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Father Injured in Christmas Wreck Dies

Posted January 3, 2007

— A man who was critically injured in a Christmas Day wreck that killed his wife and son died Wednesday.

Charles Burger Jr., a well-known landscape architect in Orange County, had been in WakeMed since the Dec. 25 accident on Wendell Boulevard.

Burger, his wife, Barbara Burger, and their son, Ivan Burger, were driving from Hillsborough to Wilson for the holiday when a westound Chevy Tahoe spun out of control, crossed the center median and collided head-on with their passenger van.

Barbara Burger, 57, and Ivan Burger, 20, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Billy Ray Bullock Jr. , 35, of Raleigh, the driver of the Tahoe, suffered minor injuries in the wreck.

Bullock issued a public apology to the family this week, but said he doesn't remember the accident.

No charges have been filed in the case, which remains under investigation.

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  • jwitbltlwp Jan 13, 2007

    Mr. Burgers tragic death along with the tragic deaths of his wife Barbara and son Ivan come back to one simple fact. Billy Ray Bullock was driving too fast for the conditions and he lost control of his car.

    I feel sorry for Billy Ray because he has to live with three Christmas Day deaths on his hands for the rest of his life.

    I also believe in our justice system and hope that there are real and tangible consequences to go along with Billy Ray's choice to drive too fast.

  • abilenetx Jan 4, 2007

    Everyone says why wasn't the barrier repaired? Why didn't the officers that filled out the report on the earlier accident email or radio someone to fix it? Why do you see smashed barriers all around Raleigh? Why do you see bumpers and car parts left at accident scenes all around the beltline and 540? Why are signal lights burned out all over town and stay that way for weeks? Don't the cops have radios and computers and cell phones too? Do the sergeants ever leave the office? Who do they expect to report this, the trash men?

  • natalietuman Jan 4, 2007

    I agree that we should not be judgemental and pray for both families involved. Charlie was an active deacon at our church and his family LIVED their faith. They were a good example to all of us. Christ told us 70 times 7.

  • daddysgirl2730 Jan 4, 2007

    All of our hearts go out to the Burger family. But, I believe that no matter what the driving record for Billy is that the speed of both vehicles combined is what caused such a severe impact. I also believe if Mr. Burger's son was wearing his seatbelt he may have survived the accident. Were there any skids marks from the Burger vehicle? These are all questions that only God knows the answers to. Nobody thinks that Billy's supporters are trying to sway the public opinion, we are simply showing support for our loved one as the Burger's family and friends are doing for them. Everybody involved are in our prayers. We just don't wan't to see that there is an injustice done in the matter. Please! I am asking for you all not to judgemental, just be caring for all involved. It is hurting enough people on both sides. This needs to stop. God Bless!

  • hazily55034 Jan 3, 2007

    Billy Ray's friends can give support privately if that is all they were trying to do but what they 'think' they are doing is swaying public opinion. Well, 10 past speeding tickets and the highway patrol stating he was probably speeding Christmas morning is what will sway the Judge and it that is what that reaLLY matters.

  • Tom Morrow Jan 3, 2007

    Billy may be a Christian man with a heart of gold, and the weather WAS really terrible that day, but it seems like to cause the amount of damage that was caused after skidding out of control and crossing a median (thus reducing his forward momentum), his initial rate of speed would have to have been pretty high. And given the weather conditions, that act is negligent. So while I am sure he feels absolutely terrible about the accident and its outcome, if he was indeed driving at excessive speeds for the weather condition, then it is no different than any other accident in which negligence produces criminal charges.

    My heart goes out to the rest of the Burger family.

  • bhurrelbrink71 Jan 3, 2007

    To sign59727, I would like you to know that I am NOT trying to "sway public opinion" I am truly concerned for the Burger family, and I am praying for them in this time of need, but I DO NOT know them, nor am I related to them. My heart goes out to them, just as it would if someone in your family was going through this ordeal, well maybe they are you might be related or friends with the Burger family, and if you are I am going to pray for you individually. My family and I are showing our support for Billy, just as you would if your brother were in his shoes, and people were trying to slander him, or make him out to be something that he is not. Billy is a christan man with a heart of gold, so please if you are a friend or family member of the Burger family take my condolences, and may God be with you all....

  • princess1088 Jan 3, 2007

    sign5972, your statement was a very ugly and unkind one. It's not just about the Burger family it is a tragedy for ALL that was involved. As far as endless postings, that shows true support and caring on behalf of Billy. Things like this could happen to any one of us and we all would want our family and friends to be with us and stick by us at a time of great need. My heart is broke for all that was involved. I am not going to sit here and stoop to some of the posts made by people on here because I am a believe in God and God's will and I will not take God's place of judgement and fate. I will be praying as I was for all involved.

  • deerslayer Jan 3, 2007

    This is nuts people...and why does WRAL continue to show their infinite unwisdom by offering this stupid public forum? It was messy weather over Christmas and 64 sucks as far as the engineering of the roadway goes. All of this bickering will not change a thing..Get a life people....

  • Carolinagirl4Morals Jan 3, 2007

    My prayers go out to the Burger Family! This has been a horrible tragedy. Your Friends from Wilson will be here to support you when you come home!