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Man Surrenders in Dragging of Deputy

Posted February 9, 2007

— A man wanted in an incident in which a Franklin County sheriff’s deputy was dragged beside a car turned himself in to authorities Friday, the sheriff's department said.

Jollee Bedford Jr. of Louisburg surrendered in mid-afternoon, officials said. Deputies said they were discussing the incident with him and could not say what charges they would file.

 According to investigators, Deputy Crystal Mitchell was responding to a call Tuesday that two individuals were trying to rob a man on foot on Sims Bridge Road.

Mitchell noticed two men punching one another and tried to break up the fight, authorities said. The men pulled a gun on the deputy and then tried to drive off while holding onto her, dragging her a few yards, according to the investigators.

Mitchell suffered minor injuries in the incident.

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  • Tranewidow Feb 11, 2007

    I just realized from your screen name that you are obviously jealous. Did she get YOUR job when Pat Green cleaned house? LMAOROTF.

  • Tranewidow Feb 11, 2007

    fnklncopper, YOU are an ass! Shame on you. We are thankful to have such dedicated officers and deputies in Franklin County. I hope you never need help....never mind. I can see that you are probably one of the ones who cause the trouble in the first place......JERK.

  • fnklncopper Feb 11, 2007

    That's what happens when a badge bunny gets a real badge.........

  • diwanicki Feb 10, 2007

    I am glad he surrendered. Law enforcement officals put their lives on the line everyday and whether you like them or not, they do their job. They have families to support too. THANK YOU TO ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS!!

  • dollarbill2388 Feb 10, 2007

    they should lock up this MOON-CRICKET asap

  • Firegal Feb 9, 2007

    Hey Pig!(Sgt Mitchell) havent talked to you in a while, This is Brandi (Officer Stott's wife) I have to say I am really glad to have you and Crystal both as Deputies. You are one of the best deputies I have known (except for my hubby of course!) and I know that with Crystal being your wife she has had a great mentor. You both are great people and great deputies. Thank you both so much for doing what you do. Send me an email if you both need anything. Best Wishes Brandi Stott

  • Sherlockholmes Feb 9, 2007

    mitchellsoutdoors -at- netzero -dot- net
    Are You For Real ? And If So,
    I Have To Admit, Your A Better Man Than I Am.
    I Could Never-Ever Allow My Wife To Be Police Officer. I See It As Just To Hazardous. I Admire Your Fortitude And I Salute Your Wife For Her Bravery And Courage In Pursuing A Very Dangerous And Sometimes Thankless Occupation. I Thank You And All Your Comrades For Job Well Done. Where Character, Reputation And Integrity Is So Often Scrutinized. Salute !!
    Oh And IF Your Not For Real,,, Shame On You!

  • mitchellsoutdoors Feb 9, 2007

    Ma'am...I am greatfull to you for your retraction. Too few people are called to perform what our Law Enforcement Officers must do each and every day. For those who are called...and answer that calling...it means a great deal to them knowing that their deeds and actions are noticed and appreciated from time to time by those who they are sworn to protect and serve. You have displayed this ability in yourself by your last posting...the abilty to be thankful and humble when it is merritted Thank You

  • beachdreaming2000 Feb 9, 2007

    Sgt. Mitchell and Deputy Mitchell, please accept this as my public online apology. I have been the victim of idle talk. I have listened to gossip. I do apologize for speaking out of line and telling untruths. Other bloggers, this is what happens when you open your mouth without knowing the facts and passing judgement. This is my last comment, as I sit here with a tremendous amount of egg on my face. Sgt. Mitchell, I am glad your wife is ok, and I am sorry this had to happen. To her or anyone else. I am not above making a mistake, and this was a huge one. I have requested that wral remove my comments, as they were inappropriate.

  • mitchellsoutdoors Feb 9, 2007

    To all of you fine folks who wished my wife well...thank you from the both of us. She is doing quite well and reported to work at 0600 hrs the following morning. I am very proud of her and the victim is greatfull as well. I am curious what a certain member here would have to say if a deputy happened upon them being assaulted and simply watched until "back up" arrived? Just curious...as I'm certain a few of you other good folks are. Deputy Mitchell was not dispatched to this call...she simply drove up on an assault in progress on the roadside and then acted as she is paid, and sworn, to do. She protected a citizen of Franklin County. God bless this great State and all of the men, women and children who work and reside here, even those who have lost their way.