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Police Increase Patrols Near Durham Freeway

Posted March 16, 2007

— Durham police are increasing patrols near the Durham Freeway after four cars were hit from above with rocks this week.

The incidents all occurred during peak traffic times in the evening, said Cpl. David Addison of teh Durham Police Department.

"Someone was standing overtop the Briggs Avenue Bridge and was throwing rocks down on vehicles," Addison said.

No one was hurt, but police are concerned.

"It could actually distract someone driving and cause an accident, or it could hurt someone inside a vehicle," Addison said.

Police said they are not sure if one person is responsible or a group of people. Because it now stays lighter later, investigators believe someone saw who did it.

"This is not something that qualifies as a prank," Addison said. "It's actually a crime."

Anyone with information should contact the Durham Police Department at 919-560-4440 or Durham CrimeStoppers at 919-683-1200.


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  • grumpyhermit Mar 19, 2007

    What does race have to do with this topic? The topic is criminal idiocy, which is universal. Around 1992 a young mother I worked with was killed when drunken teenagers dropped a rock from Briggs Avenue bridge in Durham. It went through her windshield.

  • tarheelblue919 Mar 19, 2007

    it dont matter if the people are purple, and from mars, legally or illegally, from the north or the freakin south, its WRONG. i'm sick of people always putting racism in these blogs and bashing the "south", the northerners arent perfect! crime is across the board, black, white, hispanic, from the north, south, east, or west. and if you dont like where you are, or whos here, MOVE. there are obviously small minds everywhere you go! with that said-right is right and wrong is wrong, and throwing rocks off a bridge is wrong and the violators should be dealt with accordingly!

  • mramorak Mar 18, 2007

    Oh boy.

  • Angry Grrl Mar 17, 2007

    I agree with chris.nelson; scratch the surface of most of the Durham-bashing and you find racism, plain and simple.

  • katydid330 Mar 17, 2007

    Yawn.....it's amazing how absolutely no one can discuss the actual story on these boards....And the furor that the "career racists" cause when they lurk on the boards to start a racist topic going on any discussion they can find. People always respond to it, unfortunately.

  • APO75 Mar 17, 2007

    I agree that any topic which comes up on this board locally, there is ALWAYS something about race, religion, Nifong, illegals, and God knows what else. People, you have WAY too much time on your hands!! I beg of you, read, help a child or elderly person or go away!! Just please let the Duke LAX case run its course and I am quite sure that three boys will thank you personally as they leave town in their sports cars heading to their northern Country Clubs and llaughing about how stupid you people are in the South.

  • buck121794 Mar 17, 2007

    Painexpress, of course Nifong kept Durham safe. If you did not do anything wrong he prosecuted you which creates an atmosphere of fear.

  • Gnathostomata Mar 17, 2007

    Parents, do you know where your children are??? Do you KNOW what they are doing??? And don't believe they are wearing a halo when they are "just out"...ask what they are doing, and it wouldn't hurt to check to see they are where they say they are, not just for their safety, but for the safety of others. And if they give you any sass about it, tell them you are responsible for them as long as they live in your house. After all, it will cost YOU when they do something like this.

    Kids think this is a prank, but it is a crime.

  • Viet Nam Era Vet Mar 17, 2007

    Its stoopid low lifes who don't have the brain cells to read but drool with Pavlovic enthusiasm at the thought of physically doing something that is sociopathic. EOM

  • leaveNC Mar 17, 2007

    Mr Nifong prosecuted by withholding evidence! He should be imprisoned.