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4 Shot in Raleigh Restaurant

Posted December 31, 2006
Updated January 2, 2007

Four men were hospitalized after they were shot inside a Raleigh restaurant early Sunday morning.

Raleigh police officials said restaurant employee Fritz Ochoa and three customers—Christian Mitchell Najera Ramos, Angel Luis Miranda Valentin, and Edwin Humberto Paz—were shot inside the Restaurant Monte Bar at 2645-D East Millbrook Road around 6 a.m. after an argument.

"After firing the shots, the suspect is known to have left in a vehicle that was some sort of white sedan, possibly a Chevrolet," Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

The four gunshot victims were taken to WakeMed for treatment. Police said two had non-life threatening injuries, while the other people suffered more serious injuries.

Karia Guarglia, who co-owns the nearby bar Tailgaters with her father, Jerry, said the Restaurant Monte Bar has been open for about two months and stays open 24 hours on the weekends, serving food. They said they’ve never had any problems with their neighbor before.

"This area is pretty free from any major crimes,” Guargila said.

WRAL learned that the Restaurant Monte Bar received a temporary liquor license on Friday, but it's unclear if alcohol was a factor in the shooting.

Sughrue said the getaway car was last seen heading eastbound on Millbrook Road. Anyone with information that might be helpful to the investigation is asked to call the Raleigh Police Department’s Detective Division at 919-890-3555.

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  • ifcdirector Jan 2, 2007

    Oh come on trb2871. I got off the boat that believes in proactive policing and not lazy catch as catch can coming around to do the paperwork after someone has been shot, raped, robbed, or killed by a drunk illegal.That's a load of bunk and you know it. Raleigh could very easily enforce immigration law just as numerous state and local police departments do throughout this country but you won't see Perlov or anyone on the Raleigh City Council calling for that now will you? You know it and I know it too. Anything suggested to the contrary is lip service at best and intellectually dishonest at worst. The truth is the problem is not with ICE but with every single law enforcement agency in this country, including the Raleigh Police Department, who selectively enforce every other federal law on the books except for immigration because it's just not important enough or politically correct enough to do so.

  • panzer263 Jan 1, 2007

    Builder276, how do you figure that trb2871 is wrong? Simply because you never heard about it? That's equivalent to me saying that I don't think plane crashes happen because I never hear about them. Doing what you did with the Court system does not necessarily make you an expert on the topic of illegal immigrants. Fact is, trb2871 is right, and I know it from experience. Example: last summer, several illegal MS-13 gang members were arrested and deported through the dilligent efforts of the Raleigh PD and Immigration & Customs Enforcement. In about a month, one of them was back in Raleigh. That is not the fault of RPD or ICE.

  • dsal68 Jan 1, 2007

    to rebcarr12, learn your history, Not all Illegals come from Mexico. They include El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, China, Africa, Brazil, and all those other parts which is NOT the US.

  • builder276 Jan 1, 2007

    trb2871 you are mistaken, when I was serving as foremnan for the wake county courts we never heard of an illegal being deported.

  • kagama Jan 1, 2007

    Yeah, who said anything about illegal aliens in the article? And guess what? I've read a good many articles about our own exalted citizens committing equally heinous crimes and worse. Right, then. All criminals should be deported. I wonder who will be generous enough to take ours?

  • lovecarolinagutters Jan 1, 2007

    For a city touted for it's highly educated people, Raleigh sure has alot of ignorance.

  • Sabertooth Jan 1, 2007

    I didn't see anything in the article that said they were illegal aliens!
    For crying out loud, stop jumping to conclusions and don't let your hatred speak from the mouth that faces the center of the earth.

  • TRB2871 Jan 1, 2007

    What boat did you just get off of ifcdirector? First of all the Raleigh Police Dept does a great job working with Homeland Security. Together they deport a multitude of illegal aliens every month. The problem isn't the Raleigh Police Dept or any local government agency. The problem is THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT needs to pass legislation or come up with a plan to prevent illegal aliens from entering our country in the 1st place. Our borders are too easily crossed right now, there is not enough manpower to stop illegal aliens from coming here currently. Until that gets rectified we will continue to have these kinds of problems. The Raleigh Police Dept arrests illegal aliens, take them to the jail and notify ICE (Immigration Control Enforcement) that someone needs to be deported. ICE comes and takes care of it. There is no problem at all as far as that process (other than needing more officers and ICE personnel). Like I said the problem is they can come right back so easily again.

  • rebcarr12 Jan 1, 2007

    I agree with the person that sent the last comment at 3:05 a.m. All illegals should be removed from this country before another 9/11 happens. Also if the illegals go back to Mexico if they committed a crime in the US they should still be held responsible and receive the same punishment as anyone else would.

  • builder276 Jan 1, 2007

    travis, I did not see the word murdered, I saw that they were only shot.