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St. Aug's asks to bend football stadium rules for Special Olympics

Posted April 9, 2012

— The North Carolina Committee for Special Olympics has a hurdle to jump regarding its desire to use a new, state-of-the-art track and football stadium at St. Augustine's College in Raleigh for its summer games.

The college is wrapping up construction at the stadium's North State Street site in time for the start of football season in September, but the committee wants to use the track June 1-3.

The event violates an agreement reached in October between the college and the city that allowed for construction of the $10 million, 2,500-seat stadium, but included several compromises to minimize the stadium's impact on the neighborhood.

The agreement was the culmination of more than seven years of wrangling over the stadium, which is the first in St. Aug's 144-year history.

Residents living near the stadium raised concerns over noise, lighting and parking, so the college agreed to install special speakers to help reduce noise, vegetation to hide stadium activity and additional parking on campus to accommodate stadium traffic.

The college also agreed to host only 15 events per year and not rent out the stadium to other groups. 

In order for the Special Olympics to use the stadium, St. Aug's is asking Raleigh City Council to amend its special use permit.

Notices will soon go out to neighbors about those proposed amendments. A public hearing on the issue is scheduled for May 1. 


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  • tarheelfan41 Apr 10, 2012

    Sweet. St Aug's reaches an agreement with its neighbors about usage of the venue so its neighbors would agree to allow it to be built and before its completed being built they want to circumvent the agreement. Everyone knew it would come to this some day, BUT before it was even finished? You know the neighbors are feeling used as TP to sign of on this foolish agreement.

  • JonathanS Apr 9, 2012

    The story has a few inaccuracies that need correcting.

    1st. The event is not in violation of any agreement between the city and the college. Right now it is only a request, it has not happened and it will not happen unless it is approved through proper channels, thus there has been no violation of anything.

    2nd. The track and field event is not June 1-3. Special Olympics volunteers will set up the venue on June 1st. Competition will be held on the 2nd. The track will not be used on Sunday the 3rd. The athletes will only be on the track for one day.

    Finally, it is my understanding that the college is considering DONATING, not renting usage of the facility to Special Olympics. This is a community service/outreach from St. Augustine's, not renting for profit.

    Details are very important when it comes to public perception.

  • donewithecu Apr 9, 2012

    Anybody who wants to complain about this event, needs to reevaluate their issues!