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Trial Date Set for Nifong Ethics Complaint

Posted January 11, 2007

— A trial date is now set for the ethics complaint filed against Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong.

The State Bar filed the complaint last month, saying Nifong might have engaged in deceptive behavior in the way he has handled a sexual assault case involving members of Duke Unviersity's lacrosse team.

The bar takes issue with comments Nifong made early on in the case.

Nifong's trial is set for May 11.

He has hired Winston-Salem attorney David Freedman to defend him. Freedman has represented other attorneys in State Bar matters.

A three-member panel will decide guilt or innocence and then, depending on the outcome, may impose a sentence. That could be anything from a warning to being disbarred.

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  • geowilrlst Jan 14, 2007

    He needed to get elected to get the state pension ! His own campain mgr has said so !

  • geowilrlst Jan 14, 2007

    Did Nifong not say early on , " Only the guilty need a lawyer " ?

  • HighRiskCO Jan 12, 2007

    nthomas42-I concur with your statement. However, the last line I see a bit different. "It is like going hunting and you don't have your gun." I feel it is like going hunting and you don't have your gun but you do have multiple sticks of dynamite. Nifong threw in a couple of sicks to see how many at one time he could catch! For such a "High Profile" case and the DA's Office doesn't interview the stripper fot 8 Months after the fact. In the meantime, Nifong gets DPD to change every rule in their Policy and Procedures Manual. Imagine Nifong on trial in May facing possible disbarment and he is the lead in the Duke Case. Nifong gets debarred. Now what happens to the Duke Case? The State AG or the Govenour should removed Nifong NOW if possible before this circus carries on any longer. It would appear this stripper told Nifong what he wanted to hear to build this case. That's why the DNA which exonerates the lacross members was being held back by Nifong. It's high time for a change.

  • Raisin Jan 12, 2007

    Nifong has made this a racial issue from day one-Instead of holding a meeting at the court house- he has it at NC Central Univ. just so he can get the black vote for his election. It's a shame that he had two people running against him, since this created a split wote for the 51% of votes they attained. He would surely have lost his election. Nifong should be disbarred, the accuser in the supposedly rape case should be exposed, and she should be punished for her lies. The case should be dropped and then the newspapers and news media could then report on all the suits taht will be forthcoming. This has really given Duke and Durham a bad name, thanks to Mike Nifong.

  • superman Jan 11, 2007

    Nifong should just save face and resign-- he made a lot of bad decisions and cannot be trusted any longer. He has displayed poor judgment and is not capable of making further decisions. This was a high profile case and the first thing he should have done was talk to the women to hear her story. How can you prosecute a case without taking to her and hearing her story first hand? It is like going hunting and you dont take your gun.