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Ex-Principal Charged With Sex Crimes Won't Get Lower Bond

Posted February 22, 2007

— A Harnett County judge on Thursday refused to lower bond for a former Raleigh assistant principal accused of sex crimes with a child.

Judge George Murphy said that in light of the seriousness of the charges against Larry Ray Jewell, he could not reduce the $3.25 million bond.

Jewell, 57, of Dunn, was arrested last week and faces 24 counts of sex offense in a parental role, 15 counts of taking indecent liberties with a child, five counts of first-degree sexual offense and two counts of disseminating obscenity.

The charges involve one boy, for whom Jewell was "a substitute parent" between the ages of 10 and 20, and date as far back as 10 years, Dunn police have said.

In court documents filed this week, Jewell's attorney, Jesse Jones, tried to cast doubt upon the accuser's credibility, claiming he had a history of mental illness and that police have no physical evidence.

Jones also argued that the accuser and Jewell's wife, Carolyn Jewell, conspired to have Jewell removed from the house.

"The accuser made the statement to (Jewell) that 'I'm gonna get you out of mine and your wife's hair one way or the other.'" Jones said. "And what's the easiest way to do it? All you have to do is run down to the sheriff's department and say, 'Your Honor, somebody touched me seven years ago.'"

Jones said Jewell had also been considering a divorce because his wife was allegedly having an extramarital affair.

Outside the courtroom Thursday, Carolyn Jewell denied the allegations her husband made, but would not comment on whether she thought he was innocent of the charges against him.

"The things that he has put in these papers are total lies," she said. "And what the media is doing is making someone who's already a victim an even worse victim."

Assistant District Attorney Charles Bulloch said Thursday that the evidence in the case is mounting, including evidence that Jewell has shown a pattern of sexual abuse, and that there are other possible victims. He refused to elaborate, however.

Jewell, an assistant principal at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School, resigned from his post Feb 15 shortly before he was arrested at the school. He was hired in Wake County in 1999 and had been at Southeast Raleigh since January 2005.

Investigators say there has been no indication that any of the alleged crimes happened at any Wake County school.

Jewell is expected to appear again in court on Tuesday for a probable cause hearing.

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  • southeast07 Feb 23, 2007

    this comment is for 5511...i was at that party when erica died...she was my best friend and for u 2 say something like that really hurts...dont speak if u dont know the facts...she was drugged...the put some stuff in her drink and they were trying to get her drunk and out of it...on top of that she had alreasy been drinking a little bit and she had taken the correct amount of pills she was supposed to take...not saying that she was doing the right thing but it was not her fault...that comment just shows how shallow and stupid u r...dont speak on something u know nothing about.

  • North Carolina Native Feb 23, 2007

    he became a principal after he supposedly molested this child. Don't they say that molestors always make sure they are surrounded by as many kids as possible? ie: schools, sports etc....

  • concerned456 Feb 23, 2007

    Our children are being exposed to people who can HURT them. This man's behavior goes back to something he experienced and probably never was given to opportunity of getting help before he hurt others. If you can't raise a child responsibly give them to someone who will. I'm sure the issues with this man started in his childhood with someone who didn't care that they were hurting him.

  • happyday Feb 23, 2007

    I'm not saying they should stick a needle in his arm before they try him, i just think that after they prove his guilt, then he should recieve and eye for an eye punishment. And sexual abuse doesn't only occur in schools or to children. Rapists attack 80 year old women, look at the rash of rapes that occurred in texas again MEN. They need to be stopped, maybe the possibility of the death penalty as a punishment will deter more of them or make them more interested in the hormonal treatments available.

  • bowlin-guy Feb 22, 2007

    'needle in the arm' is not the answer, every man is entitled to a fair trial. The judicial system will prevail in this. Yes, there has been a rash of child issues in the schools, but getting aggressive about it only makes the situation worse. Let the court system do its job. I am a parent and don't want this to continue, but I also don't want an innocent man to be imprisioned wrongly. I'm not taking sides, just pointing out facts.

  • RedStatesManWatts Feb 22, 2007

    If this man is innocent then that is one thing. If he is guilty then he should be given one week for an appeal from his trial attorney and if that appeal does not work then execute him. That is how you deal with crime. Start executing them and slap the bleeding heart liberals to the side!

  • Lizard Paw Feb 22, 2007

    What do you mean,, southeast? Who shoved a pill down Erica's throat against her will?

  • southeast07 Feb 22, 2007

    I dont undersatnd why everytime something bad happens at southeast it is publicized everywhere...when erica died because of a drug overdose...which was not her fault...when there are fake id's being made it's all over the news...and now this everytime they speak on Dr. Jewell they have to mention that he was an asst. principal at Southeast Raleigh HIgh School in Raleigh, NC...that is irrelevent information...im not sure if he did it or not...but he was a nice man and almost everyone liked him...im just upset at the fact that everytime something happens they mention my school...everyone at southeast are not molestors, drug users, and gang-bangers...stop being so proivincial people...talk about how many people graduate each year...and how we have the most scholarships going out each year for our students...just keep the school out of it...thats all im saying!!

  • weneed2pray Feb 22, 2007

    It bothers me to no end how people continue to judge DR. Jewell with no REAL proof!!!! When everything is all said and done, I'm sure we will see there is more to the story!!!

  • Lizard Paw Feb 22, 2007

    Teachers represent the highest number of child sex abuse perps. They beat Catholic Priests hands down!!!