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Student Collapses at Cary Middle School, Dies

Posted February 22, 2007
Updated February 23, 2007

— A female student died Thursday after having collapsed at a Cary middle school Wednesday afternoon.

Wake County Public School System spokesman Michael Evans said the school system was notified Thursday morning that the student had died.

Evans said she fell at the track of Reedy Creek Middle School, but he had no other information, including her identity.

The track coach, Evans said, administered CPR until emergency workers arrived and took the girl to a local hospital.

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  • DOG Feb 23, 2007

    cprstat/ Most of the comments, on this subject, are of no value. Your comment shows thought and could help someone in the future. Rev.RB/ You must stay on your knees 12 hours a day and the comment section of WRAL the other 12.

  • bike4life11393 Feb 23, 2007

    I am a student trying out for the track team at the school that she died at and the administrators and staff did the best they could, they called 911 and did CPR right away. There were rescue squads and all sorts of medical officers at the scene. Our track team is going to run in memory of her and is going to compete with her watching over us.

  • momuv2 Feb 23, 2007

    My heart goes out to the famly and friends of this girl.
    I am so sorry for their loss.

  • kathleenxx Feb 23, 2007

    I know her, the news has been going all around my school. I go to west cary middle school, the girl used to go to my school. A lot of people at my school were crying today. I know her name, but I won't post it. Last year, she also had a similar accident, but it wasn't very serious. She was taken to the hospital but came back to school the next day or so. Very sad, rest in peace.

  • islandgirl Feb 23, 2007

    To the Family/friends/and Reedy Creek students/staff... You are all in my prayers. This is so sad, when my mom was living she use to tell me to be careful and be alert with my surroundings, and everytime we got a chance she would take me to get a check up/physical. My mom would say that she wanted her children to burry her and not burry her own child... So my deepest sympathy goes out to the family and everyone involve of this young soul, may you have the will power and faith to uplift from this trying time, and find comfort in the LORD

  • islandgirl Feb 23, 2007

    Very, very sad... My prayers go out to the family and friends of this young child... I only hope that the cause of her leaving and going home so soon wasnt because of her expectant performance on the field.... Rest in Peace.

  • worker-mom Feb 23, 2007

    I think that sometimes the PE instructors expect too much too soon. My son, who is now out of school, was expected to run a mile in 6 minutes. He never was able to do it. His instructor kept after him almost daily until re realized how upset my son was getting about it. Soon after that,the instructor put a heart moniter on him during a run. It was found that he exceeded his "target heart rate" almost immediately; which is apparently very unusual. After that the instructor excused him from the 6 minute mile and let him run at his own pace. He was able to run the mile; just not that fast. It is definitely something to consider when a child appears to be having a problem.

  • LuvMyLife Feb 23, 2007

    krisamater please continue to have faith and pride in your school and teachers. Schools go through so much now a days with parents whose children aren't taught how to accept responsibility for actions. For anyone to prematurely say this was the schools fault doesn't realize that as humans our bodies are not perfect and this child's time with us was finished. I'm sorry you had to know about this first hand. Keep your head up and your heart strong.

  • nursevb8 Feb 23, 2007

    This has nothing to do with the school. People die, sometimes too soon. I wonder why. Now there will have to be an autopsy done before she can rest in peace. Did the Dr. who did her physical, or was it just a paper to have signed by a Dr. miss something serious. This is one reason it IS important to actually have a check up before sports. We adults try to get our kids interested in sports/activities to help them stay fit as young adults, but they have to be healthy to do sports. I feel soooo bad for her siblings and parents. This home will never be the same. It will always be missing. We are only visitors here on earth, she has gone home now.

  • thegangof8 Feb 23, 2007

    My son goes to Reedy Creek and he came home crying...I feel so sad and i wish the family the best of luck