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Home-Care Worker Charged With Using Her Client's Identity

Posted February 1, 2007

— A former home-care giver was in jail Wednesday, charged with stealing from an elderly woman for whom she cared.

It's not the first time the suspect has been in trouble for this type of crime.

An overdue bill was the first indication something wasn't right.

Mattie Spruill, 71, had not used a credit card issued to her, but there were nearly $500 worth of charges on a bill she received.

"I said I better call the police because something is wrong," Spruill said.

Raleigh police investigated, and they charged that Jeanette Wright, 53, stole Spruill's credit card and much more. Investigators said she used Spruill's name and Social Security number to open various credit card accounts, charging more than $11,000.

"It looks like she went shopping everyday," Spruill said.

"I thought she was nice, talking about the Bible, talking about the church," said Spruill.

Wright's rap sheet tells a different story, however. Her criminal history covers about a dozen pages of police computer printout, from breaking and entering to drug charges. The most common offenses are for credit card fraud and identity theft, charges for which has served time in jail.

Wright worked for Carolina Staffing and Home Health Inc.

Her boss, who would not speak to WRAL on camera, said the company does background checks, but he was unaware of Wright's lengthy criminal history.

The company is licensed by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services’ Division of Facility Services.

"They're supposed to be protecting me," Spruill said. She said the company let her down, but insists it won't happen again. She now keeps all of her valuables locked up, and only she has the key.

Wright is being held at the Wake County Jail on $85,000 bond and was scheduled for a Thursday arraignment.


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  • Tired Of Excuses Feb 1, 2007

    Is her life that pathetic that she has to take advantage of someone like that? What kind of people do this sort of thing? Shame on her. I hope she gets what's coming to her. A nice LONG stay in prison. I'm sure there are others out there doing the same.

  • latanya512 Feb 1, 2007

    I lot of these home health aid companies need to be shut down. I worked for a bondsman and he bonded out more criminals that were homehealth workers. Not everyone is bad but these companies need to do a better check or if something happens, the victim should have the right to sue.

  • yruatwit Feb 1, 2007

    A word of caution to those people that are approached by someone touting what a good God-fearing Christian they are or espousing what a wonderful church they attend or professing to quote Bible scripture.............RUN!!!!

  • bopeace1999 Feb 1, 2007

    Keep her in jail this time, will ya? sheesh.

  • woody Feb 1, 2007

    i agree with you REV RB
    but also in todays socity these people come to you also as Rev
    there are many churchs that are being taken for money by the very ones thatbelive in the guy they think is honest
    seems easy today to tie the words Rev to your name
    i dont belive people like Al Sharrpton or Jessie Jackson are true men of the cloth
    i dont belive god intends any guy to devide people as these two have
    i am not saying you are as them

  • ChesneyFan Feb 1, 2007

    It is people like this homecare worker that make honest and dependable caregivers all look bad. I pray that the victim finds some peace in knowing that we aren't ALL bad, there are some you just can't trust period. I would also be willing to bet that if she was bold enough to steal her identity, she was probably stealing food and other things as well.

  • Forgetaboutit Feb 1, 2007

    In a previously posted comment, whenever I meet someone, who tells me he or she worships God, something I do too, which I do not tell everyone about, I place my hand on my back pocket! Whatever company hired this woman should be sued into next year!

  • mayor Feb 1, 2007

    tlewis - sad to say but that is why she keeps doing it - she has gotten away with it for sooooo long. Slap on the wrist anyone!

  • TFH Feb 1, 2007

    Carolina Staffing and Home Health Inc. should be in trouble with the law along with the unright Wright! I think these staffing companies will start having difficulty providing staffing in the future. The companies and private sector that currently use Carolina Staffing and Home Health, Inc. for staffing should switch to another agency immediately! Also, let's hope this con artist gets what she deserves by being locked up without parole for a few years! Maybe then she will take the time to really read a Bible.

  • spiritwarriorwoman Feb 1, 2007

    "The agency this woman worked for bears some responsiblity also..." AMEN!!!
    "Just because someone "talks" of the Bible and of church doesn't mean they're a Christian. A wolf in sheep's clothing...evil comes in goodly guise!" AMEN AGAIN!!!
    Folks who take advantage of the young and old are surely the uncivilized dregs of society, and those who are victimized by them need our prayers and support.
    God bless.
    Rev. RB