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Neighbors oppose Carrboro Family Dollar store

Posted May 3, 2012

— Dozen of neighbors surrounding the future site of a Family Dollar store in Carrboro marched to a town meeting Thursday to voice their opposition to the project.

Developer Will Stronach, of Stronach Properties, said the 8,000-square-foot store will be built on Alabama Avenue, near the intersection of Jones Ferry Road and Highway 54.

He said the company has already made several changes to the original plans to make the store more neighborhood friendly, including adding trees to the landscaping and brick and siding to create a softer look.

"We think we have a good site," Stronach said. "It's going to be an attractive site."

But people who live in the 13 houses on Alabama Avenue say they're worried about noise and traffic that will come with the store.

"Concrete, dumpsters and a high volume retail facility," said resident Katherine Adamson.

Carrboro neighbors march against Family Dollar Carrboro neighbors march against Family Dollar

Anissa McLendon's lot sits directly next to the site. She said she's "lost a lot of sleep" over the construction project.

The neighborhood, she said, is one of the last predominantly minority areas in Carrboro.

At a town advisory board meeting Thursday, McLendon urged town leaders not to put the store next to her home of 20 years.

"Show us some respect. This is our neighborhood," she said.


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  • itsnews2me May 4, 2012

    Poor Carrboro. If the plan was to build luxury condos on the property, they would argue that the land should be used for affordable housing instead. However, when a company which provides housewares at discounted prices (which would seem to fit in with a philosophy of providing more options for residents with more restrictive budgets)they don't want that either.

  • Uhavenoclu May 4, 2012

    Sure. Lets boycott more job creation.

    If that is all you peeps think about then..I hope your health ins is up to date for you peeps stress and worry too much...It is not about jobs...it us about the old fashioned ways of businesses...LOCATION,LOCATION,LOCATION...If you learned that you wouldn't be out of a job.

  • stupidbrainchild May 4, 2012

    Sure. Lets boycott more job creation.

  • fuzzmom May 4, 2012

    sunshine 1040, I think you have Wake County mixed up with CHCCS. They are "not" one in the same. Chapel Hill/Carrboro doesn't bus anyone. Everyone goes to a neighorhood school unless they have a specific need- e.g. parent's job location, AG program. . . Unless the other school is full, it's usually not a problem,you just have to provide your own transportation.

  • mmtlash May 4, 2012

    1st cvs now family dollar....are they going to fight every single business that tries to come to town?

  • dryjr May 4, 2012

    If one poster is right and it is going between a storage/rental and a gas station then I a m confused with the outrage.

  • Uhavenoclu May 4, 2012

    "75% of the people in Carrboro are illegals"

    Care to back that up with facts? Or do you just like spitting out random numbers off the top of your cavalier head.

    You never been to Carrboro have you?...Go to any store or food place on Greensboro,Jones Ferry,Main/54 and while you are on Jones ferry by the Kangaroo wave to the ones standing on the corner waiting to be picked up for work..and learn to speak spanish for pretty soon they will be deporting Americans for speaking english...Compende?

  • dryjr May 4, 2012

    weren't they also protesting a Wallgreens being built. IF it is zned commercial what do they expect.

  • anonemoose May 4, 2012

    CADANSON, FD wouldn't build in a neighborhood with 500K + houses.

    That isn't their target market. You build near your target market, and if most of them walk, you build right in the middle.

  • RWS May 4, 2012

    "I wonder if it were a Macy's would they object!" babsd24

    Macy's, yes, they would object. Any mom & pop owned store... no or maybe even a Whole Foods.