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Ft. Bragg Soldier to Be Returned to Face Rape Charges

Posted March 12, 2007

— Police expect military police to bring them a soldier this week who is charged with attacking three women and raping two of them in the apartment complex where he and they lived in Spring Lake.

Military police at Fort Benning, Ga., arrested Spc. Menkaura Moss, 21, of Virginia Beach, Va., on warrants that Spring Lake police issued last week.

Spring Lake detectives accused Moss of two counts each of second-degree rape and second-degree sex offense, three counts each of first-degree burglary and felony larceny, four counts of credit card fraud and one count of attempted second-degree rape, according to Police Chief A.C. Brown.

Police said Moss lived with his wife at the Southwinds Apartment Homes at Duncan and McKenzie roads. The mechanic with the 108th Military Police Co. had been sent to Fort Benning for training. It was not immediately known when he would be returned.

The first report came Dec. 31, when a woman told Spring Lake police that a man broke into her apartment and slapped, choked and raped her.

Detectives said the second attack happened Jan. 28 and involved a woman sleeping next to her toddler daughter. She told them she was choked and raped by a man in a mask.

The third report came Feb. 15. The woman, sleeping next to her infant girl, told officers that an intruder choked and assaulted her.

In each case, police said, the woman reported that she put up a fight and her attacker ran off.

Purses were taken in the December and January attacks, police said. In the February incident, the attacker took the woman’s debit card and used it four times, which is what led them to Moss. The purses from the first two attacks were found in trash bins.

The attacks all happened at night in ground-floor apartments, police said.

"I go to work early—4 in the morning—and he could have gotten me. Why not let us know?" asked Chisa Bonilla, who lives near the apartments and said she had heard nothing about the attacks.

Jessica Neff lives in the apartments and says managers recently warned residents there of the rape reports.

"They actually gave us a slip saying, 'Make sure your doors are locked when you leave and that your windows are locked,' and they actually put extra locks on our windows, and they made sure screens were in and everything," Neff said.

Moss’s unit, the 108th MP Co., is assigned to the XVIII Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg and has participated in several overseas operations, including Desert Storm and Desert Shield and Operation Enduring Freedom, the U.S. anti-terrorist effort in Afghanistan and elsewhere. It was not known whether Moss had been assigned to those missions.


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  • Bob3425 Mar 13, 2007

    Men like this they need to take outside and cut them off and see how long it takes for him to bleed out, NC medical board No doctors required.

  • sheryl Mar 13, 2007

    First of all it really doesn't matter who this man is in the military. He shouldn't have a title at all at this point, he's just a rapist and that's that. I live in Southwinds and I wasn't told about the rape reports i was only informed about the burglaries and i think this was very unfair to myself and my kids as i'm also a single mom. Management should have informed everyone of us about the rape and not just part of the story. And as far as management making the apartments secure, i would like to know exactly when and where that took place because i have yet to feel as though i'm secure in these apartments i'm just waiting for my lease to be up and i'm out of these apartments! I would also like to get with Ms. Neff and find out what she had to do in order to get the management to help keep her so informed and keep her apartment so secured. I completely agree with Ms. Bonilla!
    A concerned resident at Southwinds Apartment

  • jcrider4 Mar 13, 2007

    In response to listener's comment. See thats the problem with some people,listener lumps all soldiers good or bad together.Just because their are a few bad apples dosen't mean the whole bunch is bad. there are alot of great soldiers out there defending our country.As a military wife I have heard many rumors about female soldiers. I am sure she would not want me to lump her with a few of the not so good female soldiers.

  • Ayanna Mar 13, 2007

    As a resident of Southwind apartments I am highly upset, I was informed that there were several breakin's in the area but was never told about the rapes. As a single mother myself, I feel that this information should have been made available so myself and other women in the area could have protected ourselves better.

  • Fallon Mar 12, 2007

    I'd like to know when the apartments gave out slips because they hadn't on my Feb. 5th move out after the Jan 28th attack.
    I feel sorry for his wife too though, she's as much of a victim.

  • listener Mar 12, 2007

    Whether military or not, he was wrong, and he knew better. He is a disgrace to all military soldiers everywhere. What wrong with these soldiers, did they not learn anything in basic training or while they were growing up? As a female veteran, I am applauded.

  • Midnightfairy Mar 12, 2007

    What does it matter that he is a soldier? He is still a man who committed several crimes and should be brought to justice all the same!!!!

  • jaid Mar 12, 2007

    Ya know the sad thing is not how they listed the story; but the fact they had to list it at all. Mechanic, MP which ever it's a @#&% shame that this man is supposedly serving our Country.

  • rpierce Mar 12, 2007

    WRAL changed the story title. Good job on a quick respone to correct misleading info!

  • rpierce Mar 12, 2007

    I agree! Why did they title the story "Ft Bragg MP" when in fact he is only a mechanic assigned to the MP Company? "Ft Bragg soldier" would have been a more appropriate title.