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Sales Tax Could Help Pay for Transportation Needs, Some Say

Posted February 20, 2007

Several transportation coalitions across North Carolina say local governments should be allowed to levy a sales tax for road and transit needs.

NCGo!, a statewide business coalition that pushes for transportation-funding solutions, and the Triangle-based Regional Transportation Alliance say a half-cent tax in Raleigh would raise about $45 million each year.

"We're dealing with growing needs of a growing state, and we don't have enough money to do the job," said NCGo! Chairman Beau Mills. "And unfortunately, that means we need to find the money somewhere, and that means more taxes."

Any proposal to raise road-building funds by creating a special tax district would have to pass the North Carolina Legislature.

Some legislators, such as Sen. Neal Hunt, R-Wake, say a local tax should be the last option. Hunt says he would most likely vote against it.

"the easiest thing to do is say, 'Just raise the tax,'" Hunt said. "That's the easy way to do things. The right way to do things is to get to the bottom of it, figure out what we're doing right, what we're doing wrong, instead of just adding a sales tax every time we need something."

Supporters of the proposed road tax say the federal government is helping less so local governments will have to do more.

Voters would have to approve any local tax.

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  • usnn Mar 8, 2007

    I like what they are doing in Phoenix--a 24 lane interstate. Let's face the reality here. In RTP we have 3 story buildings on 50 acres, not 50 story buildings on 3 acres. Employees come from all over the area to work all over the area. Follow the lead from Cary and widen the roads.

  • jbtilley Mar 5, 2007

    Ha. Another proposed tax increase to cover their inability to manage money. I'd rather see an increase in sales tax go toward educating the politicians on how to use the monies they are currently collecting. At least that way we won't end up in the same situation a year from now when all the additional state revenue is once again mismanaged.

    I'm in the camp that believes growth should pay for itself. More people? Well, as a result you also are collecting more property tax, gas tax, vehicle tax, sales tax, etc., etc.

    You can rest assured that a half cent increase in the sales tax would stay on the books long after every square inch of Wake county is asphalted and galvanized with gold. To add insult to injury they might even up the tax on you to account for other "shortfalls."

    I can't see giving this group even more money when they has already proven themselves incompetent and unable to manage what money they already have. I'd love to see a non-incumbent lever for every b

  • luv2surffish Feb 22, 2007

    easley been ripping state off since he's been in office.budget balencing using smoke and mirrors now the lottery .. next toll roads...aint gonnna end folks till we clean house and start over.. vote out every incumbent

  • Joy4u2 Feb 21, 2007

    If you have been watching the gas pumps like I have they are going up I run high test in mine it started out 3 weeks ago at 2.25 next week 230 this week 2.35 this is bp in wake forest and they are wanting more taxes, and to me this is gouging, spring is comming and watch the gas price sky rocket, just mark my words, they are nothing but a bunch of cheats here just like Jim Black and so is Mike Easley, he knows this price gouging is going on and is probaly getting a kick back on it.

  • Lulli Feb 21, 2007

    This state is going to put the middle income families in the poor house! When money is needed, instinctively, the politicians say, "Raise Taxes". Have you ever ridden down a road where construction is being done & noticed you have as many state workers standing as you do working? There is a lot of dead weight in this state & the first place we need to start is "trimming the fat"! If more money is needed for road construction, let's start by implementing toll roads & get the ones wearing out the roads pay for repaving! This state is quick to TAX; however, it is the first state to take away our human rights! Now look at what our hardworking politicians are working on now. It appears that we cigarette smokers are not going to be allowed to smoke anywhere in public! I say with as much tax as there is on cigarettes, I should be allowed to smoke anywhere I darn please!!!! Why don't the politicians work on balancing the budget & the drug problem!

  • Bob3425 Feb 21, 2007

    They might raise the tax but there is no insurance that it will go to the roads, I thought school bills would be over with the lottery, fund get rerouted from their intented purposed. All I see is admistrator getting more salary increase and the roads staying the way they are. Why not make developer paid for some infrastructure improvement when they build new housing area.

  • deerslayer Feb 21, 2007

    Got some great property in boogie hoogie land I would love to sell you. I promise to donate 1/2 the proceeds to the roads...

  • deerslayer Feb 21, 2007

    B.S..just another ignorant ploy to rip us off....

  • Nothing New Feb 20, 2007

    I am opposed to any across the board tax increase that impacts all residents of the state, county or city. As being a long term resident, 20+ years I have paid for what is here today, granted I did not pay for what was here when I moved here, but to keep taxing existing residents for growth of new ppl moving in to the area, using resources they have not contributed to paying for, ie schools roads is totally unfair to longterm residents. Lets either put an impact fee on new houses or even better an impact fee on each new resident in the county. When I moved here, getting from Apex to RTP took about 20 minutes or less and I think maybe 2 stop lights, now its 40 minutes and dozens of lights all due to growth of ppl moving in and growth not paying for itself. I agree we need to build more infrastructure, but to continue to tax longterm residents if totally the wrong way of going about it.

  • stanley104 Feb 20, 2007

    I'd like to see a commuter rail system in this area, even if it means more taxes. If it means a more permanent fix to the traffic nightmares, then more taxes is fine with me! I would rather invest in a long-term solution than more and more roads that lead everybody to the same place. Plus, buses don't seem to make sense, in my opinion. Why sit in traffic on a bus when you could be sitting in traffic in your own car and bypass all the unnecessary bus stops?!? With a commuter rail system, not only is the transportation faster, but it bypasses traffic and is easier to understand than figuring out many bus routes. If there is a standstill on the highway, the rail system is not affected, unlike buses. I think it's time that this area thinks about long-term solutions in terms of alternative transportation, instead of building more roads everywhere you look. Take people OFF of the roadways and give them faster, more convenient transportation without all the hassles of sitting in traffi