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Franklin sheriff: Woman targeted in teen murder-for-hire plot

Posted August 22, 2012
Updated August 23, 2012

— The teenage daughter of a Youngsville woman shot in her house last week might have been involved in an attempt to kill her mother, according to a police report and search warrant in the case.

Franklin County authorities say Rhonda Maclean was shot in the face in the early-morning hours of Aug. 16 while she was investigating a noise in her Shearin Court home.

Robbery was likely a motive, Franklin County Sheriff Jerry Jones has said, and two people were arrested in the case – Shannon Nyamodi, 18, and a 15-year-old girl.

Although Jones won't comment on the identity of the female suspect, a report filed by a Youngsville police officer who responded to the incident quotes Maclean as saying her daughter was involved in the attempt to steal $50,000 from her bedroom.

The name is redacted from the report.

"I heard my daughter say, 'She's dead. The money's upstairs. Come on. Hurry. Let's go,' and then her and someone else stepped over me," according to the police report.

An affidavit for a search warrant of Maclean's home indicates that Maclean also told sheriff's investigators that her daughter didn't offer her any assistance after the shooting.

"I was screaming for help, and they just left me in the blood, and I was bleeding profusely," the police report continued, quoting Maclean.

Jones, whose office is handling the investigation, said last week that Maclean handled the bank accounts for her office and had been planning to make a deposit. Teens charged in Youngsville home invasion 911 call: Teen suspected in murder-for-hire plot pleads for help

He would only say Wednesday that someone who lived in the house was the "mastermind" behind what he called a murder-for-hire plot.

When asked who lived there, he said the victim and her two daughters.

In a 911 call released Wednesday afternoon, the girl frantically pleas for help but offers no indication about who shot her mother.

"Oh my God. Oh my God. My mom just got shot. Please help me," she says.

Parts of the call were inaudible.

"Please help me," the girl screams. "There's blood everywhere. She ran out the door."

Maclean, who was shot in her cheek, was able to get to a neighbor's house for help. She is expected to be OK, although Jones said she needs surgery on her jaw. She was listed in good condition at WakeMed Wednesday.

Youngsville shooting Sheriff: Woman shot in murder-for-hire plot

The police report goes on to include details that another man provided to the officer.

The man, whose name is also redacted from the report, told police that he heard from "a kid" that Maclean's daughter and Nyamodi had planned the robbery and shooting "for a couple weeks." The kid also told him that the daughter had been having sex with Nyamodi, giving him money and getting him "hooked" on oxycodone and other pills.

"When he wanted more pills, she told him he would have to earn them," the report states.

The girl's cellphone reportedly had text messages on it about the alleged plot, and her Facebook page "had stuff on it about what they were going to do and them trying to find someone to do a home invasion for money."

"The witness heard them discussing that she was going to let Shannon in the house, and he would kill Rhonda, the mother, in her sleep, and [the daughter] would give Shannon $3,000 , and he would use her gun to do it," the police report says. "They would say it was a home invasion, or they would blame it on the neighbor."

The daughter had also reportedly considered using self-defense as a motive for the shooting, having told a neighbor that her mother was abusing her, the report continues.

Nyamodi had also been practicing and timing his escape, according to the witness.

Investigators arrested the girl and Nyamodi the day of the shooting.

Nyamodi is charged with attempted first-degree murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon, assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury and larceny of a firearm.

The girl also faces charges of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon and larceny of a firearm.

It's still unclear whether she will be tried as an adult.


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  • iwannareply Aug 27, 2012

    I present to you a portion of today's youth: Wanting everything, but too good to work. I taught school. America is in trouble...............

  • Frank Downtown Aug 27, 2012

    Why would you keep $50,000 in your bedroom?

  • awood2 Aug 24, 2012

    Hope they got the cash out of her house if not someone is getting it right now after they read this! What could go so possibly wrong to make your child want to kill you! I love money but I am not going to steal it from anyone let alone kill someone for it.

  • pedsrndad Aug 24, 2012

    You have an obviously less than intelligent teenager coupled with another less than intelligent teenager conspiring to kill and rob the mother of one of them. And we are questioning whether or not to try them as adults? Neither of them should ever walk our streets again. They could try this sort of thing again on anyone they decide might have something they want. This is the sort of antisocial personality in our society that is so common. Lock both of them up before they reproduce.

  • gingerlynn Aug 24, 2012

    Modern stupid criminals post their plans/actions on social media. Geez

  • Wendellcatlover Aug 24, 2012

    Hel! yeah she should be tried as an adult! Are you kidding me? This poor woman dealing with the physical trauma as well as the mental trauma of knowing your own child tried to murder you...I cannot imagine! I raised 2 teenage daughters, and yes, I thought we would kill each other at times, but man, we never actually considered or acted on it!!!

  • erderr4533 Aug 24, 2012

    wow....good job to the witness who listened to them talk about it, knew they were practising it, and knew it was being planned for two weeks but didn't say anything until after it happened...way to go slick-your a real winner

  • SARCASTICLES Aug 23, 2012

    Ever since it became bad form to discipline these little darlins, look at what wonderful people they're turning out to be.....Good LORD.

  • jjordan231179 Aug 23, 2012

    Where does it say "cash"?

  • JAT Aug 23, 2012

    And I've heard that people hooked on oxycodone will do about anything to get one more pill. If it wasn't but $50, if that would buy a pill, they'd kill for it.