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NCSU Students on Hook for Tow, and Many Don't Even Know

Posted March 8, 2007
Updated March 9, 2007

— Several North Carolina State University students who live in an apartment complex that wanted to repave its parking lot had their cars towed to get them out of the way. Many of them don’t know that, though — they’re away on spring break.

The apartment complex is Lake Johnson Mews on Avent Ferry Road in Raleigh. It couldn’t pave with the cars in the lot, so it had them moved by City Towing and Recovery on Tarheel Drive.

The company hauled around 30 vehicles to its storage lot, where the owners can get them back for a towing fee and a daily storage charge.

“I think it's very unjust,” said Brad James, a student who had his Ford F-150 pickup and another car towed. That cost him $330.

James said Lake Johnson Mews left a notice on his door, but after he'd left town.

“The kids were gone. They left at 5:30 Sunday morning for their spring break,” said parent Linda Wendehorst, whose daughter had her car towed.

“It's costly. The kids have no money. This was their big trip they saved up for. They're going to come back and have to come up with the fee for the impoundment of their car and the storage,” Wendehorst said.

James said he thinks the whole matter was “just poorly managed and poorly handled.”

Lake Johnson Mews should have given more notice, James argued. He said he felt lucky he wasn't away longer.

“This was totally out of their hands. There was nothing they could have done about it,” Wendehorst said.

Lake Johnson Mews issued a statement late Thursday afternoon saying it was not aware of when spring break was and that the management regrets the inconvenience.

The complex said residents are required to notify the management office if they're going to be away for more than five days, and no one notified the office. WRAL spoke with three residents Thursday, however, who said they were gone fewer than five days and had their cars towed anyway.


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  • LawRanger Apr 21, 2007

    See what happens when one jokes on ones grammar. You too make mistakes. LOL " I didn't see any laws that were broken."

  • LawRanger Apr 21, 2007

    Question wolfpack_girl, what laws do you think were broken?

    GeoCacher. Do you know what Windows Word is? If so, you need to use it.

    I am a resident of Lake Johnson Mews and a State Capitol Police officer. I am with GeoCacher. I don’t see any laws that were broken. So help me out and tell me what laws you think were broken. I will be happy to look them up for you.

  • Wolfpack_girl Mar 20, 2007

    2. The 5-day rule is just LJM's defense. Most of the owners of the cars that were towed were gone for less than 5 days and we can prove it. Is LJM really trying to tell us that they would not have towed our cars because they were told we'd be out of town?
    3. You're right, it wasn't 30 cars and it wasn't one day. It was more than 30 cars towed between monday, wednesday and friday, the three days that week that the paving job was done on. Mind you, the friday job was done with LESS than 24 hrs notice and I can prove it, despite all the bad publicity LJM was already receiving in the news and in the papers.
    4. As far as breaking the law, we shall see.

  • Wolfpack_girl Mar 20, 2007

    Ok GeoCacher,

    First of all your English, grammar and spelling sucks. After second-guessing and re-reading at least three times, I think I understood what you were trying to say and this is my rebuttal:
    1. The first time the notices were put out and the paving not done was NOT because the cars weren't moved, it was because of the impending bad weather. I made it a point to wake up and leave before 8am that day, only to find out later when I got home that they had not paved. They obviously waited till the last minute to decide not to pave, and didn't send out a notice or anything. The cars wouldn't have stopped them, they had already said in the notices that they would tow. Moreover, we were NOT told that they would be trying to pave again or what time frame they had to pave by if so. We simply did not know what to expect. And no, we cannot just guess from your so-called "clue" just because equipment was parked in the complex and thats assuming we even saw the equipment.

  • GeoCacher Mar 17, 2007

    All of Didn't fit

    So Part 2

    If you would have just told the office “hey I am going on spring brake next week” most of this could have been prevented. Heck when I saw my section was about to be worked on. Even I went from door to door to let people know that they need to move their car. I even had someone till me that they don’t care. Also the 30 cars were not towed in one day, like most of you are trying to imply. It was all done with in 5 days. So with all this in mind, Life is unfair. And crap happens. So take the blow and stop crying so much. And oh by the way, no laws were broken. I truly know this, because the law is my job. And NO, G.S. 14-72.2 was not committed. Because someone must used that vehicle, and no one did.

    And oh but the way GO UNC!!!!!!!!!

  • GeoCacher Mar 17, 2007

    Time to be the Devil’s advocate

    OK, Right off the Back I live at Lake Johnson Mews and it is a wonderful place to live. Ok lets get started, about a month ago I do remember that notices were past out, letting us all know that they were going to redo that parking lot. But it was never done. Why? Well I asked the Office. The office told me first, no one moved theirs cars, and second it was delayed do to rain. So you can say that the apartment complex all ready told you what there plans were and month ahead of time. Next: I due remember seen some equipment parked outside my apartment; next to the Tennis courts. That was there for about 4 days or more before the 24 hr notices were posted. Can some one till me that was a clue? Next, when you are gone for more then 5 days you’re supposed to let the Office know; for just this reason. So all of you 30 people who are made about the tow, I can see why. (The bill) But if you just follow this sample rule then. If you would have just told

  • Tax Man Mar 11, 2007

    Getting organized - good luck with your fight. I have managed apartments for years and this is just wrong! You need to treat your tenants with respect. If you don't mind, keep me posted on how it goes - my email is robinsdean@earthlink.net

  • Getting organized Mar 10, 2007

    HA HA! Man, I wish you lived in this apt complex taxman! You seem quite interested in this...Yeah, I thought section 12-7006 was quite interesting as well. Nice touch on the landlord training classes too...

  • Tax Man Mar 10, 2007

    Here is the law: Any towing or storage firm engaged in the business of providing non-consensual motor vehicle towing services shall not charge the owner or operator of the towed vehicle in excess of one hundred dollars ($100.00) for the non-consensual removal of the motor vehicle or in excess of twenty dollars ($20.00) per day for storage fees; however, no storage fees shall be charged for the first twenty-four (24) hour time period from the time the vehicle is removed from the property. The fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) shall be all inclusive. No additional fees may be charged for using dollies, trailers, lifts, Slim jims or any other equipment or service.

  • Tax Man Mar 10, 2007

    LJM management should attend these: Three sessions of the City’s Landlord Training Program are planned for this year. The one-day sessions will be held March 21, June 13 and Oct. 10. For registration information, click here or contact Marianne Sweden at 807-8493 or email Marianne.Sweden@ci.raleigh.nc.us