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Pair arrested in stabbing death of Raleigh Good Samaritan

Posted June 30, 2012

— Raleigh police have charged two men with killing a young man who saw a wreck last January, stopped to help and unknowingly got himself involved in a bizarre chain of events following a home invasion.

Christopher Todd Rochelle, 34, of Raleigh, and Samuel Gideon, 35, of Holly Springs, were charged Friday with first-degree murder in the Jan. 15 death of Eleazar Brache Herrera, 20.

Police said that Herrera and several of his cousins were headed home from a family party when they stopped to help two men standing beside a wrecked GMC Envoy in the 4900 block of New Hope Road around 5 a.m. The men got into an argument for an unknown reason and stabbed Herrera.

The wrecked GMC Envoy had been stolen during a home invasion on Wallingford Drive, a quarter-mile away, only minutes before the wreck. However, police say, two men charged in that home invasion – Ronald Steven Earl Gaither, 23, and Terrell Gaither Hilliard, 19 – had left the crash scene by the time Herrera arrived and were not involved in the stabbing.

Police have not commented on why Rochelle and Gideon came to the wreck scene but, in the past, have said that the suspects in Herrera's death had no connection with him or the home invasion. Rochelle lives near the site of the crash.

Herrera's family described him as hard-working, caring and the clown of the family.

"My son was loved by all of us greatly," said his mother, Nury Brache. "His death has just left a big silence in us."

Gideon and Rochelle both have criminal records dating to the 1990s which include convictions for assault and possessing stolen goods, according to state Division of Adult Correction records. Rochelle has also been convicted of common-law robbery.

Both men have been placed on probation multiple times and served a single jail term of less than a year for a probation violation.


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  • aa573e Jul 3, 2012

    If the news and observer's version made you scratch your head you should listen to the mother who's 20 year old son got murder while trying to help someone out and couldnt sleep at night knowing the murderer was still wondering the streets. Hopefully they did catch the right person and he'll pay for his crime.

  • sky15thelimit Jul 3, 2012

    It is sad it turned out this way. I was hoping they would catch the person(s) responsible, but after reading how it happened, it really mad me scratch my head. Especially the news and observer version.

  • aa573e Jul 3, 2012

    Sky15 Their appearance has NOTHING to do with why they are considered suspects. It took detectives almost 6 months to make an arrest so I'm sure they did their work. And lets say things did happen the way you are saying...why didn't they call 911 after they saw eleazar bleeding? Why didn't they turn themselves in like the other 2 guys? Detecives have said alcohol wasn't a factor so lets rule that one out. Why would you go out your house in the middle of the night to chk on something instead of calling 911? And "lagrecia" the GOOD SAMARITAN wasn't the one with the weapon(we don't know if it was a knife)

  • lagrecia Jul 2, 2012

    Sky15 so far u are correct rochelle an gideon did not go looking for a fight!!!i kw Gideon an the good Samaritan not so good whn he brought the knife to the fight!!!

  • sky15thelimit Jul 2, 2012

    And what I mean is force them to stay, because Herrera's group felt the men were responsible for the car accident.

  • sky15thelimit Jul 2, 2012

    (cont'd) If I were in the two guys shoes, i would of tried to leave. I have nothing to do with the accident. Herrera's group COULD have forced them to stay. I mean they just left a party and you COULD assume they were drinking. So maybe it turned physical and Gideon and Rochelle felt the need to pull a weapon because they were out numbered. Age and size has nothing to do with it when you are outnumbered.

  • sky15thelimit Jul 2, 2012

    Firstly, we do not know what the two men were doing up. Their appearance lends themselves to be suspect. Does not matter. Is being awake and curious directly related to deadly intent? And what does age matter? It does not. No one is seeing this from both sides. Regardless of why you are up, I have personally gone outside of my home when I hear a potential accident. I'm curious, so what? And I never said Herrera's party was the murder's. I believe the two guys, went to the accident site for the same reasons as the "good samaritan". And according to google maps the accident site is WELL within earshot of his residence.

    The two guys were on the scene of the accident but WERE NOT the driver's of the SUV or even involved in the home invasion. Herrera pulls, up. WHO in their right mind would NOT suspect the ONLY TWO guys standing there of being the drivers. An argument ensued and subsequently a fight.

  • aa573e Jul 2, 2012

    Ok "sky15thelimit" you write as if you KNOW something..how in the WORLD would these two grown men have heard and accident that was not just INFRONT of their house?! andWHAT were they doing UP AND AROUND AT THOSE HOURS!? lets be REAL here! that area is not the best area around! there's drug being sold all around those apartment complexes! and if they so 'went to question' WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THEY BE THE MURDERERS at the end of the story!? could they NOT have put 2 and 2 together and see that HERRERA and his cousins were coming out of a car that WAS NOT the one that had been crashed!? did they NOT QUESTION THEIRSELVES WERE THE DRIVERS TO THE OTHER VEHICLE WERE!? GET REAL!!!you talk as if you knew something and if herrera so seems to be the aggressor,why didnt you come out and say something!?CLEARLY these 2 men are TWICE these young boys size and THREE times their AGE!dont make me laugh!in the end THEY ARE MURDERERS and KILLED a completely innocent YOUNGboy who was@wrongPLACEwrongTIME!

  • sky15thelimit Jul 2, 2012

    Let's get real here. Something is not right. "Good samaritan" according to the cousins, I take it? The Rochelle guy lives near by. Maybe he heard the accident, went to go investigate with his friend, Gideon. Saw two cars and questioned the GROUP of men who JUST CAME FROM A HOUSE PARTY (Herrera). So alcohol could of been a factor. A fight ensued and one of the "good samaritans" were stabbed. Using common sense, the aggressor looks like Herrera. No one just runs up to an accident scene and stabs someone. They MUST of been provoked. IT was many against two. I would of stabbed someone as well. If anything ROCHELLE AND GIDEON sounded like they heard a car accident outside of their home and went to help, and ended up getting attacked by the SO called good samaritan and this party.

  • com_mon_sents Jul 2, 2012

    boy....they sure like 2 winners to me! Thankfully off the streets and HOPEFULLY for good this time!