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'MySpace' Won't Be in Cyberspace at Wake Libraries

Posted February 22, 2007

— As of March 1, MySpace.com will no longer be on the reading list at Wake County libraries.

Library leaders are putting a block on the popular social-networking Web site because, they say, some people have used it to access pornographic sites and children have accidentally seen what they found.

There also is a question about criminal activity involving MySpace.com accounts.

“They've been bringing up some graphic pornographic sites on our PCs that children have inadvertently seen, and we just can't tolerate that,” said Libraries Director Thomas L. Moore. “It's become an attractive nuisance.”

The computers at all Wake County Public Libraries are outfitted with filters to block graphic and sexually explicit Web sites. It appears, however, that some people have been trying to get around the system by using MySpace.com.

Sources say two teens arrested in connection with the murder of a Wendell woman were banned from one Wake County library branch. It turned out that they were using the library's computers to access their MySpace.com accounts, which had pictures of them flashing gang symbols.

Michael Mueller, who was at a library branch with his son Wednesday, said he understands the concerns, but he believes a better answer is for parents to log more miles in their children's Internet world.

The correct solution, Mueller suggested, is “not to have the computer in the child's room and to have the computer with parental eyes all the time.”

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  • Notinitforthemoney Feb 24, 2007

    Lets all get real people! Think about what you are saying! A public library. Public meaning for use by everyone in society. Not everyone is the same. It doesn't say school library so why should we ASS UME that these computers should only be for educational material. Hate to burst the bubble but when I was in college My College library had subscriptions to Playboy and Playgirl. To one person reasearch may be important to another talking with friends may be more important. Sounds to me if you are waiting in line you should get there sooner. Or the library should have a time limit and a waiting process. Kind of like the one I used in Arizona when I visited a friend and I needed a computer to post my vacation photos for friends and family. But anyways. I'm out if you need more insight I'll be around. Just don't get so upset about Public stuff. Remember one time one the Romans had Public Baths.. Man those must of been the days.

  • North Carolina Native Feb 23, 2007

    everyone keeps saying where are the parents? How many of you took your mommy to the library when you were 13 years old? It's a shame that the kids can't leave their parent's sight and learn some independence without getting on the computer after some freak has left a porn site up (that they accessed through myspace) in the public library. Why don't they just put up cubicles and offer boxes of kleenex so the pervs can clean up afterwards? Using the computer at the library is not a right and if they want to screen some sites they have every right to do so. If you want to socialize on the computer get your own computer or go to a friends house and mooch off of them.

  • camanderikfan Feb 22, 2007

    Personally speaking hear, I don't think using a library computer to check out your myspace page is appropriate. That is the sort of thing that should be done at home on your personal computer. I have no problem with this new law but I am sick of people blaming myspace for everything that happens. Parents get control of your children and stop blaming everyone else for where you went wrong. There is a thing called privacy on myspace where no one can see your account unless you add them as a friend and you can even set it up where they can't request you unless they know your last name or your email address so myspace HAS taken necessary safety measures and the rest is on the parents to make sure their children are following by the rules and the sad truth is there are so many on there lying about their age when technically they shouldn't be on there to start with. Where are the parents then?

  • The Dude Feb 22, 2007

    Myspace is a problem in some of the libraries in Wake County. Kids sit on there all day while people wanting to do actual work have to wait. It's so bad at some of the libraries you have to get a number and reservation to access the internet. Kids are standing together in groups checking out myspace and other social network sites and becoming increasingly rowdy while there. It has gotten so bad at some branches, that off-duty police have to be on hand to maintain order due to the fights that break out over groups "dissing" eachother. Many of these beefs started on myspace and get settled at the library. It would be nice if they could track specific people's use, but you are probably talking about a larger cost than just blocking one site all together.

  • zumblezay Feb 22, 2007

    Myspace isn't a porn site. It's all in how you use it, and where you go, and how you keep your settings. I agree that children under 13/14 or so should not be allowed to use myspace. There are a lot of predators in the world, and myspace seems to be a good place for them to find their victims. But, it seems that all of the children who have been affected in a negative way had ABSENTEE PARENTS! What it boils down to is whether a parent is involved enough in their child's life to prevent such terrible things from happening. A step in that right direction would be to monitor their internet usage extremely closely. Myspace is not the only place that internet predators stalk their prey. Any place you go on the internet is a potential avenue for someone with poor intentions to approach your child. Just about every website on the internet has banners/ads that help pay for the site. Just clicking on one of those, and clicking on something else from that first link, can take you to pornography.

  • Punky Feb 22, 2007

    WHOA HOLD ON EVERYONE!!! This is a library, a place for learning and reading. I find that it would be unfair for people to be on the computers at a library "connecting" with friends and whatnot while there is someone waiting to use the computer for a purpose that will further their education or knowledge. It is not censorship, it is making sure that people are using the computers for something else than socializing.

  • carons3 Feb 22, 2007

    Correct me if I misunderstood, but sapphire5660... are you supporting the censorship of the internet? The only reason the internet has exploded and has become integral parts of most of our daily lives has been due to the fact that the government has absolutely no control of internet content.

  • Notinitforthemoney Feb 22, 2007

    MSUDAWG, If the best way you can keep tabs on your 13 yr old daughter is Myspace you might want to try parenting classes. As for the sick messages you get, have you checked your email lately. I get invited to foursomes and asked if I want larger breasts everyday and I don't even have breasts. Come on people Lets get real. Lets be real parents and have real talks with our kids and ask the difficult questions. It wont take long to know if your kid is lying to you or telling you the truth.

  • E-Diva Feb 22, 2007

    Saying Myspace should be shut down because of perverts is like saying malls should be closed for the same reason. If your kids are not bright enough to ignore the bad messages (and bad people), you haven't done YOUR job.

  • BlarneyStone Feb 22, 2007

    I think the library should have a policy that connects people's cards/memberships and what they can view corresponding to age. The library should not be "censoring" what people can see. IT's unfortunate this has to even be brought up- but what is next, google and yahoo if someone types 'sex' into the search bar. I can guarantee it won't be a definition of male or female. Something has to be done but there has to be a better way. What sucks is the PARENTS don't watch what their kids do. Minors with library cards should maybe have what they browse sent to their parent/guardian monthly????