killed his own father!!! Yeah, he deserves the death sentence. Now, not in 15 years

  • patriot4liberty Apr 2, 2007

    Yeah lets fry all the mentally ill. Isn't that part of the Final Solution? Forget treatment for their problems, they're obviously ready to be culled out of our Aryan Nation.

    Does anyone else remember that this kid is diagnosed Schiz? Or was that just me who managed to retain that little bit of information.

    Lord, this generation of vipers.