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Fayetteville condo fire displaces dozens

Posted March 28, 2012

— At least 29 people were displaced from a Fayetteville condominium building Wednesday morning after fire ripped through more than a dozen units, authorities said. 

Fayetteville fire and emergency management officials responded to a call of a fire at 661 Barton's Landing Place, off Cliffdale Road, around 3:40 a.m. Wednesday. 

When they arrived, fire had stretched over nine of 12 condos in one of the complex's three-story buildings, authorities said. Six of those units were heavily damaged, and it appeared that all 12 were no longer inhabitable.

Shannon Simmons was at home on the second floor when the fire erupted.

"I was sleeping in the bed with my boyfriend, and we woke up around 3:30 and we just saw flames outside the window, and we got an extinguisher. We tried to put it out, and we didn't realize it was coming from downstairs," she said. "We just ran outside and started knocking on doors to get everyone outside the building."

Condo fire proves residents' interdependence Condo fire proves residents' interdependence

It took fire officials around two hours to put out the fire. Investigators said it appeared the fire started accidentally on a balcony, but the exact cause is unknown.

No one was killed or seriously hurt in the fire, according to the Fayetteville Fire Department. The American Red Cross provided shelter for displaced residents at the Innkeeper hotel on nearby Skibo Road.


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  • Viewer Mar 28, 2012

    How does this help the homeless in Fayetteville?

  • chowchowmom Mar 28, 2012

    My cousin passed away July 4th 1995 in an apartment fire in Atlanta. It was even more difficult on the family because he had complained of how dangerous the fireworks were that people were putting off around his apartment. Some fireworks landed on a balcony of a resident that was out of town and slowly smoldered overnight eventually starting the fire. A fire ladder would have saved his life. I have a fire ladder here in my home and bought my daughter and her roommates a three story ladder for their apartment along with their own fire extinguisher . It provides some piece of mind. Thankful that there were no serious injuries but it could have turned out much differently!

  • not my real name Mar 28, 2012

    I wonder how it started?

  • I know some stuff Mar 28, 2012

    North Carolina building codes are from the dark ages. I guess we're just 'slow' here.
    Time and time again we read about these totally gutted buildings.
    Clearly we need real Fire Barriers between units. Wake up NC. Learn from other states.
    I feel very sorry for folks who need to live in multiple dwelling units in NC. The risk is HIGH.

  • farm Mar 28, 2012

    "I suppose people would have to jump off their decks if the building caught fire and the front stair wells were on fire." then "It is really hard to engage oneself in a society that cares so little for their citizens."

    For less than $70(some as cheap as $35)you can buy your own 3 story portable fire escape ladder. Do not blame this on society.

  • eyeoneastsky Mar 28, 2012

    Very scary. I know of a similar apt building in Durham, NC and there are no fire escapes on the backs of the buildings. The patios and decks have rails around them with no exit. I suppose people would have to jump off their decks if the building caught fire and the front stair wells were on fire. Where is the fire code that says all 2 story or more buildings have to have fire escapes front and back? As long as everything looks good on the outside I guess that is all that matters. How sad. It is really hard to engage oneself in a society that cares so little for their citizens.

  • Viewer Mar 28, 2012

    I wonder if the apartment were not built to a stricter fire code? What is the Fayetteville code on this type of structure vs Ralieghs?

  • sunshine1040 Mar 28, 2012

    Tank goodness no one was hurt. But winds were not high this morning so why did it spread that fast is the next question