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Raleigh church youth director accused of having child porn

Posted March 8, 2012

— Cary police arrested Raleigh Chinese Christian Church's youth director Wednesday and charged him with 20 counts of having child pornography on his church computer.

Jerrod Don McCabe, 35, of 523 Brook Arbor Drive in Cary, had sexual images of girls who appear to be 3 to 14 years old, according to an arrest warrant.

Cary police said they began investigating two months ago and contacted the church two weeks ago. McCabe turned himself in and was released on a $50,000 bond. He faces up to 39 months in prison for each count.

Cary police said they started a cybercrime unit five years ago to specifically crack down on these types of crimes.

"(We) have the ability to monitor child porn trading, so when somebody is downloading child porn, we are able to detect that without the person actually ever knowing we are watching them," said Cary police Captain Michael Williams.

Church leaders fired McCabe earlier this week, according to Rev. Po-Wing Tham. McCabe had been with the church since June.

"We all fall sometimes, sometimes very badly. Our church is trying to heal from this right now," Tham said Thursday.

McCabe's lawyer, Patrick Roberts, said his client resigned from the church, has never had any issues with the law and is not accused of having any inappropriate contact with children.

"At this point, we are cooperating fully with the law enforcement investigation," Roberts said. "He is extremely remorseful. He's tired. This is very stressful for him (and) for his family as well."

Jerrod Don McCabe Police: Raleigh church youth director had child porn

Roberts, who described his client as "a good person," said McCabe is committed to service, community work and his faith.

"His family is fully supporting him. I‘ve had a chance to meet with them. They are great people and come from a very good background," Roberts said. "At this point, I ask people to withhold judgment until all of the facts are out."

McCabe's wife of two and a half years, Abbigail McCabe, also works at the church as a part-time youth girls minister. Church leaders said she has taken some time off and that it will be her decision if she continues working there.


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  • cloudywithachanceofshowers Mar 9, 2012

    The senior pastor is beginning a sermon series on spiritual warfare next week. This incident could be a promotional campaign to introduce the sermon topic and get more people to visit the church.

  • eric52272 Mar 9, 2012

    I think everyone needs to keep in mind that he has not touched or physically violated anyone at his workplace or elsewhere. He was found in possesion of child porn, now that is bad and it is a crime but he(so far as we know) has not actually done anything himself. He needs to get help because it will not take long to progress from watching to actually doing.

  • Tcheuchter Mar 9, 2012

    ". The Cary PD seems to be violating people's privacy in hopes of catching criminals. "

    Where do you get that from?

  • TheBullCity Mar 9, 2012

    "These abused kids have "rights" too - I think some of you are forgetting that."

    I don't see anyone forgetting that. Only people forgetting that the accused has rights and the rest of us also have rights. The Cary PD seems to be violating people's privacy in hopes of catching criminals. They need to explain themselves, b/c this we are watching you stance is counterproductive. If you step back from the emotions, protecting the constitution is even more important than potecting children.

  • Tcheuchter Mar 9, 2012

    "Keep in mind, some 'cultures' view this as acceptable."


  • beaulahjackson4 Mar 9, 2012

    Religion is a matter of faith, if it could be proven it would then become science. I am continually amazed by organized religious people thinking they have absolutes about their religious beliefs......what has happened to the miraculous in spiritual beliefs in this day and age? You can absolutely worship and have faith and love your God without having a church. Obviously pertaining to this story church doesn't always save people from their inner demons. I don't think Jesus would be overly fond of the current state of organized religions. Remember the story of Jesus, the temple and the moneychangers?? That actually made Jesus angry and he demonstrated his anger by flipping over tables and yelling. Have some faith, and pray for grace.

  • glencindy Mar 9, 2012

    He is scum and I can not believe his family stands behind him, he needs to be locked up. Period. If he has fantasys about little girls/boys, he is sick in the head looking a child porn. And people in churches stand behind and hide these things and say they can be forgiven. BULL. Think about the children....anyone that knows about something like this and doesn't report it is just as guilty. He only got caught for having porn, but I guarantee you he is done inappropriate things with children. MAKES ME SICK!

  • howdiditgettothis Mar 9, 2012

    These abused kids have "rights" too - I think some of you are forgetting that.

  • rabidpro Mar 9, 2012

    From Scubagirl - "In no way am I condoning what this man did and my other thoughts are not printable. That said however, when I heard this on the news last night my initial thought was (and still is). If anyone caught with child porn on their computers can be arrested for it, why then are these sites allowed? I know, freedom of speech and all that-& I'm a big believer in it-if it's against the law to have it why is it not against the law to publish it???? If it wasn't out there to get......just thinking."

    Many of these sites are hosted overseas where there are few, if any laws against these activities. Unfortunately, these perverts put sites up faster than law enforcement can monitor or block US access. Keep in mind, some 'cultures' view this as acceptable.

  • Tcheuchter Mar 9, 2012

    "I can promise you if it were not for the church, life as YOU know it would be horrific...Satan resides everywhere, its up to every INDIVIDUAL to deny him"

    Rubbish there are plenty of countries now where religion is very much a minority business and ther are every bit as civilised as the US....in many ways more so.
    Its a sad old lie that it takes religion to provide morals...