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Duke Lacrosse Defendant Has Assistant H.S. Coaching Job

Posted March 29, 2007

— One of the defendants in the Duke lacrosse case is part of a new lacrosse team.

Collin Finnerty is an assistant coach for the Chaminade High's varsity team in Long Island, New York.

Finnerty started the volunteer job at his alma mater a few weeks ago.

Finnerty, Reade Seligmann, and David Evans still face sexual assault and kidnapping charges in connection with an off-campus party last March.


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  • MR EVANS Mar 30, 2007

    I think everybody forgot that this is the same man that beat up a gay fellow. Hope none of the high school students are gay.

  • Wizard Mar 29, 2007

    Without reference to the trial and the proceeding and outcome,let's just hope the man is truly innocent of the accusations. Now he's in a position of trust of high schoolers!

  • absolute Mar 29, 2007

    why do you folks keep saying these boys lives are ruined when Seiligmann announced on national tv that the only person that can ruin his life is self, according to him, that hasn't happened. As far as calling the accuser trash, what about the ones who gave that infamous, trashy lacrosse party? That says a lot about class

  • Low Voltage Mar 29, 2007

    GOOD for him! He's showing some real gumption here! Maybe they will put Mr Finnerty on full time after the NC Atty Gen throws this case out.

  • Dakine Mar 29, 2007

    BEACHGIRL: I agree with you 100%. For anyone who meets the race requirement to be part of the NAACP, if the person is being accused or if the person is doing the accusing, it always is a racial issue. No matter what the crime may be, its always racist. It seems in the majority of cases when the NAACP gets involved (let me rephrase that, they never get involved, they just do a lot of crying and making up of excuses) they always get proven wrong. So why even have an "orginazation" (If you can call it that) that's always wrong?

  • triangle citizen Mar 29, 2007

    Beachgirl I understand where you are coming from, but Black people get falsly accused all the time and there are no riots. I still say the NAACP is a needed organization.

  • nobody_cares Mar 29, 2007

    Side note to this: Anyone know that Duke's LAX team has been the top ranked team in the country. I think they have slipped to #4 after a loss recently. Granted college lacrosse is not normally front page news (or much of any news really) but you would think that may have gotten some media attention considering everything that goes on concerning Duke/lacrosse team/ anything related in a headline.

    Not a bad accomplishment after suspending a season, losing a coach, etc. Why no news on this?

  • beachgirl Mar 29, 2007

    triangle citizen, Absolutely anyone that destroys someone elses life should be "dealt with". It doesn't matter what color they are. Can you imagine though what would have happened to Durham if a white girl had falsely accused some black guys???? Oh my god, the town would have been destroyed, riots and everything. And about the broom, she's lied about everything so that's probably a lie too. She needs to get a real job and stop putting herself in those type of situations before something REALLY does happen to her. And I don't care for the NAACP because they only cater to and support blacks. I'm white and wouldn't have nor would I want to have an organization who doesn't even know me to back me up. That's what your family and friends are for.

  • saturn5 Mar 29, 2007

    Good for you, Mr. Finnerty. It's a shame that something like this is even considered newsworthy. I hope this debacle is over soon and the news media lets you get on with your life in private.

  • triangle citizen Mar 29, 2007

    Beachgirl come on, you know accussers names are never published. NAACP was mentioned b/c there posters who were saying that such an organization was not needed or out dated. I'm black and think that the NAACP sometimes gets involved when not needed, but they are still a valuable organization. There is no way to "get" all of the false accussers. Do you want to "get" the girl in the Kobe case or the accusser in the case of the Naval Academy quarterback? Wasn't the accusser in the Duke case threatened with a broom handle? Whe is to say she wasn't assualted with that. Brooms don't have DNA. Just thought I would throw that out there.