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Police interview man who saw missing Bragg soldier at bar

Posted April 18, 2012
Updated April 19, 2012

— Police are releasing few details about the investigation surrounding a Fort Bragg soldier’s disappearance early Saturday, but pieces of the puzzle are beginning to come together as investigators center their search on the Fayetteville bar where she was last seen and a pond about 8 miles away.

Pfc. Kelli Bordeaux, 23, was reported missing Monday after she failed to report for duty at Fort Bragg. She was last seen leaving Froggy Bottoms, at 6326 Ramsey St., around 1:20 a.m. Saturday.

Chief Tom Bergamine said Wednesday night that her disappearance is an active missing person investigation and that police are talking to anybody who might have seen Bordeaux in the early morning hours Saturday.

One of the people interviewed Wednesday in the case is Nicholas M. Holbert, 25, who has felony convictions from 2003 for indecent liberties with a child and child abuse, according to state Division of Adult Correction records.

Bergamine said Holbert, who either works or has worked at Froggy Bottoms, came forward voluntarily to provide information. He stopped short of calling him a person of interest.

“Mr. Holbert is one of the last persons that had contact with Mrs. Bordeaux,” he said. “Anybody that last saw her on the early morning of Saturday is someone we want to talk to.”

An Army official speaking on the condition of anonymity told CNN that a bar employee gave Bordeaux a ride home and that she texted someone “got home safely.”

Bergamine would not comment on those reports.

Investigators scoured the area around the bar Wednesday looking for clues that might help locate Bordeaux. An investigative lead also prompted them to call in a dive team to search a pond off Dobbin Holmes Road in Eastover. Froggy Bottoms bar Bar, pond searched in missing Bragg soldier investigation

That search turned up nothing Wednesday, but teams are expected to return to the area Thursday morning.

Investigators are also collecting surveillance footage from businesses near Froggy Bottoms, Bergamine said.

Police have said that, because Bordeaux has not been in contact with family or friends since Saturday, she might be in danger.

Bordeaux, a combat medic with the 44th Medical Brigade, has been married for two years to Mike Bordeaux, who was out of town when his wife disappeared, police said.

He has been cooperative with the investigation and police have “no reason to doubt anything he’s telling us at this time,” Bergamine said.

The couple lived in an apartment about a mile from Froggy Bottoms.

Bordeaux’s cellphone last pinged off a tower near the bar and her home, but police have not released any information on calls or texts she made or received that night. Police update on search for Bragg soldier Police update on search for Bragg soldier

When she went missing, Bordeaux was wearing a pink tank top with spaghetti straps and black shorts.

She is 5 feet 1 inch tall, weighs about 102 pounds and has blond hair and brown eyes.

Anyone who might have seen her or has information on her whereabouts should call police at 910-587-3254 or Crime Stoppers at 910-483-TIPS (8477).


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  • sunneyone2 Apr 19, 2012

    Muggs said "Grew up in the 60' and 70's,people in bars went home with what were strangers before that night and did what they did without disappearing or being molested,no meant no,now in the world we live in today young women need to be very cautious and travel in numbers to be safe,hope the best but it sure is not looking very positive right now"
    Tell that to Elizabeth Short, Richard Speck's victims, the MacDonald family, the Boston Stranglers victims, Sharon Tate and her guests and countless others.....

    Those days were just as crime riddled, we just didn't have as much media coverage unless it was something truly sensational.

  • sunneyone2 Apr 19, 2012

    "If she was last seen at 1 something in the early morning on Saturday, how come no one reported her missing until Monday morning at work? Is it common that she not interact socially/verbally with anyone all day on a Satuday or Sunday? Did her husband not try to contact her and find it strange when he could not get in contact with her for two days? Does her cell phone have a GPS tracker in it? Did she go to the bar with anyone and if so where were they when she left? Has her bank account been accessed since Sat AM? Why would this guy, Nicholas Holbert volunteer himself to go forward? That is not common unless you do something and you need to be in "the know" to keep up with how the case is going and if it is going in your direct? Or he may have a Psychological Disorder and may be obsessed by her and the story? There have been cases in North Carolina where this existed before..." bterfli31

    You must've missed the part of CSI where you have to WAIT 24 HOURS to report a missing person!

  • corgimom06 Apr 19, 2012

    When I grew up in the 50's & 60's we slept with the windows up & the doors open so the air could get in thru the screen

    We have always had crime but now we have better reporting parameters, more densly populated urban areas and probably more people coming forward. Reminds me of the Peyton Place movie where the girl is ashamed to admit she was raped because it would reflect poorly on her and not the guy who did it.

  • ItIsWhatItIs2 Apr 19, 2012

    Im just curious as to why people are stalking their facebook pages anyway.. thats like kinda creepy.. Just sayin

  • barbstillkickin Apr 19, 2012

    I have no pictures of my husband on my FB however I have several of my dogs so does this mean I love my dogs more then my Husband. I think not but if he went missing I would not be able to go on TV to beg for his release. I would be way to choked up to speak at all. Please do not always attack the spouse they are the ones who are hurting. He was out of state so leave him alone and pray for the return of this woman to all her Family.

  • forautumn Apr 19, 2012

    "NC is turning into the NEW DC... Thank you GOVEY HUNT for your cancerous growth program"

    HUH.....amazing the nonsense some can come up with.

  • LoveMyLab Apr 19, 2012

    "As of last night Kellie's FB page and her husband Mike's FB page were still up. What I found strange was that she had photos of herself with her husband but he has not one photo of her." ~TeresaBee

    And that means WHAT??? I have a facebook page, as does my husband. I have a photo of the two of us and he doesn't have any of us or of me. So that means that he's suspicious??? Really? REALLY??

    Geez, stop trying to read things into this that just do not exist. Seriously, none of us are the next Sherlock Holmes.

  • poohpdoo2002 Apr 19, 2012

    I really don't believe the husband cares because he would be the one on tv making a plea to her alleged kidnapper. He would be begging for her safe return, and taking on as many interviews as he could to get the word out. But that's just my thoughts.

  • trekkie13 Apr 19, 2012

    bterfli31 stated: "I know that you have to be "missing" for 48 hours before law enforcement will file a missing persons report. However, this doesn't answer the question as to why her work on Monday morning was the one who reported her."

    A person in the military is mandated to show up for work or it becomes a criminal matter. There is no such thing as laying out of work without valid permission in the military. The military is not the civilian world where they will just fire you for pot showing up. Not showing up for duty in the military especially with no phone call or anything raises a huge flag that something is amiss.

  • barbstillkickin Apr 19, 2012

    My heart goes out to all her loved ones. I pray she is found safe and the family can get on with their lives. I can not imagine how hard it would be to lose my child or a spouse this way. May God bring peace and good fortune to this family and bring her home safely.