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Retailer preaches gun safety

Posted January 27, 2012
Updated January 28, 2012

— A shooting involving a child in Durham Friday brought gun safety into the spotlight, a place Rick Franks says it should stay. Franks has worked for more than a decade at Raleigh's Personal Defense & Handgun Safety Center, Inc., a retailer and shooting range that offers classes in basic handgun safety, competitive shooting and self-defense.

Every weapon he sells comes with a gun lock. With the lock in place, a gun will not fire. "At that time, it is a chunk of metal," Franks said.

Many sheriff's offices give away gun locks for free to owners. PDHSC sells combination gun locks for as little as $10 and gun safes, starting at $325, that require a fingerprint code to open.

Franks is passionate about gun safety. He stresses keeping guns out of reach of children and teaching them the dangers guns can present. 

It is personal for Franks. "I have seen what guns can do to people."

Gun safety must come first Gun safety must come first

For 30 years, he was a deputy with the Wake County Sheriff's Office. 

"I have seen many times where people – just for a split second – did not think safety, and they paid the consequences," he said.

Franks explains those consequences to his customers, and he distributes the a copy of the federal Youth Handgun Safety Act with each purchase. The law allows for a penalty of up to 10 years in prison for giving a gun to a minor. In North Carolina, storing a gun where you know or should have known a minor could get to it is a Class 1 misdemeanor.

"That is part of your responsibility being a gun owner," Franks said.







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  • Lightfoot3 Jan 30, 2012

    I see you pushing the "Self Defense Company" on your website. You should check out all the negative comments on the quality and service from that company published on various forums. BBB, Ripoff reports, plus others.

  • fightingphilosophy Jan 30, 2012

    Gun safety is definitely important. But I think the reason for such stiff gun laws in our country is our culture is rapidly becoming very anti gun. I drive down the interstate every day and literally see hundreds of drivers driving like maniacs! I see truck drivers driving like maniacs too! They are putting peoples lives at risk and when they kill somebody, oops! I'm sorry it was an accident! What about them! Why don't we lock them up? If people aren't smart enough to teach their kids about guns and gun safety then they will pay the price of loosing their child. It's not up to the state to punish them. It wasn't the states child. I mean there are accidents every day were people are killed because of recklessness or carelessness but we only go after the ones special interest groups are "concerned" about.

    Rick Saxby,
    Publisher, FightingPhilosophy.com

  • Lightfoot3 Jan 30, 2012

    If you plan on having your handgun for home defense, you don't want it locked up so tight that you can't access it when you need it. Small gun safes, large enough for just a gun or two, are the answer. These start at below $100 and go on up from there according to features, quality, and name brand. I use V-Line Deskmates that have programmable five button mechanical locks. I can have it unlocked and the gun out in about 2 seconds.

    Though after the Henderson teen and the Oklahoma mom incidents, I've been thinking about a shotgun lately. :)