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Birth Mother Returns to N.C. to Face Kidnapping Charges

Posted January 19, 2007

— The birth mother accused of kidnapping her twins from their adoptive parents in Apex and fleeing to Canada is back in North Carolina.

Allison Quets arrived about 2:30 p.m. Friday at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, along with law enforcement officials. She was taken to the federal courthouse in Raleigh to face charges of international parental kidnapping.

U.S. District Judge William Webb set a Jan. 26 probable cause hearing and told Quets she faces a maximum penalty of three years in prison, one year on probation and a $250,000 fine.

Investigators said Quets, 49, was the subject of a four-day search across several states and into Canada nearly a month ago. Authorities said she didn't return the 17-month-old twins — Tyler and Holly Needham — whom she had given up for adoption to their Apex home after a scheduled visit.

A telephone tip led FBI agents to a house in Ottawa, Canada, where Quets was arrested. Despite her facing the kidnapping charges, Quets has said the children are constantly on her mind. The children have been returned to their adoptive parents, Denise and Kevin Needham.

Quets, who was handcuffed and shackled and wearing khaki green jail garb, was quiet and attentive during the 10-minute court hearing. She told Webb she has hired attorneys Dennis Sullivan and Bruce Mason to represent her and asked him to explain what would happen at the Jan. 26 hearing.

Quets is being held at the Wake County Jail until the Jan. 26 hearing, when prosecutors also plan to ask that she remain in custody until her trial.

"We're concerned with fighting the criminal charges at this point. That is first and foremost," Sullivan said after Friday's hearing. "Obviously, she's still seeking to have her children returned to her."

But local adoption attorney Mike Harrel said Quets' alleged actions could only hurt her case.

"It's obvious that she was caring for the children and that her intentions may have been good, but it clearly cannot help her in her contested adoption," he said.

Pat Kilbane, a Jacksonville, Fla., attorney for the Needhams, said neither he nor the couple was aware of Quets' return to Raleigh. The children are "doing amazing" since they have been returned to the Needhams, Kilbane said.

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  • uteharrison Jan 21, 2007

    This woman needs a fair hearing and the right support and help.
    She had serious health problems and no family support.
    In her age to pregnate and having the blues before/after birth
    given birth in a state where is no change your mind once you sign the papers.
    After all who is the friend of the Needhams and helped them
    to find a mother in distress before birth????
    How much was the person paid to look for the kids???? Each side needs to tell the truth and these children are not some pet's either. The court has given Ms Quets right to see her!!!! babies and she went out to fight to get them back from the getgo. Ms quets went out to make noise so she can have her babies back, I believe she knows the danger she got herself in by acting out like this stunt. A mother in a lot of pain and fed up with everything. The Needhams should looked within NC to find a child to adopt. But they wanted a baby!!! Money can buy you a pet not a child.

  • Mom on Call Jan 20, 2007

    I agree that the Needhams need all the support they can get. This chick Allison made her own bed and now needs to lay in it...behind bars! From what has been reported in various news outlets, she kept changing her mind and actually had a nanny for the kids for the weeks she had them before she made the decision to put them up for adoption. She knew full well what she was doing and now is just an attention seeking, crazy lady. Those kids are with their mom and dad (the Needhams) who obviously have thier best interest in mind. You don't see them or thier family and friends SHOWBOATING in the media.

    The Needhams are the stablility Holly and Tyler deserve!! Thank goodness they are with them.

  • wakeresident Jan 20, 2007

    diyamonde, kids are not something you just "go to the adoption agency and get." They are not puppies! I do think giving up parental rights should be a final thing. Once you do it, it's like you don't have children. I don't know who should originally have had the children. I don't know all the facts. Sounds like something wasn't right on both sides, most likely. But after she kidnapped them, I don't think she should have her rights anymore. I know all you pro-birth mother groupies out there will disagree, but she DID show poor judgement, and that she has no regard for the law. She may have a bond with these kids, but she obviously didn't always because she did give them up. I know that the court process is long, drawn out, and painful, but it has been for the adoptive parents, too. And they allowed an adoption where the birth mother has monthly unsupervised visits with those kids... wow. I admire them for that. But I bet they regret it now.

  • brentsykes Jan 20, 2007

    this crazy woman needs SOME SERIOUS HELP

  • Fence Straddler Jan 20, 2007

    This situation will not improve anytime soon.
    These two kids are going to resent their birth mom for this (Ms. Quets).
    The only mind changing that should have been done was allowing this woman unsupervised visits with those children.
    The Needham's need all the support they can get. This ordeal has to be a constant pain for them.

  • diaymonde Jan 19, 2007

    I agree and disagree with you all. From the reports they have been giving, she gave the signed papers in Florida to give the children up, in Florida there is no waiting time to want to get your children back once you sign those papers it is a done deal. That is in the state of Florida as well as many other states. But in NC, you have a 6month to years time to decide to sign the papers. If you do not sign those papers within a years time you have to go through the adoption process again. But I feel that any mother should have their children unless they are unfit and when she had the children she did not abuse them or anything of the sort, she nurtured then and tok extremely great care of them. She should have her children on a trial basis and if anything should go wrong then take them away. The children adoptive parents should just go to an adoption agency and get children that need the presence of a good home.

  • upagain100 Jan 19, 2007

    For families not familiar w/how adoption works, each state has a right of recission time (to change their mind) and once that has passed, the children are avaiable for adoption if the parent has signed over a legally binding document. Some states have very long waiting periods, others (FL for example) is immediate. Families who adopt (our included, 3 times - 2 happy; 1 failed as the bmother changed her mind) have gone through tremendous screening for the process and once the legally binding documents are signed, we receive a legal order giving us full and complete rights of the child(ren) for their entire life. If the bmother was not sure she wanted to place them for adoption, she simply should not have. She must sign she is under no distress or duress before signing. As she signed anyway, the law must take her at her word. When we adopt for life, we don't adopt to have someone come back and take away our children. I may not have given birth to my kids, but I have given them life.

  • builder276 Jan 19, 2007

    she looks exactly like a girl I worked with about a year ago. I wonder if it could be the same person. The girl I worked with was wigged out too

  • DriveBye Jan 19, 2007

    I feel sorry for this woman, (I'm a man by the way) she should get her children back. The people that adopted them should suck it up and find someone who really does not want their kid(s) there are plenty of those out there.

  • Ladybug Jan 19, 2007

    Sick or not, she gave them up and the Needhams's should never have agreed to allow unsupervised visits. Now Ms. Quets has dug a hole for herself by kidnoapping them and going to Canada. She has serious problems and she should not be allowed to get the twins back.