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Web Site Garners Support for Birth Mother Charged With Kidnapping

Posted January 27, 2007
Updated January 28, 2007

— More supporters are rallying around a birth mother charged with kidnapping her 18-month-old twins from their adoptive parents.

AllisonQuets.com is now devoted to the Allison Quets case. Also, a petition with nearly 800 signatures asks the Canadian and United States governments to grant her custody of the children she conceived through in-vitro fertilization.

Quets, 49, of Jacksonville, Fla., faces federal charges of international kidnapping after she failed to return Holly and Tyler Quets to Denise and Kevin Needham after a court-approved visit in December.

A Wake County judge denied bond Friday, and Quets continues to be held at the Wake County Jail, where she has been since early this month.

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  • megbaum Jan 29, 2007

    RandD - I have a two-fold interest in this case - I am adopted and a biological mother. Yes, I regretted giving up my child - but I recognized that the baby's best interest was with her parents, not with me.
    Adopted children are not by paper but by love and that is a heckuva lot better than the cold-hearted snatching "poor, wretched" (in my mind nuttier-than-a fruitcake) Quets.
    I also think WRAL is showing a bit of bias with that oh-so-sweet view of her holding babies that she has already given to parents who are stable, loving and interested only in their children's welfare.
    Unlike the selfish, manipulative person who supposedly loves her children - it's all about control. She can't stand it that she doesn't have her fingers in every pie so she snatches the babies from the only home they've ever known and takes them out of the country. Oh, that is love. NOT!

  • no screen name Jan 28, 2007

    the lady took the kids, keep her in jail so we can feed and house her for a few years.... more of our $$ going down da drain

  • IseeDumbPeople Jan 28, 2007

    Well said RandDFerguson.

    Let us all forget about birth parents, adopted parents, etc.

    Let us look at the circumstances of each family and determine
    1-Who has the best interests of these babies at heart
    2-Who can provide the most stable life to these babies

  • dcnshp Jan 28, 2007

    vickiej40- you are one cold, heartless bi... What kind of person says that a parent is not someone who just wants a child? You don't have a clue and god forbid anything ever kept you from having a child. People like you don't deserve children, adopted or not. You go pomermedic!

  • Nancy Jan 28, 2007

    So, according to some, we're supposed to forget the legal documents she signed, shrug our shoulders at the laws she has broken and do what? Let her take the children she gave up back? Oh, that's typical of a whiney liberal mindset. Laws are only for others you don't agree with? It's bad enough we have a judicial system we can't trust, but with mindsets like that we have juries that can't be trusted either!

  • randdferguson Jan 28, 2007

    I get quite annoyed by hearing the Needhams being called the 'adoptive' parents. Our only child is adopted but her birth certificate clearly indicates that my husband and I are her parents. Once parental rights are terminated, all is usually said and done. I think this woman feels some since of entitlement. If she wanted, at her age, babies she need to do her homework about the pros and cons. My daugher suffered horrible post partum depression and a miserable pregnancy but at 19 years old, she commited herself to taking care of her child. Allison Quets did not do this.

    Now she's calling them 'her' childen. She gave them birth....the Needhams are giving them a life. Love is thicker than blood.

  • inmyopinion3 Jan 28, 2007

    The children belong with BIRTH MOTHER, she broke the law yes but the law doesnt always do what is best in child custody cases!

  • E-Diva Jan 28, 2007

    mwerevu2001 - what does this have to do with her being white? The DUKE boys didn't rape that girl....that's why they are not going to jail for it. This woman DID steal her former children. She SHOULD be punished under the law...not because she is white and broke the law, but simply because she broke the law. It's people like you that make it so there will ALWAYS be racial tension in America. Let it go.

  • finallysingle Jan 28, 2007

    pomermedic= sticks and stones may break my bones,but words will never harm me....Holly and Tyler I hope you get back to your REAL MOMMY...the one who has mother instincts,not the kind who feels like a mother because they have been given a child.

  • justmiopinion Jan 28, 2007

    Think about your comments for a minute, we're talking about children here. Adoption laws need to be re-examined. Think about yourselves or your daughters if these were your children, your flesh and blood. In the matter of children I think with my heart. Sure she should have never given them up but I believe she has a right( within a reasonable time ) to re-consider.