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Apex man accused of duct-taping toddler

Posted April 17, 2012

— An Apex man accused of bounding his roommate's 18-month-old son with duct tape said Tuesday that he was "joking around."

"I don't want to be seen as a bad person. I am not a villain," Sebastian Fitzgerald Holcomb said.

Holcomb, 44, of 9108 Creek Glen Way, was arrested Friday and charged with assault on a child under 12.

Apex police Capt. Ann Stephens said the child's mother was washing dishes and left Holcomb to watch the child.

When she went into the dining room, she found the child's mouth covered by duct tape and the child's wrists and ankles bound with tape, police said.

She immediately left the home with the child and called police from a friend's home.

“It was something that was stupid. I just made a stupid mistake, that’s all," Holcomb said.

Police said the toddler wasn't injured and wasn't taken to a hospital but that he had red marks on his body from the tape.

"From what we understand from the mother, he likes to aggravate the child and made the statement that the child cries too much," Stephens said. "The child could have suffocated. You don't put tape on a child for any reason, ever."

The mother has since moved out, police said.

Holcomb was out of jail Tuesday on a $5,000 secured bond.

Apex police said Holcomb is also wanted in California for several misdemeanor crimes as well as felonious breaking and entering. California authorities, however, have chosen not to extradite him.


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  • Avila Apr 18, 2012

    "An Apex man accused of bounding his roommate's..." Bounding? Really? It should be "binding". Who proofreads this stuff?

  • abbynork Apr 18, 2012

    corey3rd - yes, but remember, the people involved are committed leftists and Obama voters.

  • GetRight Apr 18, 2012

    The "righties"??? Really Corey3rd??? I'm about as far right as they come but I don't defend stupidity and recklessness regardless of who sets the example. Nor do I know anyone who would defend this guys actions. He's stupid and selfish but he doesn't need to go to jail over this. There's no evidence in this article that there was any malice involved... just shortsighted, reckless selfishness.

  • ratgitter88 Apr 18, 2012

    and another thing.....if you date/ live with/ marry some with a child or children- it's a package deal........if you can't tolerate the kids for ANY reason.....move on.

  • ratgitter88 Apr 18, 2012

    Thumbs to the mom! If this is what he does just playing around.......what would he do in anger.......like when he got 'tired' of hear the baby 'cry to much'........?

  • ratgitter88 Apr 18, 2012

    Cali- come get'em !!!!

  • corey3rd Apr 18, 2012

    Of course the righties are going to defend duct tape on a kid's mouth since that's what their education reform idol did to her students.

  • Faux Hemingway Apr 18, 2012

    This is an issue for state concern, but let's be clear that the state has no right to interfere in the privacy of a person's home, and property. This issue was raised by the mother; thus state intervention can be exercised, had she not reported this, the below statements and judgements are trivial and moot. If you tickle your child, or bond him with duct tape; neither is the state's concern or yours until private property rights, and those of the citizen are compromised.

  • ICTrue Apr 18, 2012

    Also, I think that the government should provide dishwashers for everyone so that mothers don't have to be away from their children for so long washing dishes. It is all about the children, after all.

  • mustainemad Apr 18, 2012

    There is no excuse whatsoever to put ever duct tape on an 18 month old child--end of statement. You wonder how kids today get to the shape they are in, look at the people they have to be around--mothers and fathers, look at the people you are associating with, are they appropriate caregivers for your child?? Or are you only thinking of yourself and your wants??