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Siler City Woman Found Dead Inside Home

Posted February 25, 2007

Chatham County investigators are looking for clues in connection the death of a Siler City woman found Sunday morning in her home.

Colene Person, 53, of 220 Fletcher Siler Road, Siler City was found dead from apparent stab wounds about 7:30 a.m. by her husband, investigators said.

Investigators with the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office were processing the scene Sunday afternoon. There is no word on a possible suspect or the motive for the stabbing.

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  • smitty24 Feb 27, 2007

    i agree with notthe1. we are so quick to pronounce someone guilty before hearing the entire story. even though the son was found guilty should his family throw him away and disregard him as a person? shouldn't the knowledge that i just murdered my mother be enough punishment. it is just a really sad situation but while we're judging others realize that if the wrong circumstances presented themselves you or i are capable of the same crimes. just pray for the young man and his family.

  • MzFang Feb 26, 2007

    "MzFang/ What is your suggestion for stopping it."
    DOG, I want to make clear that my statement was not meant to critizise PO's as they can only enforce the laws that state legislators create & allow them to. Having been in an abusive relationship (several yrs ago) I can tell you that the DV laws here & in most states are a joke. My ex STILL has warrants for his arrest from 6 yrs ago, I know where he is I've informed the police multiple times & yet he still remains a free man? and I'm STILL looking over my shoulder 6 yrs later. A piece of paper provides NO piece of mind or protection for a victim. The best solution I can come up with & think might help is GPS monitoring for ALL DV suspects (worn before, during and if needed after trial) & some juristictions have began using them with success. I know this entails the need for much greater resources (tracking & monitoring) but the currents laws obviously aren't working so something has to give....

  • NotTHE1 Feb 26, 2007

    Looks like the son is probably guilty and not the husband. Let us not be so quickly to judge/convict others MON2THREECLD

  • mom2threecld Feb 26, 2007

    well nothe, if he isn't he will be the first one recently not guilty

  • NotTHE1 Feb 26, 2007

    I hope her killer is found and convicted but let's not convict the husband yet because he hasn't been charged MOM2THREECLD.

  • mom2threecld Feb 26, 2007

    I just don't get it. it's like an epidemic. are men just getting completely stupid? just leave. if you don't want to be together.....LEAVE. no need to take someones life. you certainly don't hear about husbands being murdered like this...or are the women smart enough not to leave evidence and get caught? men are more violent i guess, but anyway no one should be killing. leave. life will go on and get better

  • tarheelblue919 Feb 26, 2007

    first off i would like to say that my prayers also go out to this ladys family and friends. secondly, i think i'm on to MzFang. i agree. but the solution would be to have harsher punishment for crimes, and then people will learn that they arent just gonna get "popped on the wrist" and go out and be repeatative criminals. in some countries, if you steal you loose a hand. maybe america needs to come up with a similar system. seems like to me that the consequences arent harsh enough to help these crimes at least not happen as much. kinda like a lady that through a cup out the window of the car during a road rage fit and they wanted to give her 5 YEARS in prison, but the girl that recently left her newborn baby in the mcdonalds bathroom, i dont think she got nothing....our system is out of whack....and DOG, thank you so very much for doing your best to keep our city safer. God Bless!

  • DOG Feb 25, 2007

    MzFang/ What is your suggestion for stopping it. You can't put a police officer in every home and on every street. As a police officer for 26 years I can tell you that you CANNOT prevent most crimes. Murder if one of them.

  • mywayofthinking Feb 25, 2007

    The state legislator is too busy trying to keep people alive that have been sentenced to die!!!!

  • MzFang Feb 25, 2007

    3 dead women in one day......What in the hell is going on here??? Every day for the past 2 weeks there has been an article detailing the vicious death of yet another woman who has been MURDERED???? Why aren't our state legislators and law enforcement officials more concerned about this increasing DAILY trend of violent female deaths! It needs to stop!