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Two held without bond in deaths of Orange store owner, retired deputy

Posted January 27, 2012
Updated January 30, 2012

— The two men charged with robbing a Cedar Grove thrift store on Wednesday and shooting the store owner and a retired deputy will spend the next couple of weeks in prison, held without bond on charges of first-degree murder.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office arrested Curtis White, 18, of 5922 Allie Mae Road in Cedar Grove, and Ladell Alverez Faucette, 22, of 5138 Apsley Drive in McLeansville, on Friday.

Deputies responded to the Week in Treasures store, at 2800 Mill Creek Road, on Wednesday afternoon and found two men inside with multiple gunshot wounds. Store owner Phillip Johnson, 52, was dead at the scene, and retired Orange County deputy Alexander "Skip" Wade, 68, died at Duke University Hospital.

Curtis White Two arrested in Orange Co. robbery, murders

An affidavit for a warrant to search White's home states that deputies found White and Faucette outside the store after the shooting and that the pair told police different stories. They confessed to investigators on Thursday, the affidavit states.

White and Faucette stole $200 from the store and were armed with a .22-caliber handgun, according to arrest warrants.

In a court appearance Friday afternoon, each man asked for a court-appointed defense attorney. Faucette will be held Raleigh's Central Prison for his protection, given the law enforcement connection of one of the victims. White was taken to the Polk Correctional Facility.

Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall said no decision had been made about whether to seek the death penalty. Their next court date was set for Feb. 10.

White and Faucette also were charged with a second count of robbery with a dangerous weapon in connection with a Tuesday armed robbery of Sam’s Food Mart, at 6321 U.S. Highway 70 West in Mebane, authorities said.

Arrest warrants state that they took a cash register drawer with $500 from the Mebane store and were armed with a small-caliber handgun. The cashier at the store was pregnant, according to the warrants.

Authorities say Wade retired about a decade ago from the sheriff's office. His son, Lemario Wade, was charged with murder in Mebane in 2010, but authorities said they don't believe his son's past is connected to his death.

The previous owner of the store, William King, was shot and killed there in 2004. King's death remains unsolved.


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  • oldcorp Jan 30, 2012

    NC could learn alot from the state of Texas on how to clear out death row.
    And every study that's ever been done has shown that a properly orchestrated death penalty has a drastic effect on that individual's propensity towards recidivism.

  • Lightfoot3 Jan 30, 2012

    "Please show that it would make any difference..." - haggis basher

    With the way the death penalty is currently administered, it doesn't make a difference, it just privides punishment and justice. However, if it were a bit more brutal, a lot more swift, and totally done in public, it just might start to make a difference.

  • Uhavenoclu Jan 27, 2012

    So you are willing and wanting TO-DIE for $200?...Oh well each his own.
    All this for a 15 minute thrill.

  • we-r-just-human Jan 27, 2012

    "multiple gunshot wounds" = DEATH PENALTY

  • mfarmer1 Jan 27, 2012

    If Guilty They Should Be Put To Death, And There parents should foot the bill in there prison hotel.

  • not pc Jan 27, 2012

    misbegotten your wrong not only can i touch you my 45 can touch you about 9 times,and if you would get out and work and make something of youself you would have some self worth. if you would have spent more time in school listening you would be better off instead of having to steal for what you want.No one has any excues anymore there is ways to make it if oyu want to just like these to they wanted the easyway now lets see how easy its going to be now.

  • independent_thinker Jan 27, 2012

    "There will always be non-logical, non-thinking liberals. The object is to defeat them and render them politically irrelevant."

    Unfortunately, the conservative south is the most criminally violent region in the US - most of the "liberal" states have much lower crime rates. Ironically, violent crime in the South is a fraction of what it was in the "good old days".

    Data doesn't lie.

    Gingrich would be safer in Boston or New York City than Atlanta.

  • Question Almost Everything Jan 27, 2012

    these guys are just living the dream and have been for a while.....possession of stolen goods, possession of a stolen motor vehicle, possession with intent to sell and deliver cocaine, maintaining a dwelling to sell drugs, robbery with a dangerous weapon......and now the big one MURDER. Its only the natural progression in their long history of criminal behavior and mimicking the people and culture that glorifies it...bravo boys, you are in the big leagues now. I hope they never see the light of day spending the rest of their lives in jail, cause i know the liberals in Orange County are scared to make people pay the consequences for their actions.

  • vraptor Jan 27, 2012

    more reasons to pack.

  • NotAgain Jan 27, 2012

    Wade's son charged with murder. Wow lots of murder.