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Deaths in Burned Raleigh Apartment Ruled Double Murder, Suicide

Posted March 27, 2007

— An apartment fire after which a woman, her 11-month-old daughter and a man were found dead on a day that saw every piece of Raleigh fire equipment battling blazes was a double homicide and a suicide, Raleigh police said Tuesday evening.

"All the facts and evidence obtained to date indicate that Rosa Elena Carranza-Morales, 26, and Dayna Sofia Elamrani-Carranza, 11 months, were murdered and that they were killed by Noureddine Elamrani, 30, who subsequently died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound," police spokesman Jim Sughrue said in a statement.

Investigators believe Elamrani set the Feb. 22 fire in the apartment in the Pines of Ashton complex on Roselle Court before killing himself, Sughrue said. Firefighters found the three bodies as they moved into the apartment to battle the blaze.

The fire broke out at the same time that most Raleigh fire units were fighting a raging fire in a townhouse complex in north Raleigh on a day when tinder-dry conditions let blazes in Raleigh and elsewhere spread rapidly and challenged firefighters throughout the region.

Sughrue said police were awaiting final results from autopsies carried out by the state's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, but preliminary results released earlier this month showed Carranza-Morales had been stabbed once in the chest, damaging her aorta, one lung and liver. She was dead before the fire began, the investigation determined.

Fire investigators found traces of accelerant at the scene, telling them the fire probably had been set.

Carranza-Morales had taken out a restraining order against Elamrani nine days before the fire, according to court records. She said in her filing that Elamrani beat her and she feared he would kill her.

The fire left 17 other people homeless. A 4-year-old girl who lived at the apartment with the victims was away at the time and was found safe with relatives.


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  • neednewgov Mar 28, 2007

    Strange how this article got bumped off to the back pages so quickly. Lets find the real reason for this devastating fire. We have heard so many reasons for how this fire got out of control and started from “smoking material”, wind, vinyl siding, mulch etc. Are these the real reasons (most definitely contributors) or were they just stall tactics until the news of this murder/suicide was ready to go public. Buttons have been pushed to get the public concerned against the builder, vinyl siding, types of mulch, smokers etc. Was it that after all the outrage and proposals to change several building codes and thereby driving up the cost of housing that the real cause was this murderer set the fire? While I am ranting let me also question how this fire got so out of hand during the day in a major city near a major road? Not one mention of the firefighters response or effectiveness have I read about. Should we be concerned?

  • bronzegoddess40 Mar 28, 2007

    These folks were not illegals for you information. All hispanics are all illegal. That is such a stereotype. Yes there are illegals here, but who are they? This is a sad case of domestic violence and we need to be thinking of that and trying to rememdy that problem first. And be aware that Domestic Violence does not have a color or a race or ethnicity. What would you be saying if this had been a "White" family?

  • Concerned Mar 28, 2007

    Tragic and Senseless, no matter what race, religion,etc., just tragic!

  • feyerdncr Mar 28, 2007

    Hey motor..."Are these people illegals? If yes, we have another HUUUUUGE problemon our hands"

    It's only a problem if these people were illegals??!! Are you kidding me? What an ignorant comment. What does race, immigration status or any other factor have to do with it?
    Don't worry Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton - based on some of these postings racism is alive and well in NC.

  • Like that Mar 28, 2007

    Motorfingaz, this is not an issue of whether or not they were illegal. The issue is that this woman had a restraining order that did no good. She did what she could but the system failed her the same sad way it fails many other abused and battered women.

  • North Carolina Native Mar 28, 2007

    restraining orders are a waste of time.... I feel sorry for this lady and the baby. Why couldn't the man have just shot himself?

  • Jackaroo Mar 28, 2007

    Does anyone beside me notice the disproportionment (compared to their population) of hispanics in a wide range of crimes? Especially DWI'S, no license, no insurance. I sat thru district court with a friend recently, and fully 90% of the hispanic names called were AWOL. It's a bad joke. Houston, we really do have a problem.

  • NCTeacher Mar 28, 2007

    Illegal or not- no one should be killed over it. And I would be surprised if it wasn't an abusive relationship. If it didn't, it certainly became one when they were killed.

  • rainy39 Mar 28, 2007

    Doesn't matter if they were illegals or not, people are dead and it didnt have to happen. Stop blaming everything on illegals, people of race and just say it was THAT PERSON/PERSONS who committed "the" crime of wrongdoing, no matter who it be.

  • .45 Mar 28, 2007

    I would say that the one that did the murdering was wrong. Wouldn't you?