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Cary could abandon red-light cameras

Posted May 14, 2012

— A review of red-light tickets in Cary shows 31 instances of drivers getting fined for crimes they did not commit. Mayor Harold Weinbrecht said the findings make continuing the program a challenge. 

Citizens first complained to the town in April. Howard Bond said he got two $50 tickets alleging his son ran a red light at the intersection of Cary Parkway and High House Road. However, the town’s video clearly showed Bond’s son turning left on a flashing yellow light, which is legal.

“A lot of folks have probably gotten the tickets and paid it, not wanting to go through the hassle,” Bond said.

The town contracts with a company called Redflex, which operates the cameras and sends video and still images to Cary police, who issue the citations. A Redflex spokeswoman said the company has updated its program to account for Cary's flashing yellow left-turn signals. 

"The safety camera system provided by Redflex is and was operating properly, and we are confident all cameras are now functioning as intended," she said in a statement.

After Bond raised the issue, police dismissed his tickets and agreed to review the video from the red-light cameras more closely.

Red Light Camera Cary could abandon red-light cameras

Maj. Tony Godwin said Cary dismissed all outstanding citations found to be based on faulty data and refunded fines to people who had already paid. They also turned off the red-light cameras at two intersections with left-turn arrows: Kildaire Farm Road at High Meadow Drive and Cary Parkway at High House Road.

He said police would ask for advice from the Cary Town Council about next steps.

"Logically the options are keep the system as it is, make some changes to the system in some way or do away with the system entirely," Godwin said.

Those who think they have received a ticket in error should call Godwin at 919-462-3812 or Chris Davis with the police department at 919-462-3813 or file an online appeal.

The town has cameras at the following locations:

  • Cary Towne Boulevard at Convention Drive (EB)
  • Kildaire Farm Road at High Meadow Drive (SB)
  • High House Road at Prestonwood Drive (WB)
  • Northwest Maynard Road and Chapel Hill Road (NB)
  • Maynard Road at Walnut Street (SB)
  • Tryon Road at Crescent Green Way (EB)
  • Tryon Road at Regency Parkway (WB)
  • Walnut Street and Dillard Drive (NB)
  • Maynard Road and Kildaire Farm Road (WB)
  • Kildaire Farm Road and Maynard Road (SB)
  • Cary Parkway at Kildaire Farm Road (WB)
  • Kildaire Farm Road and Cary Parkway (NB)
  • Cary Parkway at High House Road (SB)
  • Harrison Avenue at Maynard Road (SB)
  • Harrison Avenue and Weston Parkway (SB)
  • Walnut Street at Meeting Street (WB)
  • Cary Parkway and High Meadow (WB)

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  • ltbarnett May 15, 2012

    Abolishing the system that generates millions every year for the public school system over 31 incorrect tickets, is almost as stupid as paying the company that runs the service over 80% of the revenue. The other benefit - people stop running red lights. Seriously people - pros vs. cons...

  • bluemax4195 May 15, 2012

    westernwake1 said... "are simply a profit making scam."

    I think that's EXACTLY what they are - and nothing more! It also tends to shed a negative light on local law enforcement, as if they are not, or cannot, or simply don't want to do their job! And I don't think that's entirely fair or completely deserved.

  • edith wharton May 15, 2012

    I've gotten two of these citations - one from Raleigh, one from Cary. Both times, I had clearly run the redlight and KNEW I had done it and also knew to expect the letter. It sounds as if the Town of Cary didn't communicate with Redflex about the change to the flashing yellow arrow, which is not something that is used everywhere. Those who complain need to stop running redlights. As WooHoo2You said, you can always review the video or photos online and dispute the fine if you didn't run the light.

  • Kelondris May 15, 2012

    I think the ones on Walnut are off, as they haven't flashed at all this year even when they should. I think they are just keeping them there for people to think twice. But eventually it won't work.

  • LuvLivingInCary May 15, 2012

    they should get rid of all of them. raleigh included. just a scam for the companies that do them to make millions as evidenced by the town of cary and raleigh.


  • westernwake1 May 14, 2012

    The sooner these red light cameras are gone in Cary the better. They have not improved safety and are simply a profit making scam.

  • WooHoo2You May 14, 2012

    You can review the video at any time if you are ticketed and fight it if it is an error...you can't do the same if a police officer writes you a ticket. Don't see a problem with the camera.

  • smegma May 14, 2012

    i like PanthersFan's assumption. if Cary "may" abandon them, the provider will simply lower the profit margin to guarantee they stay

  • kmanc4s May 14, 2012

    The red light cameras have been nothing more than a scheme produced by private companies to make money. Cary and other towns bought into the scam that did nothing but skim money off the public to line the pockets of a few. The company that runs the red light cameras in Cary keeps 88% of the fines collected and I'm sure it's the same story in other towns.

  • Whatthehey May 14, 2012

    Too bad the company wasn't supervised more closely - I hate losing them. There is no doubt people in Cary run lights less often than before the RLCs were installed. There are still people in Cary who flaunt their intention to defy the law, to deliberately run lights, by using the license plate covers to obscure their numbers - same people who think other laws shouldn't be applied to them. For the few dozen wrongly ticketed there have been hundreds of thousands passing through intersections legally and without being ticketed.