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Wake Forest assisted living center will remain open

Posted January 12, 2012

— The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services decided Thursday to allow a Wake Forest assisted living facility to remain open, despite two incidents where residents wandered away and died. The state suspended new admissions to the Wake Forest Care Center, at 306 S. Allen St., on Dec. 29.

McKinley High, 79, a dementia patient, walked into traffic in November, was hit and later died. His was a second such case at the home, which has incurred numerous violations and more than $40,000 in fines since 2006.

Thursday's decision means the home will be allowed to admit new residents, but its license remains under provisional status, according to the DHHS.

In a letter to Wake Forest Care Center owner Richard Cresenzo, the DHHS outlined about 30 pages worth of problems found there, including reports of physical altercations between residents.

Records beginning in 2009 show the center never received more than one star during five previous inspections, including three ratings of no stars. The state suspended admissions to the center in February 2009, and it could not accept new patients for six months.

In the most recent inspection, in July, the facility, which houses about 70 people, received three out of four possible stars.


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  • Glass Half Full Jan 17, 2012

    Is it any surprise an attorney was able to pull the necessary strings to keep his facility open and the money coming into his pocket? My heart goes out to the residents and the staff.

  • newstip579 Jan 13, 2012

    Go to this site to see what Assisted Living facilities in NC have received penalties (and for what)from the state. In January there were two; one earning 5 penalities. Don't know why this isn't reported on. We're talking about the care of our elderly.

  • applesmith Jan 13, 2012

    How many moore victims will we have to find face down in creeks and the street while the owner/slum lord collects tax payer money with state funds used to help these people. This guy just built a multi million dollar home in the western part of the state.This guy encourages his managers to go after state funded accounts,WRAL realy needs to take a closer look at this guy.

  • kittykarekat Jan 13, 2012

    A lot of the residents there have no family and no other place to go. Some do not have the mental faculties to try and find another home or to even know they have options. Sad day when the owner (a lawyer) knows how to manipulate the system at the expense of the residents.

  • fayncmike Jan 13, 2012

    "Well, so much for any credence to any rating system (phtt) Good luck to any residents left behind there.

    True enough, little will be done to improve conditions and the residents will pay the price.

  • oleguy Jan 13, 2012

    The owner will get his reward,

  • lasm Jan 13, 2012

    judithfergerson: I DO "get off (my) duff and do (my) part", re my words, ".....that I have ever visited". I help out and/or assist more that one of these in more than one facility. But there are things that only a family member or someone with POA can do. I will give YOU the benefit of doubt and assume that you, too, are "assisting those poor people there and help(ing) make things better". Have a blessed day!

  • AtALost Jan 12, 2012

    Infants and the elderly have it worse than anyone. They are often victimized and can't tell what's happened. Had a parent in a 'rest home'. Anything but restful and often staffed with anyone who'll don scrubs for $6 an hour. I know the loved ones miss their family, but I personally think death is better than being in one of these places rotting in your own waste.

  • judithfergerson Jan 12, 2012

    Lasm you say: "I believe the residents there are some of the poorest of our sick and disabled in state homes; and very, very few centers will want them. Also, some of them probably do not have family to fight for them and some may not have family who care." Can you tell me what is stopping you from adopting a patient there that has no family and visit them regularly. Get off your duff and do your part in assisting those poor people there and help make things better other than posting negatives here on line

  • mmtlash Jan 12, 2012

    Hopefully they will get their act together as I'm sure many of the elderly there have nowhere else to go :-/