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Birth Mother, Charged With Kidnapping, Out on Bail

Posted January 4, 2007
Updated January 5, 2007

— A Canadian court granted bail Thursday for a Florida birth mother charged with kidnapping twins from their adoptive parents in Apex, N.C.

According to Canadian television station CTV, two couples whom Allison Quets met while in Canada posted $18,000 bail.

Durham, N.C., police said Quets, 49, failed to return the children — Tyler and Holly Needham — to their adoptive parents on Christmas Eve after a court-approved monthly visit.

Authorities was arrested last week in Ottawa because of kidnapping charges in the United States.

Jeff Schroeder, Quets' attorney, also argued in court Thursday that Quets does not need to face an extradition hearing, because she is willing to return to the United States to face the charges.

CTV reported that Quets is expected to return to the U.S. on Monday.

The twins are back with their adoptive parents, but Schroeder also asked the court to grant her custody of the two children.

The case has received international attention, with various anti-adoption groups showing up in Ottawa in support of Quets. They believe the kidnapping case needs to be tempered by understanding the complicated emotions involved in adoptions.

Schroeder said his client consented to the adoption after a rough pregnancy, but changed her mind within 12 hours. She has fought the Needhams for custodial rights ever since.

The case is before an appellate court in Florida, where Quets gave birth to the twins. Schroeder had hoped to keep the children in Canada until the adoption appeal played out in Florida.

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  • singnsam Jan 8, 2007

    I think maybe, she should have supervised visitation. The kids need to know why they were put for adoption, and that it wasn't anything they did, and that even though she was suffering from PPD(Possibly) she loved them dearly, enough to want visitation with them, and to even make an attempt on getting them back. I don’t think she should get them back, she put them for adoption, but I do belive some supervised visitation with their b-mom is in-order.
    It may affect the "bond" the children have with the adoptive parents, but keeping the birth mother away from the children could have an adverse affect on them when they finally figure out they're adopted.
    I'm not condoning what she did, I don't belive it was right, however,I applaude the spirit and the love for the children in which this compulsive act was done.

  • JessGH Jan 5, 2007

    As an adopted child with two naturally born children, I'd like to find out the real facts on this case. The mother had plenty of time to make a choice before birth, and access to money and other assistance before she signed over her children. These kids are in a critical time that effects the rest of their life, I'd hate to see a selfish decision on anyone's part ruin their future. I'd also like to say that my adoptive mother could not possibly love me any less than I love my own children. Don't assume that by pushing something out of your birth canal that you are better qualified to love and care for a child than someone who couldn't do it themselves, but waited years to get the chance to.

  • kahshop Jan 5, 2007

    Nascarnut...of course Kstor33 read the story. Sounds like they did more than just read it but also read INTO it and were merely offering an possible explanation for this woman's motives and actions. This woman's age and her mental stability have been attacked. There are also certain contractual agreements that would be considered null and void if one of the parties were to have entered into that agreement under "duress". Oh, and by the way, have YOU always kept your word? Huh! Sounds a bit "holier than thou" to me. But what do I know?

  • nascarnutnc Jan 4, 2007

    is the biological mother going to change her mind every 3 months about this. Kids need to be stable, not jerked around on whims. Gave them away on a whim, wants them back on a whim, next month???????????

  • lizanordstrom Jan 4, 2007

    According to the Nancy Grace show last night, the
    biological mother’s on and off again boyfriend of
    roughly 20 years did not want children, and that the
    boyfriend was the person who introduced the adoptive
    parents to the biological mother. Also according to
    the show, which was rather heated, the biological
    mother changed her mind after 10-12 hours of signing the paper work. This is a horrible situation for everyone but I have to side with the biological mother. She carried those children and gave birth to those children they are HER CHILDREN. The adoptive parents should do the Christian thing and give them back to their biological mother. One lawyer from the Nancy Grace Show summed it up well, when the kids are old enough to understand what has happened, how are the adoptive parents going to explain to those kids that THEY refused to give them back to their rightful mother who fought to get them back after only 10 hours.

  • nascarnutnc Jan 4, 2007

    kstor33 did you read the story at all. she gave her kids away. after that tough, she should have thought about that before. Another example of someone not keeping their word. Now she can deal with some R&R at tax payer's expense

  • kstor33 Jan 4, 2007

    I think it's hard for anybody to actually know the devastation of not being able to have children...especially if they really want them. Who knows why she waited til 47 years old to have them. In vitro is expensive. Maybe it took her that long to save up for it and have a stable job to support them. We don't know and shouldn't judge! However, she was not too old to have children and that's why she got sick. Plenty of 20 something women have died or slipped into comas during child birth. It can happen to anyone. I wonder if those folks out there posting their uninformed comments about this woman have children that they take for granted. Child birth is an absolute miracle whether it's natural or not. Take away their children or their ability to have one and see how THEY feel. They might not be so judgemental.

  • builder276 Jan 4, 2007

    great now we are exporting these people to Canada. Why do we want to infect their gene pool. They should send her back so she can inbread even more, here in good ole NC. I realize she is from Fl, but they would not want her either.

  • BLA BLA BLA Jan 4, 2007

    I never knew my biological parents being adopted at birth, have considered looking for them, but then I decided that my adoptive parents
    were the only parents I need. I feel sorry for the bilogical mother for
    making that decision, probably best at the time. Hopefully she will be able to continue visits with the twins. Sometimes people act and say things without thinking of the consequences or what harm it may cause.
    Dont count your chickens before they hatch.

  • luvdogs Jan 4, 2007

    Thanks for your comments. I have an adopted daughter, and your comments warmed my heart. My daughter's birthmother wouldn't even return calls from the agency to confirm she still wanted to place; when she was done, she was done. My daughter is the center of my world, and I do my very best for her.

    Also, to the non-adoption advocates - I did have a revocation before I got my daughter. The agency I used had 3 revocations in a row last month, and they honored the birthmother's decisions. There are ethical agencies and adoptive parents. I also know 2 birthmothers that placed their babies years ago that have no regrets; they did what they felt was best at that time in their lives.