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Attempted Murder Charge Filed in Road Rage Incident

Posted March 19, 2007
Updated March 20, 2007

— A Raleigh man is facing multiple charges, including attempted murder, after a pedestrian told police he was purposely hit by a vehicle over the weekend.

Doroteo Calles Hernandez, 23, of 605-A Charleston Road, is also charged with driving while intoxicated and driving without a license. He is being held in the Wake County Jail on a $1 million secured bond.

David Barber, 51, told police he and his girlfriend were walking their dog in the area of Jeffries Street and Dana Drive in southwest Raleigh at about 5 p.m. Saturday when a vehicle sped past and he yelled at the driver to slow down.

The driver circled the block and returned to run him over, Barber said.

"We heard his car before we actually saw it," he said.

"I remember feeling a sinking feeling in my stomach and thinking, 'Oh, no,'" said Cissy McKissick, Barber's girlfriend.

"I heard Dave yell, 'You're not going to hit me,' and I think he was still saying that when the guy hit him. I saw him flip up in the air, and I thought, 'There's no way he's going to be OK.'"

The driver left the scene, but not before losing control and hitting a tree. The car was leaking some sort of fluid that left a trail to the suspect's apartment less than a mile from the scene of the crime. The maroon Ford Contour now sits outside of the apartment with a smashed windshield, crushed hood and deployed airbags.

Barber was taken to WakeMed with two bones broken in his leg. He said he expects to be released from the hospital on Tuesday but will require extensive physical therapy. He said the incident will make him think twice before he tells someone to slow down again.

"It's very frightening to know that people's rage can get to that level," McKissick said.


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  • jacknsally16 Mar 25, 2007

    WHY DOES IT MATTER TO YOU PEOPLE IF HE IS ILLEGAL OR NOT...a white man could have done what happened...would you still be askin the same question..back off a mistake happened...i mean i feel bad for the old man but still...things happen..let it be..

  • 07_Bama_Resi Mar 21, 2007

    Being facetious]]] I believe we should build a big brick wall so no one can get out. I mean, that would, in the long run, be WAY cheaper than housing all the illegal immigrants who've broken the law (: But on a serious note, I'm glad he's facing charges and Mr. Barber is in well health.

  • mountaingirl Mar 21, 2007

    When someone you know gets hit by a drunk illegal immigrant no matter where they are from you will agree something needs to be done about this situation. On 11/10/06 my son was hit by drunk driver which is an illegal immigrant. I agree something needs to be done 1st about illegal immigrants and also drinking and driving. My son was very lucky to walk away with minor injuries. But we did standup in court concerning this matter which gave the drunk driver a stiffer sentence needless to say when does he get deported only to come back. If you come into the US and get your citizenship the right way great but still no excuse for drinking and driving. I am glad this guy stood up and said something and that is what my family is doing.

  • norwinfischer Mar 21, 2007

    Mr. Barber is lucky that the idiot didn't have a gun. I think we can all agree that a fair punishment would be to allow Mr. Barber to run the defendant down with a vehicle, throw him in jail for a few years for the DUI, and then allow him to do about 500 hours of community service supporting an anger management type of program. What a tough guy running someone down with your car. Didn't even have the nerve to get out of his car and confront Mr. Babrber man to man for something he was obviously doing wrong. Thanks you, Mr. Barber, for having the courage to tell people to slow down in a congested area. I'm glad my last subdivision had speed bumps, but they are only part of the solution.

  • neednewgov Mar 21, 2007

    Government has a problem insuring that we will have social security that we have paid for all of our lives. Their solution is to give anyone who can get across our borders our benefits that they never contributed a dime to. Hire an illegal or rent a home to one even if they provide you with what appear to be good documentation and you will be arrested. This is the government solution to catching the illegal’s. How about catching them in the government run schools or in the government subsidized hospitals before they have their babies that we as tax payers are paying for. Once they have their babies in this country the offspring are American citizens. Not only are we paying for them to have their children here we support them with welfare and other benefits. I know American people that cannot get the benefits the illegal’s get so freely. Does anyone see a problem here or is it just me?

  • Tarheel born Mar 20, 2007

    mrcrosby, you're not arguing with me. My point was that when my ancestors came here 100's of years ago, they became legal so therefore by default I'm legal as is all of my family. So, I AM agreeing with you whole heartedly! So 3 cheers for the I.N.S.
    ! GO I.N.S, GO I.N.S, GO I.N.S.!!!!

  • mrcrosby Mar 20, 2007

    Tarheel born, I hate to argue with you, but I was born here, so I am a native to this country. Send the 3rd rate non-citizens, non-legal, non-invited,non-wanted,non-needed back to wherever they came from. if they come the right way (legally) glad to have them. not on their terms though, on ours!!!!!!!!

  • Tarheel born Mar 20, 2007

    All you people who use the arguement "if you're not a Native American you are an immigrant" get a grip. My "native roots" are in Europe. But guess what, my family came here LEGALLY!! So take that stupid, full of holes arguement and stuff it. This creep is probably illegal. So, put him in prison for as long as we can and THEN ship him back to where he belongs and let him swim back again. Maybe this time he gets caught and put in jail again and again and again. We don't need his type. I bet he has one of those "illegal" drivers licenses.

  • sweet jc girl NC Mar 20, 2007

    How many US citizens have to die or almost die or get hurt to get these illegal immigrants out of country? I’m sick and tired of reading stories day after day of hard working people being killed or almost killed or injured by people that aren’t suppose to be here in the USA in the 1st place! IM not saying that all the bad things would stop happening but I know that It would make me feel better if the people that are out there doing these crimes could be punished (not deported) just like I would be IF was so heartless to not care about someone else!
    And just a thought IF these people came in the country like they were suppose to and had to go through citizenship process they MIGHT NOT be so quick to break the law to be sent back(not that the are BUT they should be as punishment) to where they came from! It should be a privilege to come to the USA to better their live NOT take US citizens that are here working hard (and are suppose to be here lives) LIVES!

  • DriveBye Mar 20, 2007

    He, will be doing a lot of yelling in prison, they need to keep him there, so he can join a gang a be a real tough guy. What a freaking loser.