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Police Puzzle Over How Baby Came to Be in Trash

Posted February 7, 2007
Updated February 8, 2007

A newborn baby boy whose body was found thrown away Wednesday like a piece of trash in a dumpster behind a grocery store in Rocky Mount is the second baby in as many days to be found dead and abandoned.

The baby was found behind the Food Lion off Highway 301. Police said the infant was not wearing any clothes and the umbilical cord was still attached.

On Tuesday, a baby boy was found wrapped in a blanket outside an abandoned house in Warsaw. Two people scouting real estate found the body on the back steps of the house, police said.

Rocky Mount investigators do not know how baby died, they said, or if the child was still alive before being put in the dumpster. Rocky Mount police said a person looking for recyclable cans in the dumpster found a newborn dead. They hope to know more after an autopsy is completed Thursday afternoon.

"To know that somebody would put their child in a dumpster, you know, it's devastating," said Stacy Wheaton, a regular shopper at Food Lion.

Investigators say the child appeared to be white or Hispanic and between 1 and 3 days old.

"I can't imagine things being so bad that you can't take care of your baby. There is always some way to get some help," said Louise Pittman, a shopper leaving the Food Lion.

"You have the option of taking the child to the fire department or a church or something like that where someone would take care of the child," said Wheaton. A church can be seen from the dumpster. Investigators said they have not been able to figure out why the grocery store dumpster was where someone would leave the child.

The Rocky Mount case is also the third newborn abandoned in that area in a little more than a year.

A year ago Tuesday, a man found a newborn boy in the back of a pickup truck. The baby survived.

In November 2005, a woman discovered a baby girl on a church doorstep in Tarboro. She was adopted last October.

North Carolina allows new mothers to give a newborn to a responsible adult as long as the baby is no more than 7 days old. Thirty-four other states also have similar laws.

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  • deerslayer Feb 8, 2007

    Just being sarcastic folks :) Without the ultimate and objective set of morals and standards given by our Creator; this is what you get...Society is tossing God's morality out the window it is time we put it back...

  • deerslayer Feb 8, 2007

    Satan who? Nobody believes in him anymore...And this Jesus dude..nobody wants his morality either. Those who agree with this; stop whining about society going to hell...Hug your local ACLU lawyer...

  • bca37jr Feb 8, 2007

    Another innocent child thrown away. This is so sad. I agree with all of you. It starts from up bringing and the morals that are instilled in you as you grow up. Sometimes even the ones with good morals deviate.

  • martini Feb 8, 2007

    We have become such a greedy, selfish and disposable society. What are these kids being shown at home? What kind of an example is/are the parent(s) setting for the teenager? At some point you have to either educate or don the girls with chastity belts. Again once the female is pregnant, did the parent disown her? did the boyfriend reject her? I do not like reading stories like this. Parents we need to education our kids on life skills and how to deal with the consequences of our actions. Not how to pout and get the newest game station, mp3 player, name brand tennis shoes or designer labels. Our society has become so hurried and rushed, children are sometimes forgotten, maybe being ignored by her parents made discarding the baby ok in her eyes. It is not my role to set in judgement of this person. It is my job to educated my kids.

  • mjmckoy Feb 8, 2007

    it does not matter if the child was born dead or alive -what matters is that the child was born. and because this child was born the only voice that could have spoken for him also killed him- and that is the real crime.

  • Love my boys Feb 8, 2007

    It's called being responsible for your actions. Don't want to get pregnant? Don't have sex! Don't want to stop having sex? Use protection! Don't want the child you conceived? Give that child up for adoption! Too many people want children and can't for some fool to "throw away" a perfect, harmless, beautiful child like this.

  • St Ives Feb 8, 2007

    Just leave the child on a door step. anyone with a conscience would get help.

  • 0 Tolerance aka Ms.Turner Feb 8, 2007

    I agree w/you ssodor. I believe that we forgot that all of this starts at the home. We can't rely on the school systems and Social Services to teach our children anything. As much as I don't believe in pre-marital sex I know that telling a teenager not to experiment with sex is like telling a dog not to bark. If we want out children to know that it's ok to wait till marriage or sex doesn't equal love then WE have to teach them that. Unfortunately a lot of children are being brought up in homes where it wasn't taught in their homes.

  • mikeNC Feb 8, 2007

    I can agree, How is this puzzling? The infant didn't walk up and jump in the trash dumpster by his or her self.

  • ssodor Feb 8, 2007

    How is this puzzling? Isn't it almost always the same case? A desperate (very likely, young) woman was faced with the fact that she became pregnant. Without support from those around her, or rather, fearing judgment from those around her, she attempted to conceal this fact. In doing so she committed an absolutely horrible crime - one that should never happen in a decent society, let alone one with as many forms of contraception as we have available.

    And yet the Bush administration DOUBLED the money spent on abstinence only programs, up to $270 million - even after these programs have been proven to not work, in fact teens who have been taught abstinence only have a higher rate of STD contraction. Only 1% of Americans will abstain from sex outside of marriage. So why do we withhold this necesssary information from teens knowing it is to their detriment?