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Man killed in 'horrific' Nash County I-95 tractor-trailer collision

Posted May 10, 2012

— A Georgia man died early Thursday following a major wreck Wednesday night on Interstate 95 involving three tractor-trailers, Rocky Mount police said.

Police said one of the vehicles was traveling southbound in Nash County when it crossed the median and struck two others.

"(It hit) pretty much head-on, going at a high rate of speed," said Keith McGee, division chief for the Rocky Mount Fire Department.

The wreck's cause is still under investigation, and no charges had been filed as of Thursday afternoon.

John Michael Jenkins, of Rincon, Ga., died at 2:42 a.m. at UNC Hospitals Jaycee Burn Center in Chapel Hill.

Another driver, Jerome Kinsey, of Orlando, was taken to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, where he was listed in critical condition Thursday night.

The driver of the third truck, Lacy Downing, of Winston-Salem, was treated for minor injuries at Nash General Hospital and was released.

Nash County I-95 wreck Fire chief: Fatal I-95 wreck was 'horrific'

Northbound I-95 was closed for 13 hours, reopening to all traffic around 10:30 a.m. Thursday.

One of the trucks was loaded with used cooking oil which spilled onto the highway and burst into flames.

"I would estimate the flames at 30 to 40 feet," McGee said.

Water from fire hoses only moved the oil and flames around the road, he said.

"As soon as you stopped the water, the fire would start again," McGee said.

It took about an hour for firefighters to bring the flames under control. Crews then had to use dish detergent to remove the oil from the road.

McGee said fire crews are called to the busy stretch of I-95 about five times per week, but that the scene of Wednesday's wreck was particularly horrific.


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  • greg69innc May 11, 2012

    I wish they would start tolling so they can fix that road

  • stephba May 11, 2012

    dgcreech - Is the correct answer to your question about when is it safe to move in front of a semi using only your rearview mirror that you wait until you can see BOTH headlights in your rearview mirror?

  • sunshine1040 May 10, 2012

    The cost of repairing the road may be put on the owners and drivers of the trucks or car that gets charged with causing the

  • fireman1963 May 10, 2012

    From the US Dept of Transportation Highway Safety Administration - 58.6% of all large truck crashes in the studied group of 947 accidents were the result of "other vehicles". 20.8% were the result of "truck driver error".

    So, yeah, other vehicles cause the vast majority of tractor-trailer accidents. Those other vehicles would most likely be 4-wheeled automobiles since they are the most numerous vehicle out there.

    But this article doesn't say if a small car was the cause or not.

    Sad story.

  • ad4bg May 10, 2012

    my dad was a trucker util cancer took him in 2009 i have the most upmost respect for them a truck driver cant stop on a dime my prayers go out the all three famileys involed and im sorry for the guy who lost his life may god be with all the truckers everyday

  • tayled May 10, 2012

    The report on TV said that crews would have to "repair" a section of the road because of the accident. Who pays for that repair? We do, with our tax dollars. Whomever was the person who was the proximate cause, at fault, for the accident, should pay for the repair in the form of an impact fee. That fee would go directly to help defray the costs to the state, and the taxpayer, for causing the accident which caused the damage.

  • dgcreech May 10, 2012

    actually smbiz, more often than not, 4 wheelers do cut off trucks, pull out in front of them, etc simply because they don't care to wait or drive slightly slower. When they do, the 18 wheeler can't stop his truck nor maneuver it fast enough. When you cut off another car and hit the brakes, that car can likely stop in time, or barely hit you - trucks don't have that luxury.

    ALSO can you tell me: When you are passing an 18 wheeler or changing lanes infront of one, using just your rearview mirror - how do you know you are far enough away from him to *SAFELY* move over?

  • krcoyne May 10, 2012

    "willing to bet the four wheeler caused the wreck since statistics prove that 75% of ALL accidents involving CMVs ae the cause of the four wheeler, not the truck." ussenterp65

    Out of curiousity, where do you see anything mentioned in this articla about a four wheeled vehicle?

  • ICTrue May 10, 2012

    "willing to bet the four wheeler caused the wreck since statistics prove that 75% of ALL accidents involving CMVs ae the cause of the four wheeler, not the truck." ussenterp65

    Where did you get that stat, from 1960?

  • nossilg May 10, 2012

    Wonder if rain played a part in this horrific accident?