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Person Found Dead in Berkley Mall Bathroom

Posted March 3, 2007
Updated March 5, 2007

— A person was found dead in a public restroom at the Berkley Mall around 4 p.m. Saturday, according to Goldsboro police.

Police are not releasing the person's identity until the next-of-kin are notified, according to Sgt. Trey Ball.

The death is not being treated as a homicide, Ball said.

The bathroom and back corridor where the bathroom is located were closed Saturday evening due to the ongoing investigation.

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  • ashley2007 Mar 8, 2007

    So many people have rude comment's but what if it was your child ?? Dont talk trash about someone that can not speak for themself's.

  • Gnathostomata Mar 5, 2007

    mrcrosby, did it ever occur to you that friends or family would check the comments, seeking consolation for their grief???

    Did it occur to you that reading your comments could add to their grief???

    Did you ever hear the saying, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all?" This young man, not much older than a kid, suffered and died, leaving a brother and friends in sadness. They certainly don't need to hear from you. I don't need to hear from you, either, so from now on I plan to look for the screen name before I read the comments, and if it is yours, I will skip it. You seem to be able to only add hurt to a world already full of pain. I truly feel sorry for your lack of love for your fellow man...you are missing something wonderful from life.

  • wish_I_were_flyin Mar 5, 2007

    Mr. Crosby, and I speak respectfully, but not because you deserve it. I live in/near Goldsboro, and take offense to your disregard for the loss of life, and make it worse by suggesting negatives about Goldsboro. I notice you were so bold, that you didn't share the location you call home. What do you do, read these notes, and look for something "stupid" to say to try and offend someone. Grow up.

  • beachboater Mar 5, 2007

    Caution!!! Poor taste comment coming............. I warned you.

    Mr. Crosby, from those of us who live in or near Goldsboro, If you lived in Goldsboro, maybe we would just as soon you (I'm not the kind of person to copy his words) suffered liquid farts in church.

  • sweet4you Mar 5, 2007

    It is unbelieveble that some of you people are so insensitive. Nothing funny about death no matter how it happens.

  • painexpress Mar 5, 2007

    Mr. Crosby, After reading several of your entries on many subjects, I suggest that you change your outlook on life ; Goldsboro might be alot cooler than your final resting place. I am praying for the young man's family and for you Mr. Crosby.

  • mrcrosby Mar 5, 2007

    If I lived in Goldsboro, I would just as soon be dead too.

  • luvwhljr.neways Mar 5, 2007

    He was 17. He has an older brother. So that much of what is being said here is true.

  • luvwhljr.neways Mar 5, 2007

    This young man had been through more than most of us will ever know about. Yes, I knew him! Know his mother, father and their families. He stayed in a Chapel Hill hospital for several months with a very gave illnes. He had lived through the break-up of his parents. He could no longer attend regular school b/c of all the germs. This young mans life was not what you would call a normal life. God Bless him!!!! And his family!

  • Adamarchy77 Mar 4, 2007

    I have heard rumors that he was 17 and he and his girlfriend had broken up and he got into an argument with another person at the mall