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Mother Searches for Hit-And-Run Driver Who Injured Son

Posted March 18, 2007

— A Durham County mother is looking for help in finding a hit-and-run driver who left her 12-year-old son critically injured last July.

After eight months and no leads, Shirley Long said her family can’t move on until they find out who was behind the wheel when her son Larry was hit as he rode his bike.

“We need healing from this,” Long said. “This has devastated our lives tremendously.”

Larry's right arm is paralyzed. The now 13-year-old just had knee surgery -- his sixth surgery after being hit while riding his bicycle down Guess Road.

“It was an accident, but she ran,” Larry said. “That was the whole bad part about it.”

Shirley Long had fliers made and is now placing them in mailboxes near where the accident happened on July 15, looking for the woman she said she saw hit her son.

Early that morning, Shirley, Larry, and Larry's friend were all riding their bikes on a sidewalk alongside the road, Shirley said. When the sidewalk came to an end, the three were riding up to another sidewalk when Shirley said she saw a light gray sedan swerving, and a middle-aged woman behind the wheel.

“Once she passed by me, brushed by me, I hear the thump, and that was my son,” she said.

Shirley said her son will have to undergo more surgeries soon. She said she imagines confronting the woman who she said caused so much pain for her son.

“After you hit him, and went home, what did you do?” Shirley Long said to the unknown driver. “How could sit there and not come forth? I want you to know you didn't give me a chance to even say I forgive you, if it was an accident.”

Anyone who might have information that could assist investigators is asked to call the North Carolina Highway Patrol at (919) 715-8683.


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  • romeopm Mar 19, 2007

    well said jaybabe

  • Iwasasoldier4u Mar 19, 2007

    jdmeg I haven't responded to your comment in here because your post does not deserve a response but I do have a question for are you the one.

  • jaybabe Mar 19, 2007

    I am glad to see so many people know this mother's intentions are not honest and sincere. I mean really all she could be after is money. She doesn't really want to see this person brought to justice for almost killing her child. She is only out for the money she is so evil.

    I don't remember seeing anything in that news story about this mother wanting money for this crime. I think it is a shame that because she wants to find this person everybody thinks she must have some ulterior motive. Maybe she just doesn't want this person doing the same thing to someone else and getting away with it.

  • blindjustice07 Mar 19, 2007

    More than likely, there is a desire to file a lawsuit. I would not see any issue with this either, as long as the suit would be to recover medical costs. The problem is, these suits are not limited to that anymore. Now, if a person can get rich off of it, they do their best to do so. Its amazing how money can apparently "make it all better" for some people. I lost my father due to an apparent case of negligence. Many physicians agreed with this opinion. However, when my mother asked me to decide on the suit, I elected not to. Why? Because the money was not worth the suffering that would have taken place in court. Also, no amount of money will bring him back, and unlike some, I cannot so easily place a dollar value on my family. Unfortunately, many do file lawsuits, and because the majority of these are against corporation and physicians, hardly anyone can afford anything anymore. But hey, what do the plaintiffs care? As long as they have THEIR MONEY.... right?

  • meg Mar 19, 2007

    Kingm32 I agree guess rd is really busy and I am not questioning her parenting skills but aren't you suppose to have the kid on the inside especially on a busy rd like that. I do feel very sorry for her pain but I feel even worse for the boy because this has scared him for life.

  • LaLa-Land Mar 19, 2007

    sarivers99 : this is newsworthy because a criminal is still out there somewhere and by keeping this story alive, maybe someone will come forward and turn her in so she can be charged with her crime.

  • Harrison Bergeron Mar 19, 2007

    I saw this story on the TV this morning, the first thing I noticed was them showing footage of this lady putting flyers in multiple mailboxes....

    Obviously, I don't think the Feds are filling out a warrant right now. Though, when I first saw the story I was confused as to why WRAL would show that footage of her if they were trying to show her in a positive light? The lady might not know any better, but WRAL should have known better and not shown her committing a federal offense on TV.

  • sarivers99 Mar 19, 2007

    Must be a slow news day and you folks are needy for interaction. Can anyone explain to me how this woman's NEED for closure is a news event. Her suffering is great, no doubt. But is this news-worthy? IT'S A NEWS WEBSITE. Can we have some news?

  • jaybabe Mar 19, 2007

    Kingm32, she was with him you dip stick. I can not believe you are questioning her parenting skills. You people have this story and made it all about what this mother has done wrong. What is with you people?

  • kingm32 Mar 19, 2007

    I would like to know what kind of mother would let her kid ride
    a bike on guess rd.